Everything’s Better Angry

See how much better box arts are when their characters are angry.

By Aaron Roberts. Posted 10/22/2010 13:00 9 Comments     ShareThis

Angry Kirby Masthead

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Kirby’s Epic Yarn represents the first for Kirby in many ways. Perhaps most notably, it marks the first American box art where Kirby is not furious. See below:

Kirby Gets Tough

Kirby is clearly being made “tougher” to appeal to more hard-scrabble American audiences, who just wouldn’t take to a happy pink puffball, but who find a furious one irresistible. But what if other game characters started following Kirby’s lead? A terrifying world filled with fury, or a world of pure awesome?

Angry Chocobo

Chocobo may be a tough hero on the inside, but after this revamped box art hits the shelves, it’s going to be obvious from look one. This Chocobo isn’t going to take crap from any Moogles, Malboros, or annoying kid sidekicks! WARK!

Angry Castlevania

There was a vocal majority of gamers who were highly dissatisfied with Dawn of Sorrow’s more traditional art style when compared with the more gothic stylings of Ayami Kojima. Fortunately, everyone on the cover has now toughened up nicely.

Angry Air Traffic

Being an air traffic controller is a frustrating job. The original box art made it seem fun, but I think this new look more accurately conveys the real feeling of being an air traffic controller — or of playing the game, for that matter.

Angry Carnival Games

The Carnival Games ring master is understandably upset with the quality of his games, and he is now visibly demonstrating this on the cover. The most appropriate cover yet.

Angry StarFox

Fox looked kind of bland before, but now he’s a Pigma-trouncing machine. This subtle enhancement invigorates an already competent DS game into a roid-induced masterpiece.

Angry Klonoa

It’s hard to take Klonoa seriously with mad-eyes like this, but it may be just the ticket to get his game to sell more than five thousand copies worldwide. God bless you, little cat-rabbit guy!

Angry Animal Crossing

If there’s one thing that Animal Crossing needs, it’s more anger. Think of the FPS fanatics who’d switch over after seeing a testosterone-infused cover like this!

Angry Madden

John Madden bursts through way too many walls to NOT be horrendously angry. Plus, he coached for the Raiders, right?

Angry Yarn

And, while we’re at it, let’s take a look at what Kirby’s latest adventure would look like if Nintendo had decided to do it the right way. BAM. Pure effectiveness.

Graphics work by M. Noah Ward.

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