Nintendo Heartcast 002: Turning Point

At nearly two hours, the second Nintendo Heartcast talks the pros of Miyamoto retiring, Mario 3D Land analysis and the cons of future motion control Zeldas.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 12/14/2011 11:00 7 Comments     ShareThis

Nintendo Heartcast

Nintendo Heartcast 002: Turning Point

In-depth discussion on 3DS (from a new owner) and Super Mario 3D Land, debating if Miyamoto’s retirement would be best, Xenoblade and much more.

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Recording Date
December 14, 2011

Evan and Noah

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:31 Player Input: 3DS Impressions and More on Super Mario 3D Land
00:48:43 Master Key Discussion: Miyamoto Retiring
01:12:46 Nintendo News: Xenoblade Releasing and Future Motion Control Zeldas
01:41:30 Multiplayer Mode: Multitouch and Third Party Support
01:51:50 Conclusion
01:52:47 Credits

01:54:44 Total Length


7 Responses to “Nintendo Heartcast 002: Turning Point”

  • 1 points
    Kevin Knezevic says...

    Epic episode, guys. There are too many things to touch upon, but I really want to comment on Zelda’s future controls. While I, personally, have some issues with Skyward Sword (though I did enjoy the title overall), I absolutely love the controls, and I really hope the series retains (and refines) that scheme. As Evan said, combat is more involved because of them, and the whole game just feels so much more immersive as a result. The tablet controller, I think, seems like a regression in comparison, especially as Skyward Sword already uses a real-time inventory menu as well (which is what many predicted Wii U’s controller would be used for).

    • 381 points
      Hyawatta says...

      Two Controllers Two Players

      They should make Zelda for Wii U co-op. One player can use the Wii Remote Plus to control Link and his sword while another player uses the Wii U controller to control Zelda. Zelda can have a completely different set of moves and abilities that take advantage of the Wii U controller (such as spell casting), all while allowing Link to continue to use the Wii Remote Plus and nunchuk for his sword and shield.

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    I’ve never been one to complete Mario games. For 64, 64DS, Galaxy 1&2 I get the 70 and then I’m done. For 3Dland I loved it so much I started doing the S worlds. I got stuck on world S4. It’s kind off frustrating cause I really enjoy the content. I wish they had the gold Tanooki suit in the S levels. I know its baby mode but I enjoy the content and feel cheated I can’t access all of it. I love this game but I’ve only got 9 hours out of it and I want more but I doubt I’m good enough to get any further. Glad you like it Noah. Boss fights suck though. Which is a disappointment after how great Galaxy’s bosses are. Also I hope Tanooki suite is in the Wii U Mario.

    • 165 points
      Zeer0id says...

      No way, man! The final Bowser in World 8 is one of the most epic boss “fights” I’ve ever experienced. So what if it’s just a glorified chase sequence — that’s what makes it so exhilarating! I think it’s up there with the last bosses from Mario 64 and Galaxy 2.

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    I meant the non-Bowser boss fights.

  • 165 points
    Zeer0id says...

    So, to comment on 3D and its use in games, I would have to say I agree with the both of you absolutely. With regards to its status as a “gimmick”, I wouldn’t fully disagree with this, per se, since it’s questionable as to how much impact it can have on gameplay. But in its defense, is HD not in the same boat? As you said, it’s a visual enhancement in much the same way, and while few would dare argue that HD improves ‘gameplay’, that obviously does not necessarily make it a bad thing.

    Now, with that said, I can understand why some people dislike it. Unfortunately, it does seem like it causes headaches and eye strain in certain individuals. Me, personally? I rarely if ever turn the slider down from the highest position; 3D visuals do not bother me in the slightest — even after multiple hours of gaming I remain unfazed. I suppose I’m lucky to be in that position, but I can sympathize with people who are not. What I don’t forgive is the accusations that 3D is pointless or even bad, since for one thing, you can turn it off, but moreover it’s a somewhat arrogant and self-serving viewpoint. Clearly, there are people who like the effect. Why hate something just to make a statement, especially when you’re free to ignore it?

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