Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 160: Circle the Wagons

Armed with all the details, Noah and Evan discuss everything from Mario to Monster Hunter, and debate analysts’ reactions and 3DS’ extra circle pad.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 09/14/2011 08:00 8 Comments     ShareThis


Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 160: Circle the Wagons

Noah and Evan cover everything from Nintendo’s 2011 pre-TGS press conference: Mario, Zelda, the circle pad expansion and more.

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Recording Date
September 13, 2011

Noah and Evan

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:13 Nintendo’s Pre-TGS Press Conference: Mario, Zelda, Monster Hunter and the Extra Circle Pad
01:05:06 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
01:31:15 Conclusion
01:32:07 Credits

01:33:47 Total Length



8 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 160: Circle the Wagons”

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    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    I wholeheartedly agree, Retro SHOULD do a new IP, but it doesn’t mean they are going to. For all we know, that may be Retro Studio’s weak spot. Maybe, for all their talent in game design and coding, the one thing they suck at is creating and developing their own game worlds and characters (and Nintendo knows it). It wouldn’t surprise me if Retro is made up of a lot of hardcore (and not to mention talented) Nintendo fans who either A)only WANT to reanimate old Nintendo IPs or B) only have the creative talent to build upon characters and game worlds that already exist.

    Or could be that Iwata and Miyamoto place more priority on reviving their old masterpieces than on creating new ones. After all, I’m sure that some of these projects (especially DKCR) hold a special place for Nintendo’s higher ups.

    Anyway, NICE JOB avoiding my question almost entirely! The reason I brought up those particular game franchises was because there were rumors and/or speculation suggesting the existence of pretty much all of those.

    I thought Star Fox 64 3D might have suggested a return to the Star Fox series, and who better to do that than Retro?

    F-Zero was mostly wishful thinking, but there were rumors around E3 2011 that F-Zero was coming back.

    Mach Rider: Unchained is a rumored title that was (supposedly) leaked on 4Chan.

    Ice Climbers… Yeah, I just wanted to see if anyone actually cared.

    And “a new Yoshi platformer” was supposedly about to be announced on September 13th, but it wasn’t. Still, it might happen somewhere else.

    Now if anyone is going to make a killer app for Wii U, it’s either going to be Capcom or Retro, in my opinion. Even though I still won’t forgive Capcom after …(I told myself I wouldn’t cry…), They often take risks with Nintendo’s platforms (a la Viewtiful Joe, RE: Revelations, Monster Hunter 4, Ace Attorney) and put out quality software. After cancelling all of your hopes and dreams, that is.

    But Retro has so much potential that still seems untapped, and I find that frustrating. On the other hand, if someone would just give WayForward the budget and the marketing, they could put out something that would blow our minds! Aside from Shantae (which took how many years?), they never make sequels, and they have the very Nintendo quality of cooking up good new ideas every 5 minutes.

    So, another question.

    If someone besides Nintendo Proper were to make an exclusive IP for Nintendo Console(s), what company would be most successful in creating a killer app? If it weren’t for the chains that seem to hold them down, I would instantly say Retro. But Wayforward has worked magic on all Nintendo platforms, the only thing keeping them down is the scope of their projects (Can’t wait for Mighty Switch Force on the eShop!(PLUG!)). Capcom has all the power to create a killer app, but they OBVIOUSLY must be too busy if they had to cancel…..

    Its probably best I leave it at that. I’m gonna go overdose on Super Mario Fruit Snacks and cry now…

  • 138 points
    MaStEr Of SaNdZ says...

    MH Tri is awesome for wii and used to be the bets rpg before xenoblade for me

  • 381 points
    Hyawatta says...

    Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

    A feature that I forgot to mention that the redesigned 3DS should have is rumble capability. I have a rumble Pak for the DS light and the original DS. I have enjoyed using force feedback joysticks for games like Mechwarrior and X-Wing Alliance on PC. I even found a wireless Gamecube controller that has rumble that I use for playing Smash Bros on Wii. As long as there is an option to turn the rumble down or off, then it would be a worthwhile option even if it uses up battery life. I believe that rumble is fundamental to gaming and should be included even on the portable systems.

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    So in response to the conference…

    I was pretty happy seeing a ton of content. Especially new games like Mario’s Tennis. Which I’ve only played of Virtual Boy. So hoping to see the 3D effect and its Camelot per their website. Bravery Default looks awesome. It reminds me of my favorite Final Fantasy……9. So in regards to that I am happy.

    Then comes frankenstick. I was surprised they didn’t mentioned it. In fact I was happy. The I saw the press release. AAA batteries????? Also if they redesign within less than 18 months it just offense. Its not a phone. Also previous redesigns don’t obsolete their successors. Heck even DSIware didn’t come is not being until 4 1/2 years after DS launched. Plus Noah’s hesitation now is exactly why the frankenstick’s announcement undercuts the momentum of the price drop and arrival of software. So we are left in the dark. Maybe they don’t even know what they want to do? But if there is a redesign so soon it likely means I’ll never buy their hardware again. At least not new or anywhere near launch. I do not like being shafted so severely. Getting DS Phat to DS lite or GBA to GBASP was nowhere near this level of middle finger than a redesign in 12 months with a second circle would be.

    • 432 points
      dmgice says...

      If there is a redesign, that would mean that Nintendo has some sort of software that can benefit from or requires the second stick. Last I checked, the seven games that the stick can be used on do not require it and are all third party.

      But being mad at Nintendo for redesigns is a bit short sighted. Everyone does it and to hold Nintendo to a completely different standard is a bit unfair.

      Sony is the worst offender in the redesign field.
      PSP 1000 launches in Japan in 2004.
      PSP 1001 launches six months later to fix the square button problem.
      PSP 1002 launches in 2005 with a slightly improved UMD drive.
      PSP 2000 hits in 2007, removes IR port, adds TV out, new screen.
      PSP 3000 hits in 2008, fixes TV out problems, adds new screen, button fixes, built in microphone.
      PSP Go hits in 2009, removes UMD drive, adds Blue Tooth functionality, internal hard drive, smaller, slider style casing, better stick. Also removes easy user access to the battery
      PSP 3001 hits in 2010 with better buttons, Monster Hunter branding, and a much better stick. (A revision with improved functions made ONLY for one game. How odd.)
      PSP e1000 hits in 2011 with different face buttons, better UMD drive, and no wireless capabilities. Removes easy user access to the battery as well.
      Xperia Play in 2011 is more or less the PSP Phone. Except it doesn’t really play PSP games and it doesn’t use the PSOne games you purchased for your PSP off of PSN. It’s closer to the PSP Go in that it’s a bizarre outlier/revision of the PSP that is just.. meh.

      The PSP Vita is launching in 2011 with no IR, no UMD Drive, no TV Out, no easily replaceable Battery, no internal storage, a new OLED screen that may or may not lose all Red Chroma within six months, no DS3 Blue Tooth functionality, and will require you to have a contract with AT&T in the United States if you want the better hardware. I couldn’t possibly see any kind of revision for THAT boondoggle of a system launching in less than a year from launch.

      tl;dr: If you are mad at Nintendo for a rumored revision within a year and a half of launch, you should remember that Sony averaged a new revision every single year for the PSP and will likely continue to do that with the Vita.

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    Also don’t compare phone redesigns are released once a year is not applicable to game consoles. Games are not phones. Phone contracts last 1 to 2 years so it makes sense. Game generations last 5-10.

  • 165 points
    Zeer0id says...

    My sentiments regarding the Frankenstick, as it’s come to be known on the Internet, has been something of a rollercoaster ride. I was incredulous, to furious, to betrayed, to annoyed, to indifferent. And now I’m anticipating it, just a little bit. Most impressions seem to indicate that, while a behemoth, it’s comfortable to hold and works well. I also suspect that it will use a negligible amount of power, seeing as it’s connected to the 3DS via a mere IR port, and so the AAA battery will last a rather long time. As much as 80 hours, perhaps. You could compare this thing to a TV remote control; it basically has the same innards, anyway.

    I expect it to cost $15 in the US, if purchased standalone, which would be reasonable to me. I wouldn’t carry the thing around with me, but I consider it a fair compromise to play games without it while on the go, and use it while at home or during long sedentary periods (ie, on a plane ride). It seems optional usage is the direction it’s headed in, anyway.

    • 165 points
      Zeer0id says...

      Oh, and just as a footnote, I’m seriously stoked for Skyward Sword and the 2012 lineup for the 3DS. Paper Mario is one of my all-time favourite series, and I adore Fire Emblem and Mario Tennis as well. From the look of it, I think Skyward Sword might be just the kick in the pants the Zelda games have needed for a while, and it could be my overall GOTY. Portal 2 has set the bar high, but we’ll see!

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