Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 152: Mega Busted

How long is too long for a Zelda, fare thee well Mega Man Legends and Adam’s first hosting stint.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 07/20/2011 21:00 9 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 152: Mega Busted

Oh the lamentation of cancellations! Plus hyperbole on whose first party games are best and of course more Zelda!

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Recording Date
July 19, 2011

Noah, James, Aaron and Adam

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:07 What We’re Playing
00:10:44 Mega Man Legends, GoldenEye Reloaded and Pachter Smackdown!
00:38:33 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
00:44:51 Conclusion
00:46:09 Credits
00:47:50 Random Stuff

00:49:14 Total Length



9 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 152: Mega Busted”

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    KisakiProject says...

    I have a launch day Wii. Mine for the last 6 months to a year will freeze if I leave it sleep mode. IE the yellow light. I have to unplug it and turn it back on before it will work. Also while playing Conduit 2 online it freezes I dunno if its the game or the system? Its my first Nintendo System I’ve ever had problems with. My 360 red ringed once and my PS3 I had to repair, and need to again cause the HDMI cables are broken. But Nintendo stuff has never broken until now.

    The Goldeneye on Wii I didn’t really enjoy so who cares about loosing it as an exclusive. Also from the trailer the enhanced graphics look terrible compared to CoD/Halo etc. But I did love my gold classic controller.

    I never really got into MML but my little brother loves them. I’m sure he is furious. Sucks for everyone.

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    Zeer0id says...

    Thanks for reading my comment on the last episode, guys!

    Perhaps I’ll respond to James here. I absolutely agree that the next Sony and Microsoft consoles will blow the Wii U away in many respects, and yes, horsepower will probably be one of them. But the thing about graphical fidelity is that it’s on a logarithmic scale. The closer you get to photo-realism, the more power is required to generate even the tiniest of visual improvements. The other problem is the increasingly high cost of developing games with this incredibly high fidelity. On the PS4/Xbox 720, there may be more animations, textures may be cleaner and more detailed, and character models may be more realistic. But make no mistake, there will be a high cost to that, only achievable by the biggest-budget of AAA titles. And you aren’t going to see more polygons; it won’t be this immediately noticeable thing that completely changes the visual experience. It will be subtle. These subtleties could make a big difference, to be honest, but it will, in my belief, not preclude relatively easy ports to the Wii U. I think a lot of people will still be able to get a solid, albeit not cutting-edge, next-gen experience on the platform.

    And again, I have to emphasize that the Desktop PC I currently own will probably be roughly on par with these successor consoles. My system gets stressed by Crysis. Is Crysis better looking than what we see on consoles today? Yeah, it is, but not by that much. Smaller and smaller steps.

    • 165 points
      Zeer0id says...

      (sorry about the double post, I forgot I had something to say about Wii failures as well!)

      My Wii is a launch day system and has generally run well. There’ve been a few hiccups now and then, but it’s in good shape. The only thing that’s giving me trouble, is that I have a really hard time connecting multiple Wiimotes. It seems after the first one gets through, it becomes less and less likely that following controllers will sync up. Makes multiplayer without GameCube controllers a challenge. I still haven’t been able to try DKC Returns co-op :(

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    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    …. hold on, I need a moment of silence for Megaman Legends…

    Man, I leave on extended vacation, and THIS is what happens!

    I can’t tell you guys how much of a let down this has been, and it goes beyond just the cancellation of the game itself! First of all, devroom participants were told that if all else failed, they would at least get to show their support with the purchase of Prototype. Instead, they cancel it last minute, postponing it “indefinitely”!
    Then, all the way up to the final day, they all acted like nothing was wrong, giving us more and more delicious details right up until the last day, when they cruelly ripped away the project for “undisclosed” reasons, AFTER they involved a total of 70,000 fans worldwide.
    Thirdly, they had the friggin NERVE to announce the very next day …

    ULTIMATE Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    Still without Megaman Volnutt, at least as a consolation for dashed hope. Instead of what fans really want, they just want to keep milking RE and fighters.
    Some are suggesting that it was for financial reasons, but why would it not be financially feasible for them to release Prototype, which was complete, according to the devroom. Plus, MML had 70,000 almost gauranteed sales, which is a lot less risky than new IP like Dragon’s Dogma (coming who knows when).

    Well, at least there is one little light shining at the end of the tunnel….
    I found out about this little game from the same era as Megaman Legends, called Tale Concerto. It had very similar gameplay and themes as Megaman Legends, probably as close to MML as any game ever got.

    And just my luck, Iook a few Dojo episodes back and LO AND BEHOLD, it has a sequel for DS in a few months!

    THANK YOU Solatorobo! You’ve renewed my faith in gaming!

    At first, I wondered if my Username had suddenly become defunct. But I shall let it remain as a token, a memory of what might have been.

    “Megaman, it looks like you’ll be up there a LITTLE while longer!”
    – Data
    From the final moments of Megaman Legends 2…

    Megaman… you shall be missed…
    Maybe next decade.

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    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    Survival log, Day 7:
    It has been 7 days since MML3 has been canceled. At first, I laughed it off, telling myself “It’s just a videogame, there will be more like it!”
    But then, the insecurity started to settle in… If it was so easy to cancel Megaman, was there someone out there eagerly waiting to cancel OTHER things in my life?
    Breakfast: CANCELED
    College: CANCELED
    My Dog, Yoshi: CANCELED
    My House: CANCELED
    Earthbound 64 DD: … oh, yeah, I forgot….

    Every time I close my eyes, I see the Data Dance. SOMEONE HELP ME!

    (I’m in a “Creative Writing” sort of mood this week. I think I’ll get to work on Elite Beat Agents vs Power Puff Girls again)

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