Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 147: U Respond

A week has passed since Wii U’s reveal, and there’s plenty of your reactions– as well as the industry’s– to go through.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 06/15/2011 09:00 14 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 147: U Respond

We dive into developer, analyst, investor and, most importantly, your reactions to Wii U, as well as discuss 3DS’ eShop.

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Recording Date
June 14, 2011

Noah, Aaron and James

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:03 What We’re Playing
00:13:23 3DS’s eShop
00:29:22 Industry Reactions to Wii U
00:47:12 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
01:10:45 Conclusion & Fan Fiction Assignment
01:12:14 Credits

01:14:22 Total Length



14 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 147: U Respond”

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    Well it seems like there is a general confusion/dissatisfaction towards the Wii U reveal. Nintendo needs to not keep this situation close to the chest like they normally do. They need to get out there and re-message the system. If their execs and PR people can’t do this then its time to get new ones. Reggie has a hype man once but in the last few years he just comes of as a tool.

    In regards to 3DS they listened. I think they messed up with the launch but they are hitting hard for the holidays. Though the summer with Just OofT3D & a Sept for Starfox3D is a bit harsh. I think they realized their error and we will be reaping the rewards soon. Lets hope they realize their errors with Wii U.

    I agree with Hiyawata. Multitouch on Wii U or bust.

    • 432 points
      dmgice says...

      Summer of just Zelda? Where have you been? There’s Cave Story 3D coming up and some other third party titles. Also Virtual Console and 3D Classics.

      Also, I think the reaction to Wii U shows the gulf of ignorance that pervades the Western perspective. Most of the Japanese devs seem to like the philosophy of it.

  • 393 points
    James Stank says...

    Does anybody know of another online service that charges tax like the e-shop does? I’m pretty sure steam doesn’t, and the psn doesn’t. I was pretty shocked when I saw it, but is it more common than I think?

    • 1332 points
      Andrew Hsieh says...

      I actually haven’t seen another online service that does that. I was thinking maybe it was the location, but … yeah, man, it sucks, haha.

      • 432 points
        dmgice says...

        If you purchase anything off of a few websites like Wal-Mart, some stores on Amazon, and others.. you get charged tax. It’s one of the great ideas that went into law in the United States. Some services figure the tax into your final total price. Nintendo doesn’t.

    • 30 points
      ghost49 says...

      It looks as if Internet retailers, like Amazon, are required to only apply sales tax to purchases if they sell to a customer in a state where they have a physical presence, which is usually defined as a store. When they sell to a customer in a state that they don’t have a physical presence in, they are still required under state law to pay sales tax, but its never enforced and so no one does it. I’m not sure how exactly this would apply to a service like Steam or the PSN, but it might explain why the e-shop does it.

  • 261 points
    JasonMaivia says...

    I don’t appreciate being called an idiot.
    Even though the games on my list uses the Wii Remote in the NES style, not all of them worked out that well.

    Many of them would have been better off with the Classic controller, especially since some of them uses the B and A buttons on the Wii Remote(horrible). Play Blaster Master: Overdrive and Virtua Tennis 4 to see what I mean.

    A more comfortable controller with enough buttons to support the game would be a better fit (especially multi-platform games).
    The Wii Remote is not a “one size fits all” controller.

    Don’t you guys agree?

    • 1332 points
      Andrew Hsieh says...

      Playing NES style with the Wii Remote works with VC games– not so much with other ones. That B button will ever feel uncomfortable for me. I agree that it’s an easy way in theory, but definitely with a controller like the Wii Remote there’s always a better option. Then again, when is that not a possibility?

      • 393 points
        James Stank says...

        Donkey Kong Country Returns for one. Great game, but Classic Controller support should have been included and would have made the game even better. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo for a platformer is not ideal, and shaking the controller to roll was stupid.

    • 393 points
      James Stank says...

      I totally agree. The Wii Remote is the best controller for NES and Genesis games, but that’s it. The classic Sonics play better and more comfortably on Wii than they ever did in his Sega days. Wii U needs a new controller. They need to bring back and improve the GameCube controller.

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    a lot of love for kirbys epic yarn in this show, i share those feelings too, i think this game is a jewel, i mean, the graphics, the music, the style.. Even the gameplay is superb. There’s a lot of people that dont consider epic yarn a true kirby game, but for me its kirby at his best. Great show as always, take care guys ^_^

    • 1332 points
      Andrew Hsieh says...

      Pshh, Kirby’s always been a hotbed of Nintendo innovation. Kirby & the Amazing Mirror for sweet, sweet multiplayer convinced me of that– and Mass Attack looks no different. :)

  • 697 points
    Adam Sorice says...

    “Well I wouldn’t want to ruin the ending or anything…”

    Why Noah? Do you end up being Star Wolf in Mario vs Donkey Kong? :P

    Thanks Aaron for ruining a game I will never play :/ BUT NOW I WANT TO.

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