Dear Diary: Notes of a Villain

Joseph journeys into the minds of Nintendo’s Most Wanted.

By Joseph Nelson. Posted 07/20/2012 14:00 Comment on this     ShareThis

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The following is an excerpt from the personal diaries of King of the Gerudo and Guardian of the Desert, Ganondorf Dragmire.

I was the sole male born in a hundred years in the Gerudo Valley, and as such was destined to rule my people. In the eyes of the rest of the land, however, my people are seen as nothing more than petty thieves, pillaging towns for treasure and jewels. We are not simply a band of cutpurses and criminals, though. We have a rich cultural and spiritual history, which is often overlooked. I am Guardian of the Desert, and it is my duty to preserve that history. If I do not act soon, my people will face the wrath of imperialist expansion and the loss of our heritage.

The Gerudo and the Hyruleans are very different people and that cannot be changed. They worship Din, Nayru, and Farore, while we worship the Goddess of the Sand. Their women stay at home looking after children, while women of the Gerudo are warriors. They live in sepearate abodes, while we live in a communal single house. We have existed side by side in an uneasy peace for decades, along with the Zora, the Gorons and all the others, but in recent years, we have heard rumours of an alliance against us. Ties between the ruling families of the Zora, the Gorons, and the Hyruleans have strengthened, whilst the Gerudo are shunned, and isolated from the rest of the world.

I know not why they rally together, persecuting us, but I cannot risk them going to war with us. Against the combined forces of Hyrule, the Gerudo will be wiped out. I must ensure the preservation of my people, and our culture. For a time, I have served as the King of Hyrule’s advisor, hoping to gather intelligence on the Sacred Realm. I have heard of this place from Koume and Kotake, the two sorceresses who raised me. The King trusts me, and I have learned much more of this place. I believe, that to avoid the eradication of my people, this Sacred Realm can become a new home for the Gerudo. A new home where we need not live in fear of invasion at any moment.

To access this place, though, and reshape it into a place befitting of my people, I must obtain the Spiritual Stones. The Great Deku Tree in the Kokiri Forest holds the Kokiri Emerald, but refuses to give me it. I had to curse him. When he yields, I shall lift the curse. I have tried reasoning with Darunia of the Gorons and unfortunately was forced to impose a blockade in the cave from which they obtain their food. If he wishes for his people to live, he will give me their Ruby, and I shall remove the monsters. I do not wish for people to die needlessly, and this is why I seek the Sacred Realm in the first place, to avert a catastrophic war. Similarly, the King of the Zora also denied my request for their Sapphire. I have been forced to infest their fish deity Lord Jabu Jabu with monsters. I pray that Princess Ruto sees sense and grants me my request.

The fact that the rulers have thus far all denied my request leads me to believe that they are, as I suspected, in league against me and my people, furthering my need to relocate the Gerudo race to the Sacred Realm.

If I do not gain access by peaceful means, I shall have no choice but to go to war before they are ready for us. I am not evil, but I believe they think of me as such, merely because I come from the desert. I am a King, and I do what I must for my people, no matter the cost. This is how my mothers raised me, and this is how I shall live.

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