Top Ten: Scariest Pokémon

Hallowe’en arrives early at the Dojo as we count down some of the Gastl’iest Pokémon!

By Joseph Nelson. Posted 08/22/2012 14:30 Comment on this     ShareThis

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1. Deoxys

Deoxys forms artwork

Taking the top spot is Deoxys. Whereas a few other entries have made the list due to the element of the unknown or paranormal (and let’s face it, the scariest things in life are the things you don’t know), this one is both unknown, and a hostile, extraterrestrial life form. This is far more terrifying as it’s not paranormal, and could quite easily happen in real life if Earth ever makes contact with aliens. We don’t know if they’d be hostile or friendly, but as almost all alien films tell you, it’s usually the former.

Deoxys was created when a “space virus” on a stray meteor headed towards Earth. It mutated somehow after being affected by a laser beam and became Deoxys. We know it’s from space, but what on earth does this virus do? Isn’t a virus’ primary function to infect? Infect what? How? The crystal on its chest is described as being its brain, it can regenerate, and there have also been green and purple varieties of this crystalline organ as well. This is sounding mighty similar to a previous entry… What if Deoxys is the one who answered the call of the Starmie? The Starmie that have been here for centuries, maybe millenia, beaming radio waves into space every night since they arrived? This may seem like a big jump, but the similarities are there: crystalline organs that are both from space, can change colour, regenerate, and can shoot energy and light? The Attack Forme of Deoxys even has a sort of jaggedy star-shaped look about it…

But regardless of whether Deoxys and Starmie are in league or not, Deoxys arrived on earth and began attacking. It can also make clones of itself, change its shape and, in the manga, absorb others’ DNA. If Deoxys is the beginning of an alien invasion, they could be among us now, infiltrating all areas of life. The thing that makes this the scariest is that, if aliens do exist, and if they ever did come to Earth and decide to invade, and DID do so through a system of infiltration and shapeshifting…we would never know. And neither would the world of Pokémon.

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