Review: qomp2 (Switch)

A delightful followup to Pong and the original qomp!

By Tyler Nubin. Posted 03/05/2024 11:14 2 Comments     ShareThis
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Introduces new obstacles and brings fresh additions to the game keeping it interesting; Secrets and collectibles feel rewarding and rewards you for exploring; Puzzles and level design are amazing and creates interesting and challenging yet fun puzzles
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The game only has a humble 30 levels which leaves you wanting more; Aesthetically unsatisfactory level design

Developed by Graphite Labs and published by Atari, qomp2 not only pays homage to the classic game Pong but also aims to surpass its predecessor, qomp. While qomp never made its way to Switch, it’s fantastic that its sequel has made it here. We now follow the thrilling escape and adventure of the rebellious ball, which has transformed from a square to a circle as it breaks free from its confines.

The controls are refreshingly simple. The ball always moves at a 45-degree angle, and you can toggle its upward or downward movement using the A button. Additionally, by holding down ZR, you can charge up and execute a quick boost that can obliterate specific blocks. However, you have no control over the left or right movement of the ball, as the walls serve to ricochet it in those directions. Not only are you restricted in terms of directional movement, but you also have to contend with various obstacles and objects that are determined to impede your progress. Thus, the challenge lies in navigating and mastering your limited options of movement.

The levels are meticulously designed with puzzles that demand quick reflexes, precision, and clever utilization of your boost ability to swiftly bypass obstacles or even destroy them. These puzzles offer enjoyable challenges, and if you fail to solve them, you can reset and try again. While they can be difficult, the satisfaction of overcoming each puzzle is immensely rewarding. The game impresses with its wide array of puzzles, each introducing new and intriguing elements, ensuring that you remain engaged and the gameplay remains fresh. Furthermore, qomp2 frequently introduces new mechanics and cleverly combines them with existing ones or introduces new obstacles, resulting in increasingly complex and challenging levels that truly test your skills.

The game’s overall aesthetic is rather simplistic. The levels are primarily composed of basic colors, with a heavy emphasis on gray along with a few other colors like blue, yellow, and red. I had hoped for a more vibrant and engaging design compared to the original qomp. The prevalence of gray levels, combined with the simplicity of shapes and controls, can make the gameplay feel monotonous. While I understand the developers’ desire to stay true to the original game, a bit more visual flair could have added some excitement and variety.

As you advance through each chapter, you will face tough bosses that will test your skills and introduce new obstacles. These bosses are meant to prepare you for upcoming levels by incorporating new challenges into their design. By defeating each boss, you will acquire the experience and abilities needed to overcome even more demanding tasks in the game. Moreover, boss battles offer a chance to refine your strategies and creativity, as success will require taking risks. Each victory will provide the experience necessary to progress to higher levels.

Furthermore, qomp2 features hidden collectibles and secrets. One collectible per stage is cleverly concealed within a puzzle, sometimes requiring you to take risks to uncover it. There are also well-hidden level skip secrets reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. world skips, allowing you to jump from one level to another. These secrets and collectibles encourage exploration and thorough examination of the levels, adding depth to the gameplay. It can be enjoyable to venture off the beaten path, take risks, challenge yourself to discover more and enhance your gaming experience.

Unfortunately, the game only offers 30 levels, which may seem short, especially for those who invest a significant amount of time in playing. The simplicity of the controls can sometimes make the game feel lacking in depth. Adding an extra 10 levels or even DLC would greatly enhance the overall experience. Given the qomp2‘s enjoyable and engaging nature, the limited number of levels will leave players wanting more. Even the inclusion of secret levels would be a welcome addition.

qomp2 is truly a remarkable follow-up to its predecessor, despite being so short in length. This game is like a never-ending present, constantly surprising players with its secrets, collectibles, and challenging puzzles at every turn. The inclusion of bosses is an unexpected and fantastic addition, serving as the ultimate test of your skills and knowledge acquired throughout each chapter. Whether you’re a fan of action puzzles or simply seeking a game with a satisfying level of difficulty, I’d highly recommend qomp2.

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