Poll: Forgotten Friends!

What faded franchise do you want to see land on Wii U?

By Adam Sorice. Posted 03/20/2012 11:00 18 Comments     ShareThis

We’ve all got those friends, haven’t we? We love them to pieces but sometimes it can be very difficult to keep them in our lives whether due to time constraints, distance or them just being socially awkward even on instant messenger but while they may drift away now and then, they always come back and we appreciate them more than ever! Sound familiar? All these franchises have taken an unexpected hiatus from the spotlight and Wii U is the perfect opportunity for them to return to the main stage?

Have we omitted your favourite franchise? (*GASP*) Set us right in the comments below!

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18 Responses to “Poll: Forgotten Friends!”

  • 1567 points
    penduin says...

    Co-op Advance wars would be heaven. But, I’d trade the possibility of all of these for the chance of getting a new Eternal Darkness.

    • 1379 points
      xeacons says...

      We all want Eternal Darkness, but that’s Silicon Knights. Personally, I’d like to see Secret of Mana reborn, but that’s Square-Enix. Not Nintendo.

  • 162 points
    LocoBaka says...

    duck hunt. The real duck hunt where you have to line up a sight on a gun. Not that fake crap that has the pointer on the screen. And I know what you’re thinking: “that wouldn’t work because of different screen sizes and varying distances from the sensor bar”. Well that’s nothing a pregame calibration can’t fix.

  • 441 points
    Terr says...

    I would like to see nothing reborn on the Wii U. I would like to see the Wii U crash and burn quickly so Nintendo can come out with a new system that isn’t shit.

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    We need another Wave Race, the first game was the most original racer ever! Who would have thought that a jet ski game could be so much fun? the water physics in that game were groundbreaking, and the Gc game Wave race blue storm has the best water effects and textures ive ever seen in a game, imagine that in Hd and a powerful engine? It would be awesome!

  • 285 points
    Kyle England says...

    I gotta go with Advance Wars.
    The tablet has the map layout like in the portable games, and you direct and move units with the touch screen. Then, when it comes time to attack, the battle scene plays out on the big screen in glorious HD.

  • 7 points
    Katharine Byrne says...

    F-Zero. Make it happen, Nintendo!

  • 1 points
    Kevin Knezevic says...

    The only correct answer to this poll is Chibi-Robo.

  • 849 points
    ejamer says...

    Not sure if this counts since it’s a genre and not a franchise, but I’d love to see Nintendo release another pinball game.

    There have been several good ones released in the past (and a few not so good) including Metroid Prime Pinball, Pokemon Pinball and Kirby’s Pinball Land. Nintendo could use any of their franchises really, or create a game that includes multiple tables with a different franchise used for each theme.

    Does this really belong on Wii U instead of 3DS? Most of the previous games that have impressed me were portable titles… but there is something appealing about having it on the big screen.

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    Wow lots of people agree with me, WAVE RACE PLease NiNTENDO!

  • 41 points
    Michael Contino says...

    Super Mario RPG. Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga are favorites of mine but Geno needs to return!! Call it, Super Mario RPG 2U.

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