Poll: Favorite Koopaling

Bowser’s kids have an unhealthy rivalry. (It’s back, and this time the poll is there!)

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New Super Mario Brows. Wii - Artwork - Koopa Kids

Time to choose which of the Koopalings is the best! See below:

Iggy Koopa

Hobbies include:  Painting the ends of telescopes black, then looking into said telescopes

Iggy, along with his brother Ludwig, is the smartest of the Koopalings, although his talents lend themselves to a more practical vein.  After he created a giant robot that tore the top off of Bowser’s tower, though, he was quickly sentenced to latrine duty for four consecutive months.  This left him in better physical condition than his siblings, though, which is why he’s so fast in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Lemmy Koopa

Hobbies include:  Balancing, bouncing, juggling, balancing and bouncing while juggling, chess

Iggy’s shorter twin is the black sheep of the family.  Surprising, considering the opinion most have of Bowser Jr, but Lemmy is by far the oddest, concerned far more with performance art and aesthetic correctness than with effectiveness or efficiency.  Lemmy’s greatest achievement to date, besides juggling four knives and a torch while riding a unicycle, is to have encased all of the pigeons in Bowser’s Castle with cement within the same ten seconds.  No one has yet figured out the secret of this feat.

Roy Koopa

Hobbies include: Only the lonely, pretty women, crying, anything you want

Despite his less than friendly-looking exterior, Roy has the soul of an artful crooner.  His professional singing career has tragically failed to take off, despite being on Friendly Floyd’s premier record label, “Floydsounds.”  Possibly this is due to his less than ideal physique for a pop star, but has convinced himself that Toad is the only one holding him back from his dreams, and has concocted many plans of revenge accordingly.

Bowser Koopa Jr

Hobbies include:  Painting, piloting, being annoying

Bowser Jr is the odd Koopaling out, the one that everyone loves to hate.  Is this simply because he is lame, or is there something more concrete behind it?  Love him or hate him, he did successfully convince Princess Peach that she was his mother on at least two occasions.  Does this mean he’s the other seven’s half-brother, or is the whole concept simply too absurd to consider?

Larry Koopa

Hobbies include:  Hosting WTMK’s late-night talk show: Larry Koopa Live

While often labeled as the most generic of the Koopa kids, Larry is also the most genial, welcoming, and has the most interesting personality.  Unfortunately, since he is often defeated whilst defending the first world against Mario and Luigi’s attacks, he rarely gets a chance to shine for the masses, save for his controversial radio program.

Wendy O. Koopa

Hobbies include:  Punk Rock, Hair bows despite having no hair, making homemade Life Savers

The only girl of the bunch, she’s often jealous of brothers Ludwig and Larry’s incredible hair.  Since her only female role model is Kammy Koopa, she has far less of a ladylike demeanor than Princess Peach, or say, Birdo.  Totally does NOT have a crush on Luigi.

Ludwig Von Koopa

Hobbies include:  Piano, fireball target shooting, intensive hair styling

Bowser’s eldest (we think) usually haunts the last world before reaching the Koopas’ final stronghold.  Tired of being predictable, he went to Julliard and got his doctorate in music theory.  Unfortunately, the Mushroom Kingdom is completely piano-less, and when  Waluigi tried to smuggle in a Casio keyboard for Ludwig to practice on, he was quickly arrested by the Marrymore police.

Morton Koopa Jr

Hobbies include:  Punching people, punching objects, cigars

Morton is the enigma; the unknown.  How can he be Morton Koopa Junior when his father’s name is Bowser, and his younger brother is actually named “Bowser Jr?”  Why does Morton have a star over his eye?  Why does he hate everything?  Why can’t he stop punching people?

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