Nintendo Outlines Its E3 Plans

No Digital Event this year, but fans can expect a day-long live stream of the next Zelda title.

By Kevin Knezevic. Posted 05/05/2016 07:00 4 Comments     ShareThis

Nintendo stunned many fans last week when it announced that the only playable title it will showcase at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo will be the Wii U installment of the Legend of Zelda. As hotly anticipated as that game may be, it was unusual for the company to devote its entire showing to a single game– especially considering the variety of events it hosted during last year’s expo.

This year, however, it looks like even the company’s digital broadcasts will be devoted entirely to Zelda. In lieu of the Nintendo Digital Event that typically precedes E3, Nintendo will be airing a day-long Treehouse live stream of the next Zelda title. The stream begins on June 14 at 9 AM Pacific Time, and will feature plenty of in-depth footage, as well as developer interviews, “behind-the-scenes info,” and more. The stream will be broadcast on the company’s YouTube and Twitch channels, as well as on its E3 2016 online hub.

What do you think of Nintendo’s E3 plans this year? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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4 Responses to “Nintendo Outlines Its E3 Plans”

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    magique says...

    This is exciting considering they’ll really be showing a lot of new stuff, including an all-day streaming event with gameplay and a booth dedicated to the Zelda game. However, since the game won’t be released until 10 months later, it’s very strange.

  • 402 points
    geoffrey says...

    This reeks of “we’re only even bothering to show up at the show because we feel like we’re supposed to.”

    Are there no 3DS games coming out at any time between now and next June? Could you not have a section dedicated to third party or indy 3DS games? They ARE aware that it still exists, right?

    Given the absurd popularity of the Smash Invitational and the Nintendo United States Championships (still calling it what it was…), I find it odd that they wouldn’t at least do another one of those kinds of things.

  • 1379 points
    xeacons says...

    Not that I don’t want to hear about Zelda, but is this seriously all they’ve got? I mean, Quality over Quantity, but… seriously?

  • 9 points
    Abaddon880 says...

    I know noone really wants to hear this but maybe the problem is as a consumer we don’t look at the real business of videogames. Sony and Microsoft constantly post losses in their gaming divisions and dominate the market by mainly catering to an audience who really just wants the newest version of fps titles we’ve been playing since the n64 made those titles common place on consoles. E3 is a great example of what really isn’t working in this business. Sure I get uberexcited to watch the conferences and see the new stuff and ogle games that sometimes end up much less exciting upon release. It’s a major event and yet it has little impact on what actually happens in the business. Nintendo is slammed in 2012 for showing a WiiU with more launch titles then any prior system. The arguments are always the same that that title was a port and this wasn’t “exciting” enough but the reality is the publicity of E3 has just ruined “exciting”. Nintendo is in a bad place right now. They released numerous franchise favorites and new titles over these last few years but they are still marked as the company that just has Mario and Zelda. The problem though is that Mario and Zelda are the big sellers. Splatoon, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin, Xenoblade Chronicles, Starfox and all the others are certainly worth some praise and attention but the reality no amount of publicity will change the fact that people are waiting for the next big nintendo thing and that’s going to be a title with Mario or Zelda in its name. If Nintendo wants to advertise those new projects not named Mario or Zelda for their consoles then they will want to do it at a time and a place when their message stands separate from all the other major game developers so that they can actually stand out. E3 is made for a game like Zelda and dedicating time to it, while not as exciting as an announcement of 30 new titles and a new console, is certainly going to have more of a business impact then announcing that their next console will include some 3rd party titles that can also be found elsewhere… and just so you don’t get confused that is actually the business today and I don’t see it changing no matter how much you, I, or anyone else wish it would.

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