Industry Chatter 09.20.2011

Sony comments on the second circle pad, and Crytek reports on its possession of Wii U devkits.

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Post-TGS fallout and analysis has been covered well here at Nintendojo, but there are always interesting tidbits from Nintendo and the industry as a whole that develop each week. Industry Chatter is your way of keeping up to date with the best bits of news and rumor resonating out of the industry we love so much.

Sony sounds off about 3DS

Nintendo’s decision to release a second circle pad add-on for 3DS has been greeted with a cautious reception since it was officially announced. With Sony’s Vita due for release this year in Japan, the move to include a second circle pad for Nintendo’s 3DS has been seen as a way of combating the extra features of Vita before its launch in the hope Nintendo maintains a healthy market share. Sony president Shuhei Yoshida had this to say on the matter:

“Well, it’s not like they looked at PS Vita and said ‘we need to do that as well [in regards to dual analogue].’ I don’t know. It’s clear that they didn’t believe a second analog was necessary when they designed the 3DS, so I can only guess it was requested by Capcom’s side. Maybe a Capcom producer told Nintendo that to play Monster Hunter we need [two] analog sticks. That I don’t know, so I can only guesstimate. It was a bit shocking to see what they came up with.”

Judging by the quote, Mr Yoshida seems to think it was more of a request by Capcom then it was an oversight by Nintendo. I’m not too sure whether I agree with that personally, as a circle pad would definitely be needed at some point in the 3DS life cycle to accommodate the more advanced titles (like Monster Hunter). Saying Nintendo responded to a request from Capcom means it would not have had the foresight itself to see that such a move would be necessary for the more advanced games that are yet to come. Which is something I find hard to believe.

3DS Sales Soar

Following a shaky start of empty release schedules and little on the horizon, Nintendo fanned the flames that were threatening to destroy the system by announcing a massive drop in RRP only months after early adopters had shelled out the original asking price of $250. Quite rightly dismayed at this move, many were soon appeased by the Ambassador Program of free games that helped sure-up the confidence leak that had been sprung in many a mind of Nintendo patrons, and it seems the move has paid off for the big N. Sales rose to 235,000 in August which is a massive increase of 260 percent on the previous month. Couple this with a strong showing at TGS, and things suddenly do not look so gloomy for Nintendo’s 3D handheld. Let’s face it, after the start to life 3DS had, any good news is welcome– but this goes a long way to show Nintendo is well on the road to recovery and is in a good position, when looking ahead to Vita’s imminent release.

Dragon Quest Monsters Is Being Remade For Nintendo 3DS

Sticking with 3DS for a moment, here comes the news that Square Enix is to release a remake of the 1998 Game Boy title Dragon Quest Monsters sometime next year. Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D follows the continuing trend of remakes and re-imagining of various series for 3DS. Here’s hoping A Link to the Past follows suit sooner rather than later.

Crytek in possession of Wii U development kits

A recent interview with acclaimed German video game developer Crytek managed to squeeze out some of its thoughts on Wii U and how it feels about the technology it offers; it had this to say:

“The specs are very good. It’s a challenge for designers, but once thought through it can add value, and that’s what ultimately important. Our guys in Nottingham, they are very happy with their tests on the dev kits and they’re excited about it.”

So Crytek must be developing something for Wii U, but what? Well, let’s see here. Crytek Nottingham used to be Free Radical Design, and Free Radical created the TimeSplitters series, which came out on GameCube. So, it would not be inconceivable that maybe, just maybe a new Time Splitters game could be in the works. Of course, there is a massive possibility I am putting two and two together to create five, and by all accounts Crytek could well be developing the sort of casual, Wii remote flailing game that we have (unfortunately) come to expect of the system. But given Crytek’s pedigree and the stellar list of intellectual properties it possesses, here’s hoping it brings something new and exciting to the Wii U table.

So, there you have it. Industry Chatter is wrapped for another week as we look forward to what gaming goodness shall be bestowed upon us this coming week. Be sure to check back next Tuesday, and feel free to tell us your thoughts about this week’s revelations.

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    xeacons says...

    Well, I have to agree with Sony. Nintendo has relied on the touch screen and thumb stylus as a right analogue throughout its DS cycles. But Capcom says, “That’s not going to cut it anymore. We want an actual circle pad.” Nintendo’s always managed to do more with less. But some developers think you need more FOR less.

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