Mutterings from the Editor 04.09.2012

This post will self-destruct in two minutes.

By Andrew Hsieh. Posted 04/09/2012 13:08 Comment on this     ShareThis

HEY LISTEN! Editor muttering letter mastheadI like to think that Nintendojo doesn’t show its age, but every time I come into the nonexistent office, it’s hard to say I can’t tell just how wizened the place is. The wall’s kind of peeling. The chandelier could use a fixer-upper. I mean, we’re fifteen for goodness’ sake. That’s like 80 in Internet years! It’s amazing!

(We’ll have that congratulations any day now.)

But then I see other things– games, really, I mean, what else would we talk about– like Pokémon Conquest or Kid Icarus: Uprising, and realize that plenty of old things are making a comeback. So Nintendojo’s a bit ancient. Well, so is Oda Nobunaga, but you don’t see him running out of steam anytime soon. Heck, he’s running with bulls Tauros, which is the most epic thing you can do this side of Kanto. Admittedly, that sounds a little bit like a midlife crisis to us, but we’ve redesigned our site so much that we can’t really talk much either.

And meanwhile, look at Pit! His game is inspiring cults clans via GameFAQs, though it doesn’t provide any official support for Mario Kart 7-style groups. And even Dragon Quest Monsters from forever ago is getting its own 3DS edition. This would make us kind of jealous if we didn’t already have our own custom 3DS.

Flame Red 3DS shot small
Yep, this is ours. You didn’t know?

Like Pit, Nobunaga, and Terry, we’re still doing great things here at Nintendojo, and we’re still excited to share our words with you. Last week you were introduced to new writer Michael Contino– this week we’re dishing out more newness with Kyle England. And if you’re up for contributing to Nintendojo, hey, we can always use the help. Just look to the right! We’re hiring! And then you, too, will be part of our incredible history.


Your week at Nintendojo, Issue 97: Complaint Department


Poll: Sports with Mario! by Andrew Hsieh
Do you play sports games more if they’ve got Mario in ’em?

East Meets West by Andy Hoover
Andy Hoover’s new cooking show!

Nightly News Roundup by Mel Turnquist
Because we like news.


Another Castle: Infernal Revelations – Part II by Katharine Byrne
Resident Evil: Revelations is all about Dante.

Nightly News Roundup by Michael Contino
We like news a lot.


Round Table: Back in Black (and White) by Nintendojo Staff
Our thoughts on all these new Pokémon games!

Airship Travelogues 017 by Marc Kleinhenz and M. Noah Ward
Who is it this week? Who is it this week? Stay tuned.

Nightly News Roundup by Katharine Byrne
Is there anyone else who likes news as much as us?


Boxed In: Kid Icarus: Uprising by Andrew Hsieh
Who likes boxart? Andrew likes boxart!

Nightly News Roundup by Kyle England
Probably no one likes news as much as us.


Fan Service by Mel Turnquist
Mel takes a break from troll feeding and stanning to speak out to wayword fan boys.

Nightly News Roundup by Kevin Knezevic
You should like news, too.


Week: End Game: On by Dustin Grissom
What are we playing this weekend? Probably the same as last weekend.

Coming up next week… Issue 98: Everything Goes My Way

Let’s talk Wii U!

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