Metroid: Other M Giveaway

You could get a free copy of Samus’ latest adventure.

By Nintendojo Staff. Posted 10/06/2010 12:00 18 Comments     ShareThis

Metroid: Other M Artwork

Nintendojo loves you. And Nintendojo also loves Samus.

With that in mind, we’re giving away a sealed, new copy of Metroid: Other M. Samus finally speaks in the game and expresses herself more than anyone ever thought she would. The whole talking things out got us thinking, and we decided we want you to talk to win Other M.

So, in the comments below to this post, tell us (and the whole wide world) what your favorite Samus suit or weapon upgrade is and why. Express your undying love for the Varia Suit or why Ice Missiles are the cat’s pajamas. Or maybe you could explain why the charge beam really lights you up. You can only post one submission, so be convicted in your entry.

You have one week to write your comment (so until midnight Pacific Time Wednesday, Oct. 13). After that, the staff will pick its favorite response and e-mail the author to confirm your mailing address. So go ahead, you now have authorization to utilize your keyboards and type away, from Commander Adam Malkovich himself.

Metroid Other M Adam Malkovich

By posting a comment below, you consent that you are thirteen years old or older.

18 Responses to “Metroid: Other M Giveaway”

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    KisakiProject says...

    hahaha. Didn’t talking kinda kill this game? In addition to Samus being an objectified idiot instead of the bounty hunter we know? But I’d love to experience this for myself though.


    My favorite weapon/suit/item in Metroid is the Fusion suit. The notion that your suit which is on you constantly is evil and eventually grows to fight you is awesome. The reason why is because Metroid has always had an isolated feeling which gives the player this sense of foreboding that few games could replicate. The Fusion suit, which is this evil presence, accompanying you on an already lonely experience with its malicious presence was thrilling. Not only do you feel isolated and have this tension that something bad will happen the whole time its tremendously amplified by the thought that your suit is this evil presence waiting to take you over. There is no other game I could think of that unnerved me like this and they did it on a 3 inch screen.

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    adv2k169 says...

    FYI this is my first post on Nintendojo :-)
    I can see videogame news at work because of your website everything else is blocked off.

    Anyway to the subject on hand, for me my favorite Metroid suite/weapon upgrade is the Screw Attack.

    As you jump in the air you always have to worry about accidentally jumping into an enemy. When you get the screw attack its a large victory because typically it is the last major upgrade in the game. The screw attack allows samus to do infinite somersault that kills everything in its path. Samus’s somersault it’s so pretty, elegant, feminine and totally deadly. You can travel upward in a level as far as you wish and gives you deadly upward mobility to fill the gaps in the map. Most of the time you won’t find anything really far up in a level but this is the ultimate sense of discovery because nothing can hurt you and you can hurt anything that happens to be in your path.

    I have no idea why its called the screw attack because you don’t really screw anything so it should be called the electric somersault or killer flip move.

    Since Nintendo somehow made the somersault into a killer weapon and that is why it is the best upgrade/weapon in the metroid universe.

  • 3 points
    kratosgodofwar says...

    Oh my god! Finally, the girl of my love, the angel of beauty, the great bounty hunter SAMUS ARAN has returned!
    The day i met her was when i played the metroid prime trilogy. The storyline, graphics, action, especially her beauty have a great power like a maelstrom sucks me in fiercely. My favorite suit upgrade is the P.E.D suit and all of its weapons. In the hypermode difficult, the monsters and the bosses, especially dark samus, are extremely difficult. But with help of hyper beam and hyper missle, i can crush them quite easy, dark samus is a little harder but she was down by my hyper beam.
    And the Varia suit, itis my savior in metroid prime 1. It is very hard for me to play when her varia suit first depleted in the game. At that time, samus is really weak, she just can shoot a normal beam, not a charge beam,and cannot go through the lava. But when i found the Varia suit, all things changed. I fear no more. Samus is very strong, her health depleted very slow and she got better defence from the armor

  • 678 points
    amishpyrate says...

    I’m keeping it simple… Missiles…. You get em early on in the metroid games and they stay useful. Plus the first time I obtained missiles in the ORIGINAL metroid on my NES I nearly died from happiness. Nothing is cooler to a six year old kid than missiles, well except maybe ninjas.

  • 0 points

    The Zero Suit. It makes Samus easier on the eyes, and in Metroid: Zero Mission, it helps place an emphasis on stealth over power which displays Samus’ ability to adapt and survive in even the most dire of situations without her power suit.

  • 3 points
    dextronimous says...

    short time nintendojo viewer, first time poster, but I couldn’t pass up comment on one of my favorite series. Someone already beat me to the answer, but the screw attack was absolutely the best upgrade. I can still remember blasting the “lightning ball” on the original NES metroid (I was… ahem.. a little older than six; yeah I’m an old timer) and wondering what it did. After the first jump- WOAH- I spent the next half hour just tackling everything I could run into. They only made it better in Super Metroid. So far the only two metroid games I HAVEN’T played are MP3:corruption and M:OM, but I hope this upgrade is available in both.

  • 9 points
    Gr8saiyaman says...

    Morph freaking Ball Mode! Are you kidding me? Is there really any other power up as awesome as turning into a ball a fraction of your size and rolling through secret tunnels and tubes? I don’t think so! Imagine if we could morph into a ball like Samus!? Who needs a car when I can jump into the underground suction tubes and be at work in a few minutes? That gives me more time to play video games before heading to work! Of course I need an awesome game to play before work so you guys should give me the free copy of Other M! What better game to play while I quickly get some more minutes of game time before rolling to work?

  • 432 points
    dmgice says...

    The Spider Ball from Metroid 2. Because it allows you to go practically everywhere. Also, it’s infinitely more useful than Bomb Jumping. You start with the Morph Ball in Metroid 2, so they had to add something to make it more awesome and they do. Spider Ball. Seriously great.

  • 3 points
    ReviloTwist says...

    This has been mentioned, and for good reason, but I absolutely love the morph ball mode. Because it is so kick ace and because of the blast of nostalgia I associate with it.

    There are not many other games that pull off such an awesome gameplay transition like switching to morph ball mode, whether it was the old school sidescrollers or the Prime games.

    In regards to nostalgia, when I was a kid and played the original Metroid for the first time I really had no idea what to expect. The opening scene where you acquire the morph ball was mind blowing for my 7 year old self. I knew right when I got it that this game was something special, and I have loved the series ever since.

  • 12 points
    databuild91 says...

    Without a doubt, I choose the Bombs. My rite of passage with the Metroid franchise was Super Metroid in my elementary school years. Having never played the franchise before (Note: I missed the pre-Super Nintendo eras), I was not familiar with the weapons, encountering crevices and areas that I could not reach and getting stuck with the game’s open-level design. What was I to do? Finally, I found it, the Bombs. It blew open new areas of the game, amused me with a trail of destruction as I rolled through the massive world, and filled my path with purple spheres of death, allowing me to fend off the challenging and respawning enemies. Dropping Bombs allowed me to make my escape when I was short on health (Darn those diving Skree)! Heck, I was eleven and an inexperienced gamer…lol…give me a break on my frequent deaths in the game. Since then, I’ve played the NES’s Metroid and the Metroid Prime Trilogy to my pleasure. Even with the new weapons such as the Light and Dark Beams, I still have my favorite weapon, the Bombs. For me, the Metroid franchise would not be the same without the Bombs (and let’s not forget, it allows me to do the Bomb Jump…yum).

  • 360 points
    M. Noah Ward says...

    Thank you for all the entries! We will announce our favorite here after we’ve contacted the author directly via email to confirm.

  • 51 points
    adv2k169 says...

    I worry if I win my email will go to spam :-(

    How soon will you contact people ? Today, this week?

  • 51 points
    adv2k169 says...

    Have you sent out the confirmation email yet?

    I am really hoping I win the game. If I won Please contact me via facebook because I really fear it might go into the void of spam emails and I always get facebook emails:
    if possible or private message on the forums.

    I really hope I won. This contest helped me get into this website . I never payed attention before, and now I’m checking it.

  • 360 points
    M. Noah Ward says...

    We will be contacting the author of our favorite entry today to confirm address, etc. Stay tuned.

  • 360 points
    M. Noah Ward says...

    Congratulations to adv2k169, who was our ultimate favorite. This was a tough, close decision but we appreciate everyone’s entries!

  • 51 points
    adv2k169 says...

    I am going to do a little dance when I get it in the mail :-)

    Thank You Nintendojo .

    btw I did this video for youtube regarding Metroid Other M:

    The TV ad that everyone loves I dissect it. I finally get to play this game soon . WOOHOO.

  • 51 points
    adv2k169 says...

    I got my copy in the mail. THank You Again Nintendojo !!!!!

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