Issue 60: Magnetic Personalities

You just can’t quit us.

By Andrew Hsieh. Posted 07/25/2011 10:00 Comment on this     ShareThis

Ever feel like you and a video game were just meant to be? Okay, hang on, don’t give me that look just yet. I’m not saying “meant to be” like Link and Saria are meant to be (I’m flame-proof!) (Goron Tunic nawsayin’). I’m saying you’ll spend more time on it than you did with, say, training mode in Super Smash Bros.. Or you’ll ignore horrible and non-customizable control schemes because the story’s just so darn good. Maybe you’ll even overlook some colorful (or non-colorful– hello Mad World) stylistic choices because you just happen to live true to Nintendo’s gameplay-over-graphics mantra. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

But maybe this game isn’t even your favorite. You just happen to feel this connection. I know I’ve played some clunkers in my time that, honestly, were terrible games (I refuse to name them), but I nevertheless felt compelled to play by some kind of ridiculous hypnosis. It’s like you’re best friends with someone, except you question the validity of that friendship every day because he always embarrasses you in front of girls you like. But before this editor’s letter turns into some kind of clichéd Japanese schoolgirl anime, let’s just talk about this issue.

This week, Aaron Roberts will profile one of the most enigmatic developers around (it rhymes with “ticklish”) that never fails to draw attention, while Michael Edwards provides his final article to Nintendojo with some of the most unlikely (read: licensed) games around to draw considerable critical acclaim. Mel Turnquist will ignore the fairly magnetic vacuum maw of Kirby in favor of his abandoned penguin-esque archnemesis, and Smith Stuart continues his character analyses with a visit to Super Mario Galaxy. It’s true: Nintendojo is secretly a haven for gifted minds. Like the Xavier Mansion. Or Pallet Town.

Sure, our lineup is all over the place this week, but we’re confident that we’ll be able to snag your interest. We’ve been practicing our elocution, see, and we’ve got some magnetic personalities worth staying for. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our articles as much as we did writing them.



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Issue 60: Magnetic Personalities

Developer Profile: Nicalis by Aaron Roberts
What do we know about this independent developer?

Capcom, Disney and the NES: The Golden Age of Licensed Games by Michael Edwards
Because nobody can say The Lion King wasn’t in their top ten SNES games without being choked to tears.

Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 153 by Matthew Ward
James and Aaron hop on for a rip-roaring ride with Commander Noah.

Is King DeDeDe Really a Villain? by Mel Turnquist
He’s too cuddly to impeach my rights!

Secrets in the Stars by Smith Stuart
Smith continues to pull a Professor Trelawney around Videogameland.

Help! I’m a (RPG) Virgin by Adam Sorice
Once again, Adam tries to actually finish last week’s article for this week. Wish him well.

Green Switch Palace: The Sony Perspective, Part I by Marc N. Kleinhenz
What do the folks at have to say about the state of Nintendo?

Additional features in this issue…


  • Mailbag by Andrew Hsieh and Adam Sorice


  • Industry Chatter by Kevin Knezevic


  • Now Playing by Phil Russell


  • Week: End Game: On by Lewis Hampson


  • Weekly News Roundup by James Stank

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Issue 61: Free Bird

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