Issue 50: Here We Go Again

Something is different in the state of Nintendojo.

By Andrew Hsieh. Posted 05/16/2011 12:00 6 Comments     ShareThis

Change is afoot here at Nintendojo. For the past forty-nine weeks we’ve been offering thematic content every day, every week, and while sometimes this has been spectacular (some of you really responded to Issue 48: Arts & Crafts, which should really change certain perceptions of geekdom and nerdery), sometimes it’s just really hard to get into an issue about video game-inspired recipes. (Okay, so that wasn’t an actual issue, but we might’ve gotten there.) We know this. We recognize this. And here at Nintendojo, we’ve decided to answer.

From this week forward, instead of pushing issues focusing on just one topic, Nintendojo will be presenting issues full of varied content that we’re hoping will get your blood pumping. No longer will a week be devoted solely to overlooked video games or Bowser-related fan fiction (though, uh, we might have some of that in there); instead, to keep things interesting, we’re gonna mix-and-match articles from all kinds of topics– articles that we love writing and that you’ll want to read. We’ve recently gotten a bunch of new recruits (recruits whom you can join if you so desire by clicking that giant button to the right of the site) and we’re confident that the new guys, combined with the rest of the staff you know and love, will make Nintendojo better than it’s ever been before.

We’re also trying out a shiny news strategy. Tuesday’s now home to Now Playing, where we’ll discuss the week’s new releases (that’s right, even games like Imagine Babyz Party), while Thursday we’ll talk Industry Chatter, about the going-ons in, well, the video game industry. On Wednesday we’re reintroducing the Mailbag (so send in your letters at!), and on Saturday we’ll let you know what we’ll be playing over the weekend in Week: End Game: On. Finally, we’re not abandoning news altogether– Sunday we’ll throw in a Weekly News Roundup, where we’ll talk about the week’s biggest news and wonder what it means for the rest of us. Here’s hoping we’ve got all your needs covered with this, and that you’ll love these features as much as you did our old Nightly News Roundup.

Oh, but if you’re a fan of the themed content, though, don’t worry– we’ll have plenty of that still left in us for special occasions. (Keep your eyes figuratively peeled for our The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword week, for instance. And of course, E3.) But for the most part, we’re going for the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans strategy. Except, you know, in terms of articles. Right!


Issue 50: Here We Go Again

Do Wii Even Exist? by Lewis Hampson
Was Wii a new foundation for Nintendo or nothing more than a stepping stone?

Confusion on the Launch Pad by Andy Hoover
The 3DS launch has been the target of major criticism, and Andy Hoover can’t tell where most of it is coming from

Nester64x: Kind or Cruel to Circuits? by Nester64x
Nester speaks out for Robot Rights.

Why is Mario so Popular? by Andrew Hsieh
Mario’s been at it for a while now. But how can he keep moving? What’s his appeal, honestly?

Metroid Prime 4 by Kevin Knezevic
Where can the Metroid Prime series go after Trilogy? We take a look at some of the possibilities.

Thoughts on Skyward Sword by James Stank
Nintendo’s released scant details on Skyward Sword, but James Stank’s here to connect the dots.

Additional features in this issue…


  • Now Playing by Andrew Hsieh


  • Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 143 by M. Noah Ward
  • Mailbag by Greg Wampler


  • Industry Chatter by Adam Sorice


  • Week: End Game: On by Nintendojo Staff


  • Weekly News Roundup by Adam Sorice

Coming Up Next Week…

Issue 51: Vague Non Sequitur
Advance Wars, Eternal Darkness, and first-person-shooters on Game Boy Advance. Yeah, we’re insane; you should be excited.

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