Issue 10: Nintendo Wasteland

Find out what forgotten games will get their due in this week’s issue.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 08/09/2010 17:25 1 Comment     ShareThis

Issue 10: Nintendo Wasteland

Letter from the Editor…

For all the Nintendo games and franchises that make us starry-eyed with each sequel announcement, there are just as many other games we sadly miss. Why didn’t we ever see another Blast Corps? Will an Eternal Darkness trilogy ever happen? Why did the Ice Climbers retire? So much spirit, so much potential… lost to or squandered in the passage of time.

This week we reminisce some of our favorite games that have gone AWOL. Some of these titles you’ll be very familiar with, and others not as much. We hope you enjoy the journey and remark about some of your favorite forgotten favorites.


Issue 10: Nintendo Wasteland

Mother-less in America by Andy Hoover
EarthBound has become a definite cult classic, but Nintendo is still denying everyone outside of Japan two-thirds of this quirky saga

I Miss My Mole Mania by Matthew Tidman
You might know about this lost Miyamoto masterpiece, but Tidman will make you wish you did.

Super Mario Panic! by Aaron Roberts
Aaron loved Super Mario Bros. 2, as did millions of other folks. So where’s the sequel?

Nester64x: Forget It Already by Nester64x
All this whining about forgotten franchises is making Nester angry.

Round Table: We Still Love You by Nintendojo Staff
Find out which titles the Nintendojo crew misses the most.

Ain’t No Mountain Cold Enough by Andrew Hsieh
Ice Climber is a title we’re all aware of but doesn’t have scores of fans. Here’s why Popo and Nana deserve another climb.

Lost to Time: Lord of the Rings by James Labalokie
Thanks to Peter Jackson’s films, few are unfamiliar with Tolkien’s fantasy opus. Yet what of the pre-Jackson SNES game? That’s something in the wasteland.

Eternally Waiting by Andy Hoover
Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering where the hell the sequel is!

Hot Air: Wasted by Aaron Roberts
Games aren’t the only thing that gets wasted.

Lost Tropics by Francisco Naranjo
The calypso beats of tropical and time traveling adventures have been silent too long.

Toys on the Shelf by Adam Sorice
Peering out from the darkness, childhood memories wait to be discovered again.

The Empty Studio by Robert Thompson
Some of you may remember when Nintendo wanted us to get creative, long before shirt patterns in Animal Crossing.

Hyrulian Wasteland by James Stank
A forgotten Zelda game may be hard to imagine, but James can shine a light for you.

Wario’s Will by Matthew Tidman
Wario is filthy, stinking rich. So who gets his stuff when he’s gone?

Additional features in this issue…


  • Nightly News Roundup by Greg Wampler


  • Poll: Which obscure Nintendo character should be in the next Smash Bros.? by Aaron Roberts
  • Nightly News Roundup by Carter Fagan


  • Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 103 by M. Noah Ward
  • Nightly News Roundup by Francisco Naranjo


  • Nightly News Roundup by James Labalokie


  • Nightly News Roundup: Video Edition by M. Noah Ward

Coming Up Next Week…

Issue 11: Getting Artsy
Oh, ArtStyle games… how you mesmerize and confound us. Our love letter.

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