Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 140: S Is for Surprise

3DS under-performing, Sony’s new tactic against Cafe and Apple and fresh Cafe news and rumors discussed.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 04/27/2011 09:00 18 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 140: S Is for Surprise

Noah, James and newcomer Kevin tackle 3DS sales woes, Sony’s new tablets and the latest Cafe news and rumors.

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Recording Date
April 26, 2011

Noah, James and Kevin

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:01 What We’re Playing
00:09:41 3DS Sales Woes?
00:24:37 Sony Strikes Back… with Tablets!
00:31:08 Project Cafe News & Rumors
00:54:15 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
01:07:01 Conclusion & Fan Fiction Assignment
01:08:35 Credits

01:10:45 Total Length


18 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 140: S Is for Surprise”

  • 1332 points
    Andrew Hsieh says...

    It’s Kevin! Hi, Kevin!

    I wish I could be playing even Steel Diver right now, though Pilotwings sounds just as interesting (if not moreso according to Mr. Knezevic). But then again that’s just me being woe-ful.

    Incidentally, mmmm LttP ending music remix

    • 576 points
      MegabusterLegends3 says...

      I personally love pilotwings. While it is short on content, nothing is as relaxing and fun to play as free flight, dodging between buildings and into the tightest nooks and crannies. I have already started to plot out my own stunt runs, upside-down under the Cruise Ship’s bridge, landing in the town water fountain, flying between the tunnel pillars, and so on. Don’t let the ratings discourage you!

  • 1379 points
    xeacons says...

    I think you guys hit the nail on the head with the 3DS sales. All in all, I think Nintendo released it too early. They should have waited until the eShop was ready, and a few more 5-star titles.

    As for Sony and their S1 & 2 (or the PSDS! LOL), just like the iPod, gamers aren’t going to consider it a gaming platform. Even the iPad, which is mostly used for playing games, “doesn’t count” in most gamers opinions, as it’s meant for too many other purposes. Even the dual screens and console controller functions will just be extra features. But I don’t blame Sony for copying Nintendo. That’s what they’ve built their entire gaming department on.

  • 381 points
    Hyawatta says...

    You have some of the most comprehensive and most up to date info about Project Cafe that I have seen or heard online. Thanx for that. However, I do not believe that the controllers will be able to stream any content or otherwise be of much use outside the house. If there is any transporting of controllers it would likely be to play at a friends house, not on the commute or in an actual cafe. Thanx again for your thoughtful analysis of the rumors.

  • 57 points
    Urie says...

    Don’t you think that this “gloom and doom” surrounding Nintendo profits is a bit much? Let’s break it down: the 3DS launched, much the DS itself, without a true killer app. The Wii is in the fifth year of its existence, and the relative lack of titles makes more sense in the context of Project Cafe’s reveal. In other words, we’ll see where all of the missing Wii development has been redirected.

    Ultimately, both systems will come down to having *both* exclusive content and strong 3rd party support. The main dividing line between the 360 and PS3 (online interactions not withstanding) are the exclusives. If Nintendo can reaffirm its NES-era third party support, the first party titles will do the rest. But they need both.

    • 1379 points
      xeacons says...

      It’s not so much about what the 3DS hasn’t provided per se; it’s about the promises that were broken. Kid Icarus, Ocarina 3D, Netflix, 3D movies, etc. The DS (which was over $100 cheaper, keep in mind) didn’t lack anything Nintendo promised.

      The Wii, I agree. It’s over. I predicted last year (wrongfully, obviously) that one of the major companies would announce a new console at E3. Guess I was a little early. The Wii titles, both retail and Wiiware, are going out.

      Meanwhile, I’ve actually seen an increase in quality in DSiware. Do you agree? Plants vs. Zombie, Slingo, Captain Sub…and I’ve gotten hooked on a lot of these little puzzles. Right as its successor comes out, the DSi begins to shine. Am I right?

      • 576 points
        MegabusterLegends3 says...

        I don’t know about that…I find most DSiWare I’ve purchsed tends to wear out pretty quickly, aside from Flipnote.

        On the other hand, I am excited to see Flipnote Memo!

      • 57 points
        Urie says...

        Ah, I guess that’s true. The DS wasn’t hyped nearly as much. And, perhaps more than the games, launching without the eShop really undercut the system. When you put the pieces together, it definitely seems like it was a bit rushed. Based on that, once they release a sleeker, more efficient model with more captivating titles, I don’t think we’ll be talking about sales woes.

        I guess the part that irritates me is that we can’t ever discuss Nintendo just being (very Zen of me, I know). In other words, Nintendo is either conquering the world or dangling over the edge. At the first sign of sluggish sales, the industry rhetoric completely changes, as if a bad year completely undoes the zillions of Wii consoles they’ve sold. I know I’m minimizing the problem, but not to the same degree that I feel its being built up to in the press.

      • 432 points
        dmgice says...

        Maybe it’s me; but I’ve found DSi Ware to be pretty reasonable. I’ve bought all of the Art Style Series, Game & Watch Series, and a ton of the other content as well.

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    Hey guys!
    It has occurred to me that I did not properly explain what Megaman Legends 3 was! Megaman Legends 3 is an Action RPG with an almost Wind Waker spin on it. In both cases, the world is an endless ocean with a few small islands on which people reside. These islands hide remnants of ancient civilizations underground. Some make their living as “Diggers”, explorers who venture into the depths of the underground ruins, laden with traps and automaton robot protectors called Reaverbots to find power sources called Refractors. These refractors power everything, including your airship, the Flutter. (Did I mention there were Sky Pirates involved?)
    You also find spare parts both in the ruins and from other diggers and junk shops, which Roll can manufacture into upgrades for Megaman.
    In a nutshell, it’s Zelda, Indiana Jones, and, er, Metroid, all rolled into one, with a unique steampunk flair and a Timeless art style.

    Can you tell I love this series?

    What is especially significant about this game is that it will be our first taste of an RPG (a genre well loved on DS) built from the ground up for 3DS.
    To make things clear, Megaman Legends 3 is due to be a retail release, and it is my main reason for buying a 3DS. Prototype Edition`s sales will determine whether or not this game will be finished. Prototype’s price has been confirmed for the equivalent of 2.50 USD for Japan. To find out more, go to the MML3 Capcom Unity devroom, where fans can participate in and keep tabs it

    • 576 points
      MegabusterLegends3 says...

      In other words……

      • 1332 points
        Andrew Hsieh says...

        I played Mega Man 64, which is just as far in the Mega Man Legends series as I imagine many once-Ninty-fanboys got, haha. Now, if I’d owned a PlayStation, I’m sure it’d be a different story. Nevertheless, looking forward to Legends 3, so don’t worry about it none ;)

    • 57 points
      Urie says...

      I couldn’t really tell from your username, but yeah, I guess I’m putting the pieces together :)

      It is pretty exciting, when you think about the initial hook of offering a demo prior to the title itself. Much like Nintendo’s “First Hunt” which came bundled with the DS. IGN made a great point about Nintendo (and perhaps third parties too) doing more of this for Project Cafe.

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    I’ll Probably get MML3 demo. Even though I didn’t enjoy the first one on PSX I need something to do on my 3DS. I got my fill of BAMU, SD & PWR. They were all fun but after you put 5 or 6 hours into them there isn’t much more to do. Also they better give excitebike to us for free. One of my favorite NES games. If japan gets it free we should too.

    • 576 points
      MegabusterLegends3 says...

      I think the first game suffered from a lack of direction and a little to much pixel hunting. MML didnt really have a navi or a midna to tell you what to do next, and some things reqired you to find “holes” in the wall which really just blended in with blurry PS1/N64 textures.
      Both of these things can be fixed with newer technology.
      On the other hand, the story was a bit more dynamic. For example, you have a battle in the main city, and more damage the buildings take, the more it will cost to fix them, thus delaying certain objectives until you earn enough money.

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    Awwww….. back when there was something to smile about.

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