Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 139: Let’s Get Some Coffee

If a new console is getting a lot of rumors, that’s what we’ll talk about on the show. And we do.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 04/21/2011 15:00 9 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 139: Let's Get Some Coffee

James and Noah get carried away with the rumors on Wii Too, or as it’s commonly known, Project Cafe.

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Recording Date
April 19, 2011

Noah and James

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:31 What We’re Playing
00:10:23 All About Project Cafe
00:38:30 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
00:47:40 Conclusion & Fan Fiction Assignment
00:49:17 Credits

00:51:26 Total Length


9 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 139: Let’s Get Some Coffee”

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    KisakiProject says...

    I heard that the new console controller will be a touch pad built into the controller? I think this makes sense because NDS/Iphone/Ipad have really shown touch has staying power. I think motion is still not as accepted. I hope it still has a speaker like Wii but actually be quality and utilized. Though we may know alot more after the investor conference. This rolling out about the same time as the 3DS reveal. So honestly I think spring 2012 for Project Cafe is likely.

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      xeacons says...

      I think you’re right. In fact, the Wiimote’s major use has been mostly used for the same purpose: point and click. Yes, there’s the Wiimote Waggle, but three years after Wii Motion Plus, we’ve had, how many, three games use it? Wii Sports Resort, Red Steel Two, and Conduit 2. Am I right? That’s one each year.

      The main purpose of our beloved controller is the cursor. Same as the DS/DSi/3DS touchscreen. Then there’s that Gametablet doodle pad thing that’s become so popular lately. It only makes sense to have one on the controller for the next system.

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    dmgice says...

    The big press release on the 20th was the Jet Blue/3DS deal. Gah. I shall have to say that I messed up on that one. Oh, well. Essentially I heard they were going to announce a large deal on the 20th. Then they wrapped it up on the 20th and announced it on the 21st along with that silly 2012 Sonic & Mario game on the 3DS. The 80 3DS/3DS Ware count with 60 released is based off of what I’ve heard from Atlus (3 3DS games at E3), UBI Soft (15 shown and confirmed at E3), EA (8), Sega (8), and so forth. We also have about 30+ 3DS Ware downloadable titles that make up the 80.

    Sometimes the problem with a Delorean has to do with what we call Schrodinger’s Cat. Once I have mentioned something enough times, there is a possibility that it will change. (Darn Space-Time!)

    As for Project Cafe stuff? I’ll sound off on that in a moment. Here’s my takes.

    1. Disc loading Dock Console with an upgradable hard drive that is sold separately.

    2. Backwards compatible with the Wii Controllers. If you want to play Wii games on it, you need to provide the controllers.

    3. eShop B/C with Wii Ware/Virtual Console.

    4. Traditional controller with a 4 inch touch panel on the back.

    5. I think the controller will have a small speaker attached into the back touch screen (Think SoundBug style surface speaker) This also provides “tactical” feedback to the system via sound vibrations.

    6. The controller will have internal lights, so it changes color depending on what is happening on the screen. So, when you take damage, your controller flashes Red or Yellow. When underwater, your controller is blue and green, et cetra. I’ll mention more later.

    • 432 points
      dmgice says...

      7. The Cafe part of the codename has to do with “community” and “setting.” The “Revolution” part of the Wii may have had to do with the motion sensors. Some of the codenames are just a bit odd. Dolphin for GameCube was about the ability to push “liquid effects” inside the CPU. The N64 was Project Reality. There was a lot of talk about “creating realistic worlds” in a box. The 3D world math was the main feature of the unit. Atlantis was about “raising” the handheld market. Nitro was about accelerating it. I think the original idea was to also have an accelerometer in it. Nintendo’s codenames are so weird sometimes.

      Here’s the quick synopsis for use on the podcast, if you read this on it.

      Quicker Version.

      I think the controller rumors are off base. I think it will feature three innovations not seen in a console controller yet.

      1. A back capacitive touch screen with tactical feedback caused by surface transduction. (Responds to touch with sound caused vibrations. Example, reloading a gun would involve pressing and sliding your finger down on the back of the controller, this causes a cartridge out sound that vibrates sharply as you quickly slide your finger. In a fishing game, you put the controller vertical and run your finger in circle as it makes the same “clicking noises” with vibrational resistance as a real fishing rod would.)

      2. Ambient response to in-game conditions via optical translation. The controller has flexible LEDs built into the sides and face of it that light up in different shades of color depending on the conditions in the game. Turn off your lights and get to -say- a water level, the controller is bathing your immediate proximity with Blue and Green while you play. Get hit and you get a very bright flash of Red or Orange. You don’t have to look down at the controller though. Because the idea is to make it bright enough that you will notice it while playing and looking at the screen.

      3. Front and back cameras. Used for Making Miis, and for some pretty weird AR stuff. A good example would be a competitive Face Raiders where the front screen -if there is one- would display the contents of the room and the idea would be to move around and shoot more faces than the other people. Four to Eight Player Mode would be crazy on it. The controller would light up when you hit something or someone shot your controller. This is also compatible with the 3DS. So if you have one instead of a controller, you’d still be A-Okay to play. Just no ambient response, back touch, or surface transduction speaker.

      The total cost of the controller? $60. All of it is old tech that hasn’t been used together yet. Here’s an idea of the type of ambient response in the controller.. but this is more of an extreme example and the controller is not going to include fans and such like an AMBX kit.

      • 1379 points
        xeacons says...

        Right. We keep thinking about what those words mean to Americans when they’re coming from a Japanese culture. Things make more sense when we abandon our limited thinking.

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    dmgice says...

    A random thought. I wonder if Nintendo has ever looked into the use of audio conduction through membranes. Or at least minor static impressions through metal buttons. I mean, we can use bone conductivity to deliver music and sounds. When we grab a controller, do you think we should feel the game? Meaning… what if we used audio signals delivered through the whole of the controller to deliver a tactile experience to the end user. So, if you get hit in a game, the controller would send sound vibrations through the sides of the controller causing a slight, quick, and unpleasant feeling in the hands. If you do well, it would hum pleasantly through the bones in your hands, lowering your internal stress levels. Maybe if they had some sort of additional device to measure that to insure that the game software appropriately measures your response to the audio vibrations that are converted into slight static shocks inside the bones of your hands…

    Okay. Maybe people don’t want a controller that physically punishes them for doing poorly by essentially being a non-lethal version of Infrasound Weapons. Or maybe we do? This is the next step. Infrasound, Camera Tracking, and 3D Imagery. With an Infrasound emitting 3D Holographic image, I could get a physical response from touching a non-physical thing. The trick is projecting Infrasound through a non-solid. That would mean localized RF on a different energy scale than AM or FM. Of course, this device would NEVER pass the FCC and every time you play with the device, it would drive your pets insane.

    I hope someone at Nintendo is wicked enough to be working on something like this. No need to mention this in the podcast. Just a weird thought I had.

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    dmgice says...

    Hmm.. Like Xeacons mentioned. If it’s based on Japanese culture.. does Project Cafe mean that every New Nintendo console comes packed with a robotic, cosplay maid? YES. It will be like those Cafes in Akihabara.

  • 576 points
    MegabusterLegends3 says...

    Look, as somewhat unrelated as this comment may be, SOMEONE MUST KNOW! Seeing as this week’s issue is on downloads, Nintendo’s most important download ever is coming out on eShop at launch. Of course, this game is megaman legends 3 prototype edition. This game needs a lot more attention than it is getting! I personally have been in love with the series since it first came out on PS1, so i beg of you, dont let this game slip under your radar like many did with Okami. For 2 bucks, how could you not take the chance? Thanks guys, love the show.

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