Nintendojo Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2015: Wii U

The best games to buy for Wii U this holiday season!

By Robert Marrujo. Posted 12/07/2015 09:00 Comment on this     ShareThis

2015 saw quite a few titles come to Wii U, but with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can be difficult to remember which games should be on everyone’s wish lists. Nintendojo, as always, is here to help you filter out the noise and get straight to the good stuff! Here are the ultimate Wii U games to make you tops in the heart of any Nintendo fan!

Note: All prices were accurate at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Price: $39.99

From our review:

“Kirby’s first Wii U title has all the charm, polish, and fun we’ve come to expect from his delightful games. I told you it would be good! As a follow-up to 2005′s Canvas Curse for DS, Rainbow Curse delivers even more mileage to the compelling touch-based gameplay while still throwing in new ideas and tricks at every turn. Beneath its saccharine cuteness, Rainbow Curse also manages to add in surprises and challenges for those willing to dig. HAL has made a lush and lovingly crafted game that should not be missed by Wii U owners. It’s Kirby! What’s not to love?”


Price: $59.99

From our review:

Splatoon is really going to throw a lot of folks for a loop the first time they play it. It’s a third-person shooter on the surface, but the rulebook that has for so long been the go-to guide for defining how these sorts of titles are “supposed” to play has officially been smothered in ink by Nintendo’s newest IP. Whether it’s in online Turf Wars or over the course of the game’s 25-plus stage single-player campaign, Splatoon throws the common tenets of point-and-shoot gameplay out of the window. Irreverent, colorful, zany, and packed to the gills with action, Splatoon is boldly itself amongst the faceless legions of me-too military shooters that are currently strangling the market.”

Lego Jurassic World

Price: $39.99

From our review:

“The title Lego Jurassic World is a bit misleading. While the game does follow the events of the new movie, it actually follows the entire Jurassic Park film franchise; all four movies are represented in the game. …Fans of the Jurassic Park franchise would do well to check out Lego Jurassic World. The title is a joyous celebration of the films from a developer known for getting the most out of a license. If you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park films and you aren’t sick of the Lego formula, Lego Jurassic World is a great title.”

Super Mario Maker

Price: $59.99

From our review:

“Rather than give players another installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series, or craft an entirely new Mario platformer altogether, Nintendo has instead opted to put the tools of creation in the hands of fans and let them make their own game to enjoy. It’s a bold move, and one that Nintendo has pulled off with aplomb. Super Mario Maker embodies everything that makes the series special, from its tight platforming to its whimsical charm. Considering how many people’s lives have been touched by Super Mario games over the years, it’s only fitting that this pearl anniversary should allow those same people to finally leave their own fingerprints on a series and character that mean so much to them.”

Skylanders: SuperChargers

Price: Starter Pack $49.99

From our review:

“Besides maintaining the series’ signature platforming and toys-to-life concept, SuperChargers also throws vehicle racing, combat, and exploration into the mix, along with online and local multiplayer. Some games falter from an overly ambitious development team, biting off more than they can chew and ultimately delivering a half-baked experience that falls short of their lofty goals. SuperChargers suffers no such dilemma, instead standing tall as the culmination of developer Vicarious Visions’ hopes and dreams to deliver something new in the Skylanders universe.”

Yoshi’s Woolly World

Price: Standard $49.99 | Bundle With Amiibo $59.99

From our review:

“I wasn’t a huge fan of Yoshi’s New Island. The 3DS platformer was the most blatant attempt yet to reclaim the glory of Yoshi’s Island, but fell short to me because of a quirky hitch to the targeting reticule for egg throwing, middling graphics, and a score that bordered on atrocious. Yoshi’s Woolly World largely avoids all of those pitfalls, as the game confidently plays with the established Yoshi formula while also injecting new life into the series by adapting elements from Kirby’s Epic Yarn and improving upon them. Woolly World is a delightful return to form for the franchise.”

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Price: $49.99 (Download Only)

From our review:

“Nintendo has been home to the Fatal Frame series for a few years now, but fans in North America would be forgiven for not knowing that, as the last two home console titles have been confined to Japan. Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water for Wii U marks the end of an eight year hiatus, and is yet another solid entry in the series. Owing in no small part to its ability to sell an incredible sense of place, Maiden of Black Water is immensely creepy in all the right ways. There are some technical hitches that hold it back from the upper echelons of elite horror games, but Maiden of Black Water is a real triumph on Wii U and a must-have for fans of the genre in particular.”

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival

Price: Bundle with Two Amiibo $59.99

From our review:

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival is almost the antithesis of Mario Party. On the outside, the titles certainly look similar enough; a board game world, dice throwing, and minigames to be played by all. Despite sharing these elements, however, Amiibo Festival veers off into decidedly different territory that makes it unlike any other party game that I’ve played in the past. As opposed to being a frantic and over-the-top party title, Amiibo Festival attempts to be like a serene stroll through an Animal Crossing village, to mostly positive results. Fully embracing the world of Animal Crossing,Amiibo Festival is a disarming and endearing game that is stuffed with fun ideas but struggles with pacing and its Amiibo integration.”

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Price: Standard $59.99 | Special Edition $89.99

From our preview:

“It’s 2054 and humanity is in shambles. Two alien races are warring against one another near Earth, forcing the world’s leaders to make the decision to abandon the planet and escape on enormous ships into space. Xenoblade Chronicles X follows the exploits of the lone surviving ship from Earth as it crashes onto the surface of the planet Mira, where humanity attempts to rebuild from its makeshift home dubbed New Los Angeles and fight off the alien pursuers still nipping at their heels. Mira is filled with numerous other alien races to meet and live with, as well as enormous beasts to do battle with. The fate of humanity rests in players’ hands as they find the best way to survive in this exciting new world.”

Do you have any game recommendations for Wii U this holiday? Sound off in the comments!

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