Banjo-Kazooie Screen

Banjo-Kazooie Soundtrack Now Available For Download

News by Marc Deschamps, posted on 10/06/2014 16:30 Leave a Comment

Name your price and every track is yours!

Donkey and Diddy

Donkey Kong Land Coming to 3DS Virtual Console in Japan

News by Jake Shapiro, posted on 03/27/2014 17:00 5 comments

Does this mean we’ll get to see more Rare games on the Virtual Console in the future?

Banjo-Kazooie Screen

The Mystery of Stop ‘N’ Swop

Features by Robert Marrujo, posted on 11/15/2013 12:00 2 comments

Not many scrapped features can claim to have a cult following!

Retro Scope: Diddy Kong Racing

Retro Scope by Anthony Vigna, posted on 11/14/2013 12:00 2 comments

Go bananas in Rare’s innovative kart racer on N64!

Track of the Week: Aquatic Ambiance (Donkey Kong Country)

Track of the Week by Marc Deschamps, posted on 11/10/2013 12:00 3 comments

Hop a ride on Enguarde and start swimming for this week’s track!

Retro Scope: Perfect Dark

Retro Scope by Bradly Halestorm, posted on 11/22/2012 10:00 4 comments

Perfection personified.

Donkey Kong Square Roots masthead

Square Roots: Donkey Kong Country

Square Roots by Luke Brown, posted on 08/23/2012 10:00 2 comments

A game that will truly drive you bananas.

Shoot to Kill: GoldenEye 007 Vs. Perfect Dark

Editorials by Nintendojo Staff, posted on 06/21/2012 14:00 3 comments

Which N64 FPS will be the one to rule them all?

Interview: David Wise

Interviews by Lewis Hampson, posted on 08/26/2011 14:00 2 comments

Nintendojo interviews video game music legend David Wise.

Defending Dinosaur Planet

Editorials by Kevin Knezevic, posted on 08/05/2011 15:00 6 comments

Star Fox Adventures may not be perfect but there’s plenty to love.

Diddy > Donkey

Editorials by Smith Stuart, posted on 06/24/2011 18:00 2 comments

Smith investigates why the second banana is so much more appealing.

Nightly News Roundup

Nightly News Roundup: 2011.04.28

Roundups by Smith Stuart, posted on 04/28/2011 18:11 4 comments

Iwata pushes buttons, Mario gets ripped, and a bear-y big rumor begins to surface.

TimeSplitters 2 Screenshot

Meet the Meat Sims

Specials by Andy Hoover, posted on 12/15/2010 12:00 Leave a Comment

Why play fake board games or with fake musical instruments when you can blast away at gaming’s best bullet receptacles?

Issue 24: Rumble in the Jungle

Issue 24: Rumble in the Jungle

Games, Specials by M. Noah Ward, posted on 11/16/2010 23:00 Leave a Comment

We have a true Donkey Kong game coming out next week, and it feels a little strange. Plus this week’s table of contents.

Red Steel 2 Artwork

Poll: Your Favorite FPS Franchise

Polls by M. Noah Ward, posted on 11/10/2010 16:00 3 comments

Military, sci-fi, Old West samurai…? Tell us what your favorite FPS franchise is.

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