Tron Evolution: Battle Grids Review

Greetings, Programs!

By Aaron Roberts. Posted 02/07/2011 15:30 Comment on this     ShareThis
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All right, little ISO, listen up:  It’s time to talk about the Grid.  You know you’ll be heading out to the fields of glory soon enough, and you’ll need to be ready in order to take on the competition.

Don’t worry, these games aren’t as lethal as they used to be back when Tron was a kid.  They’re just for fun now, and there’s practically a one hundred-percent chance that you’ll survive them.  “Derezz” is just a term we use to say that you’re eliminated.  Chances are you’ll be right back into the game almost immediately.

And there are a lot of games to play.  After you’ve finished customizing your look– face, hair, eyes, and outfit, it’s time to get to work.  If you want to customize your gear or equipment further, you can use those Bits you find lying around the place to buy new stuff, too.

Now, you might run into some friends you recognize, like Quorra, Zuse, or Tron himself, but don’t get too excited; this isn’t some hero’s quest or something.  The only mission you have is to win games!  You’ll recognize these, too, like Grid Tanks, where you have to bounce shots off the wall or fire mortars to hit your opponents’ tanks, or the Light Cycles, where you need to derezz opponents by forcing them to slam into your light trails.  Hyper Ball lets you knock out an opponent’s flooring, and there is also Light Runners, which is a lot like Light Cycles, only with all-terrain vehicles and weapons.  Of course, you can always have a good old-fashioned Disk Battle if you want, too.

What’s surprising about the different sports is how each one has a few different modes, meaning you don’t have to play the same exact competition twice in a row.  Most of them have three or more different variants, so you’d better sharpen up your skills.

It’s not just the games, though.  You’ll be exploring areas throughout the System between grid games, and there’s hidden stuff to find, extra opponents to challenge, and mini-quests to discover and complete as you go– that’s how you’ll get to challenge your famous friends like Tron on the grid.  Most games can be played with either one or two hands, depending on how “hands-on” you want to get, but I think you’ll find that different games work better with just a Wii Remote and some work better with your Nunchuk.

Up to three of your friends can join in on the action, too, playing some crazy grid battles, choosing yourself or one of your Program friends.  The System even saves your records so you can review them later!

So, young ISO, even though you’re not going on a grand quest or some kind of secret mission, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun around the Grid.  If you think about it, that’s what our world was all about in the beginning– playing games on the Grid and making the users happy.  So, get out there and win some games!

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