Accessory Review: tomtoc Switch Lite Slim Case + Grip Case

Protect your Switch Lite with this stylish case and grip.

By Robert Marrujo. Posted 04/11/2020 17:39 Comment on this     ShareThis
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Great minimalist aesthetic; fun, matching colors; quality build; works with the Grip Case
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Muted presentation might not appeal to those who want characters or fun patterns on their cases

Tomtoc is known for its variety of tech-focused protective cases, shells, and grips. The company’s wares are notable for their distinct hardshell form factors as well as sleek, minimalist design. This aesthetic has carried over to Tomtoc’s new Nintendo Switch Lite Slim Case and Grip Case. Both are stylish, chic options for discerning Switch Lite owners who want their protective gear to be more on the fashionable side. While each accessory can be bought separately, the pair is made to work in tandem, which we’ll explain down below.

Let’s break down each case separately, and then in the end an individual score will be provided for both. The grade for the Slim Case is in the sidebar of this review, while the grade for the Grip Case is listed towards the bottom. Hopefully, this will help everyone better decide which peripheral (or maybe both) will suit their needs best. Without further ado, here’s the verdict for each:

Tomtoc Switch Lite Slim Case

The Slim Case is notable for its claim of offering “military level protection.” This is thanks to the rugged outer shell of the case which is quite rigid. The interior is lined with fleece and there are indentations for the analogue sticks, D-pad, and face buttons. These concave slots ensure that no extending component on a Switch Lite is ever under any significant stress while being house within the Slim Case. The fit for a Switch Lite within the Slim Case is so precise that there’s no adjustment required to get everything lined up. Just plop the console into the case and its ready to be zipped shut.

Speaking of zippers, Tomtoc uses ones from the company YKK. YKK claims to put its zippers through a number of rigorous quality control checks, as well as uses high quality materials to provide a quality build. Coupled with Tomtoc’s exceptional case build, the YKK zipper feels sturdy and smooth. Indeed, everything about the Slim Case comes across as luxurious. The heather gray exterior of the unit I was given for review wouldn’t look out of place on a conference table, but for those wanting a pop of color note that it also comes in shades of turqois and yellow to compliment the three stock Switch Lite variants.

With slots for eight games, the Slim Case is perfect for gaming on the go. If Switch Lite is not a user’s primary Switch, extra cartridge space will be a must in order to play as many games as possible without worrying about being near WiFi (see our review for more on that). Throw in a very well made wrist strap and the Slim Case is one of the best on the market. It loves up to its namesake by being economical with how much space it occupies in a bag, the design is chic and sumptuous, and most importantly it keeps a Switch Lite safe from dings and scratches with ease.

Grade:  See sidebar

Tomtoc Grip Case Combo Pack

The Tomtoc Grip Case Combo Pack comes with the nominal Grip Case as well as a glass screen protector. The screen protector is the more pedestrian offering here, but there’s not much more to be asked for beyond 9H hardness and anti-scratch resistance. The glass is nice and slick, and doesn’t interfere with the capacity of the touch screen itself. It’s also perfectly clear, so no worries about seeing what’s happening on-screen.

The Grip Case, however, is where I had some issues. Its ergonomic design is great for long play sessions. Adding some extra real estate to the outer shell of a Switch Lite will be a plus for users with large hands, especially. Unfortunately, there are two problems that crept up while I was using the Grip Case. The first I’m going to call a “me” issue in that I couldn’t quite figure out how to get the thing off! Once the grip Case was on, there was no obvious (in my mind) way to remove it. Its deathgrip on my Switch Lite had me worried I was going to break the console and not the case.

Which is a testament to how sturdy the Grip Case is. There was no give to the plastic, and honestly while the shell was wrapped around my Switch Lite I felt quite secure in the notion that no harm would come to the device. Unless, that is, I dropped my Switch Lite on its face. Oddly, only the back of the unit is protected by the grip case, while the face remains entirely exposed. Sure, the screen protector is there for the glass, but the face is completely out in the open. If the whole of a Switch Lite was covered by the Grip Case, I think it would ultimately prove an even better option.

Grade: B+

1up  Mushroom for… Sturdy plastic; ergonomic design makes it easy to hold for long play sessions and easier to hold for people with larger hands

Poison Mushroom for… It can be very hard to take off and there’s no protection for the front of a Switch Lite

Final Thoughts

For those who buy both the Grip Case and Slim Case together, there’s a very cool bonus in that the latter is designed to house a Switch Lite that’s ensconced in the former. The Slim Case has grooves in the bottom meant to allow a Switch Lite in a Grip Case to slip right in. It’s an awesome bit of foresight from Tomtoc’s designers. Overall, both of these accessories are perfect for Switch Lite owners hoping to keep their new console from harm. At the end of the day I preferred the Slim Case for its gorgeous look and sturdy build, but the Grip Case is nonetheless a sound alternative/compliment— especially for those who can figure out how to remove it safely!

Nintendojo was provided a sample of this product for review by a third party, though that does not affect our recommendation. For every review, Nintendojo uses a standard criteria.

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