Nightly News Roundup: 2011.04.26

Japan gets 3DS celebrity Miis, thieves leave behind the Wii, and some excerpts from Nintendo Life’s Monster Tale interview.

By Nicolas Vestre. Posted 04/26/2011 20:00 Comment on this     ShareThis

Nightly News Roundup

Japan 3DS Owners Get Chance to Receive Celebrity Miis

An interesting promotion exists for Japanese folk that coincides with what is known as Golden Week. Throughout this time of holidays (actually, this promotion spans April 27-May 8), Nintendo has teamed up with Yoshimoto to bring celebrity Miis to the Japanese masses. Nintendo representatives will prowl around town, and if you bring your 3DS with you, the StreetPass functionality will activate and a celebrity Mii will appear on your 3DS.

Nintendo staff members will not be wearing anything to identify themselves nor stand in a special area, but Nintendo has given a list of the stations where they will be seen. The amount of time they will stay there is considerable, ranging from 7:30 to 21:00.

Nintendo Celebrity 3DS Promotion

This would be an interesting promotion to see implemented in North America or other continents. Would American (or European or Australian) 3DS owners be more inclined to take their handheld with them if it meant scoring one of the hottest celebrities in Mii form? Feel free to leave a comment.

Source: andriasang

Everything Gets Stolen But the Wii

Poor Mike Fahey returned to his apartment after a pleasant afternoon with his fiancée, only to find his place ransacked– any electronic lover’s nightmare.

Interestingly, his Xbox 360 and PS3 were nicked, as well as almost everything from his entertainment center. The thieves took two 21-inch monitors used for work, his iPhone 4, the 42-inch Westinghouse television and his fiancée’s laptop. Gone were Mortal Kombat for the Xbox 360 and DC Universe Online in the PS3. These crooks even checked an empty iPad box, just in case. Thankfully, Fahey’s 3DS, iPad and Netbook were in the bathroom and remained undetected.

But the one thing the bandits purposefully left, just sitting there, was a little white Wii. The consensus is that it simply wasn’t worth taking. This might prove that the time is nigh for Wii’s successor to release, which will definitely be worth stealing.

Source: Kotaku

DreamRift’s Peter Ong Interviewed About Monster Tale

Monster Tale released last March to critical acclaim. The use of the two screens was innovative and worked excellently, whereas the gameplay borrowed from some excellent games while doing new and daring things on its own. Nintendo Life scored an interview with Monster Tale director Peter Ong. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

One of our goals was to use the two screens on the DS in a unique manner. We felt that the use of the dual-screen feature of the DS was still largely neglected and under-explored… We wanted to explore what it’s like when two radically different genres exist on each screen, while attempting to integrate gameplay between the screens together in a way we hadn’t seen before.”

“Instead of having two different games that you switch between, we asked ourselves what it would be like to have a character that could move seamlessly between two different screens/games without interrupting the flow of action on either. This ended up being the pet character, Chomp.”

One of the main challenges I faced was to avoid the same solutions to various issues that Hatsworth had. Although one might assume that having prior experience on a related game can make things easier, at times it was as though we were competing with ourselves. There were good reasons why we decided to do things a certain way in Hatsworth, but for the sake of differentiation, we had to rack our brains for ideas that were equal or better than what we came up with before.”

We would have liked to have more of everything in Monster Tale: bosses, mini bosses, enemies Chomp/Ellie moves, etc. There’s so much that can be done with a sequel!”

Our next game, which we are very excited about, will be on the Nintendo 3DS. The continued support of our fans will largely determine the quality and uniqueness of that game.”

We definitely look forward to DreamRift’s 3DS game; if it’s anything like Henry Hatsworth or Monster Tale, we’ll love it. We can’t wait. Hopefully you can’t either.

Source: Nintendo Life

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