Nightly News Roundup: 2010.10.11

Miyamoto embarrassed of Super Mario Bros.’ graphics, Nintendo reveals limited red Wii and DSi XL bundles for Europe and the reason behind Famicom’s red color.

By Francisco Naranjo. Posted 10/11/2010 22:00 2 Comments     ShareThis

Nintendo’s Famicom Was Red Thanks to Cheap Plastic

Nintendo’s Famicom (the original, Japanese version of the NES) was a phenomenon in Japan, where it stopped being produced nearly two decades after its original release. The emblematic colors of the 8-bit console were white, gold and red. But not just any red, it was azuki red. According to Hiroshi Yamauchi, the azuki red plastic was cheaper than other colors, so they decided to use it for the console. ┬áIt was also mentioned that the second Famicom controller lacked start and select buttons to reduce costs as well. That’s especially weird considering said controller had a built-in microphone in Japan.

Source: Kotaku

Miyamoto Dislikes How Super Mario Bros. Looks on Today’s TVs

Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario Bros., has admitted he doesn’t like how the game looks on modern TVs. He says the game’s graphical blemishes are more evident in sharper screens, which is kind of… really obvious.

“When I see this [Super Mario Bros.] so clearly, it’s a little embarrassing. Back then, with tube televisions, it was a little blurrier and the images weren’t quite so sharp. The places where we tried to fudge it a bit really stand out! Whenever we work on the re-release of an old game and I feel like something isn’t right, I’ll ask someone, “It wasn’t like this, was it?” but most of the time they tell me, “Yeah, it was like that.” I think that if I were making that game today, I would fix it, but in a way those rough places are a part of the game and even well-received.”

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

Red Wii and DSi XL confirmed for Europe

Celebrating 25 years of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo is releasing two limited red bundles for Europe. A red Wii including a Wii Remote Plus, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Sports and the original version of Donkey Kong; and a red Nintendo DSi XL with New Super Mario Bros. Hopefully it’ll get confirmed for America soon! (These consoles are not red thanks to cheaper plastics, so far as we know ;) — Editor)

Source: GoNintendo

2 Responses to “Nightly News Roundup: 2010.10.11”

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    xeacons says...

    An artist is always more critical of his work than anybody else (at least true artists). How would Da Vinci bash the Mona Lisa if he was alive today? He would point out all the little blemishes and scuffs. Critics and connoisseurs would say “No, it’s a masterpiece!” but Leonardo would just say, “I wish I had done a better job.”

    Now, that’s how Shiggy feels.

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    adv2k169 says...

    maybe they should remake the games with HD graphics and music with toyko philharmonic , instead of just accept the games as is.

    I bet Super Mario Brothers could work in 720 p on the Wii. SOme PS2 and Xbox games could be played in HD, and HD can be shown via component cables. The wii can’t do Super Mario Galaxy 2 in HD because it doesn’t have enough power, but redoing Super Mario Brothers 1 in HD is possible

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