Nintendo Download Highlights: 07.27.2017

Hey! Pikmin! Miitopia! New 2DS XL! Much more!

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Now this is a release week! A ton of titles have dropped on virtually every contemporary Nintendo platform, along with a hardware revision, so let’s get right to it.


New 2DS XL – $149.99 — For fans of New (and non-New!) 3DS XL’s larger form factor and 2DS’s more durable build and non-3D upper screen, New 2DS XL is the perfect melding of worlds. It clocks in a whole 50 bucks cheaper than New 3DS XL (which retails at $199.99), making it an excellent option for those who want all of that premium handheld’s features minus glasses-free 3D and a more rugged, durable build.

Switch eShop

ACA NeoGeo Super Sidekicks – $7.99 — An arcade soccer title known for its engaging gameplay and gorgeous pixel art.

Infinite Minigolf – $14.99 — Create minigolf stages that can be shared cross-platform! It’s finally come to Switch after dropping on PlayStation 4 and Steam, so there should be plenty of player-made courses to enjoy at launch.

Overcooked Special Edition – $19.99 — Another title that’s been embraced on other systems, Overcooked Special Edition is all about cooking at a snappy pace while zipping around the kitchen avoiding obstacles. It’s good fun with a friend and comes with all of the title’s current stable of DLC packs included.

Namco Museum – $29.99 – Free—Retro fans rejoice, as now the ACA series has some very old-school company in the form of Namco Museum. There are eleven games to fool around with, including a couple that even allow you to play by orienting the Switch vertically. Keep in mind that in order to play Pac Man VS., two Switch systems are required!

3DS eShop

Kid Tripp – $3.99 — This title debuted on iOS a few years back and was very, very fun. It’s made the transition from mobile to 3DS swimmingly, bringing with it autorunner platforming and even smoother, 3D-enhanced visuals.

3DS Retail & Digital

Hey! Pikmin – $39.99 — The Pikmin formula has transitioned from the third dimension to the second, fusing platforming gameplay with Pikmin-flinging and puzzle solving. A new Pikmin Amiibo has also dropped along with the game, which when scanned will bring in backup Pikmin for assistance.

Miitopia – $39.99 — A fascinating mix of Tomodachi Collection and an RPG, the gameplay is both addicting and very accessible. It stands to be a delightful romp with Mii characters and lite RPG elements; we’ll have a review of both up very soon.

Wii U eShop

Note, these are three Virtual Console titles that have hit the Wii U this week. Each of them hails from TurboGrafix-16’s catalogue of games.

Air Zonk – $5.99 — A shoot ’em up with a cutesy aesthetic. It’s refreshing amongst some of the “samey” shooters of the era and even contemporary ones.

Victory Run – $5.99 — This one is a racing title cut from the same cloth as games like Out Run. An arcade racer of the kind that no one really makes anymore!

Ninja Spirit – $5.99 — Don’t call it a Ninja Gaiden clone; Ninja Spirit follows the exploits of the ninja Moonlight as he attempts to avenge the death of his father. Precision 2D-gameplay and excellent visuals put this one over the top.

My Nintendo Rewards

We don’t tend to highlight the offerings available from My Nintendo, Nintendo’s digital rewards program, but this week there are a few items relating to the Swapdoodle app that it would be a shame if anyone missed. Swapdoodle, for the uninitiated, is a drawing application available on the 3DS and 2DS family of systems.

Swapdoodle DLC – Stationary Set A – 200 Platinum Points—Simple design, music notes, and blue sky landscape stationary.

Swapdoodle DLC – Stationary Set B – 200 Platinum Points—Simple design, air mail, and cute smiling characters stationary.

The above sets are only obtainable via My Nintendo. They and the sets below are available until 10.31.17 at midnight.

Swapdoodle DLC – Splatoon Inkopolis – 30 Gold Points—12 drawing lessons, two stationary designs, five colored pens, and one premium in-game pen.

Swapdoodle DLC – Animal Crossing Basic Lessons – 30 Gold Points—13 drawing lessons, two stationary designs, five colored pens, and one premium in-game pen.

Swapdoodle DLC – Prehistoric Life – 30 Gold Points—15 drawing lessons, two stationary designs, five colored pens, and one premium in-game pen.

Swapdoodle DLC – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – 30 Gold points—11 drawing lessons, two stationary designs, five colored pens, and one premium in-game pen.

Swapdoodle DLC – Mario Kart 8 – 30 Gold Points—14 drawing lessons, two stationary designs, five colored pens, and one premium in-game pen.

Swapdoodle DLC – Nikki’s Simply Adorable Animals – 30 Gold Points—27 drawing lessons.

Swapdoodle DLC – Super Mario Basic Lessons – 30 Gold Points—Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, and more character drawing lessons.

Swapdoodle DLC – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – 30 Gold Points—Toon Link and others drawing lessons.

Click here for all of this week’s sales!

Preview For 08.03.17

Another ACA title is coming to Switch players next week in the form of Aero Fighter 2. An arcade shooter, this game offers a unique spin on the tried and true formula by offering real-world ships with zany pilots! The game was developed by Video System and scrolls vertically. It’s a beloved game and one definitely worth keeping an eye on.

That is a metric ton of games and information to absorb, but it’s a nice problem to have. What of the many things on offer this week will you be picking up? Tell us in the comments!

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