Watch With Us: Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017

Join us tonight as Nintendo unveils Switch’s pricing, launch details, and more!

By Nintendojo Staff. Posted 01/12/2017 17:00 5 Comments     ShareThis

In just a few short hours, Nintendo will be kicking off its hotly anticipated Switch live stream presentation, which promises to shed more light on the company’s unorthodox new handheld/home console hybrid. Join us here at 11 PM EST/8 PM PST to watch all of the exciting reveals as they unfold!

5 Responses to “Watch With Us: Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017”

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    penduin says...

    The good:
    – Xenoblade 2! I didn’t dare to dream.
    – Mario Odyssey! Much more creative than I expected.
    – Snipperclips! Brilliant and adorable.
    – Zelda at launch. Duh, but also hooray.
    The bad:
    – Paid online. Farewell, all interest in Splatoon 2.
    – Paid online. Damn, Smash and Kart are less enticing.
    – Paid online. Feature theft after Wii (U), (3)DS.
    The ugly:
    – Wii Minigames Strike Again. And again. And again.
    – Zero mention of virtual console
    – Wii U fans: thanks for keeping us in business, but now buy everything again.

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    OG75 says...

    Not surprised to see Nintendo’s stock taking a beating after last night.

    How would Wii Sports have sold had it not been a pack-in with the Wii? Better yet, what kind of cultural impact would it have had? The reason I ask: After dropping over $400 on this thing (Switch Console, Zelda, Pro-Controller), I’m not going to pay for “1,2 Switch.” Is this game not a “pack in”?

    Penduin, I love your easy to read breakdown of good, bad, and ugly. I especially agree with the “ugly” column. I do feel upbeat about some things, but as I usually do after these kind of events, I’m mad at myself for having expected too much.

    No Luigi’s Mansion, No Retro project reveal, No Pokemon Stars, No Virtual Console, No “accessories” reveal or surprise functioning (although the Joy-Cons are cool.), No Metroid. No mention of Mother 3. No real surprises that I’m personally interested in. Not excited for Wii U upgrades or virtual boxing games. I don’t want to sound entitled. I just feel like I’m a longtime Nintendo fan (since getting Donkey Kong as a pack-in with my Coleco Vision) who truly wasn’t convinced that I MUST buy a Switch at launch. I will just because I want the best possible version of Zelda, but I’m not hyped up for Switch right now. Nor am I optimistic about Nintendo’s prospects for success with this console.

    Instead, I feel deja’vu. Buy the console and play a Nintendo exclusive for a month, then wait until “Holiday 2017” when the incredible looking Mario Odyssey will be delayed to Quarter 1, 2018.

    I bought the definitive version of Skyrim for my PS4 last year, and it had already dropped to $29.99 before Christmas.

    The presentation just didn’t get me excited for Switch. I’m right there with you about Xenoblade 2, however unless they’ve announced something I didn’t see, we won’t be playing that until 2019.

    I do love Nintendo, and I know I’ll love my Switch, but I’m worried. Large gaming droughts, 3rd party exodus, and more pressure from shareholders to go “software only” on the horizon?

    There’s a lot riding on Zelda. Maybe too much. Sorry to ramble! I would love for someone to convince me to be more optimistic about this. I’m open to it! What am I missing?

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    geoffrey says...

    I’m not worried about the no VC yet. The presentation was all about a new system with new games. The only recycled thing that was at all focused on was Skyrim, but I’ll give that a pass since that franchise acknowledging Nintendo exists is a big deal, even if it is an old game. Not really the time to put any focus on old old old games. Not saying VC isn’t/shouldn’t be important; then just wasn’t the time to talk about it.

    Agreed on 1, 2, Switch. I expect the sales of that to be downright miserable unless it’s like a $10-$15 download (which I don’t expect it to be).

    Interesting move to make the online be paid. I’ll be curious to see if it’s a full on lock out if you don’t pay (like what M$ was doing there), or more akin to Sony where you can still do literally everything except for multiplayer games. I fear it will quickly become a cycle of nobody is online because nobody is paying for it because nobody is online. If it weren’t for Splatoon 2, I wouldn’t even consider paying for it. I’m really hoping it’s no more than $3-5 a month, but time will tell.

    The biggest excitement killer for me was the prices. Maybe it was a lost in translation thing, but don’t be saying “$299 in North America” and then have it be $400 in Canada. That number isn’t far off given the conversion rate right now, but it’s kind of a carpet-out-from-under-you moment, as well as being dangerous to have your console be more expensive than everything on the market other than the PS4 Pro and yet in (an estimated) fifth place in terms of power (if you count both Xbones and PS4s). And that doesn’t even start to worry about bonus accessories – the price of the Joycons is painfully high, the price of an extra dock is downright criminal, and unless the pro controller has the IR in the top too (which it may, although I haven’t seen it yet), it’s stupidly expensive as well as arguably unnecessary.

    I will get one, eventually. Probably not prior to the Spring window games – hnnnngh Disgaea 5. I am still excited for it, but not as much as I wish I were.

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    OG75 says...

    Geoffry, You’re absolutely correct about the presence of Skyrim at the presentation. I should look at it as largely symbolic. And yes, it is great in the grand scheme of things to have Bethesda acknowledging Switch. I truly hope sales are strong enough on the Switch to garner further support down the road.

    And that “carpet-ut-from-under-you” on price just stinks for you and all our Canadian friends up North. Not cool.

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    Toadlord says...

    I sat before the presentation with a credit card by my side ready to preorder this console. Now I can’t see myself getting one very soon.

    After the lack of Wii U games in 2016, I expected much better. Where’s Retro’s project? Is Pikmin 4 even a game, or just that platformer for 3DS? Where is Mother 3? Metroid? Actual release dates?

    I’ll pick up BOTW on Wii U and reassess the upcoming games after E3.

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