My Baten Kaitos Interquel

An outline of unreleased fanfiction.

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Baten Kaitos - Artwork - Kalas

Part 2: The Fall

Chapter 7 – Hasseleh: Hasseleh drops through the Taintclouds. Milly and Sagi, choking, instinctively peel off their masks. As it descends below the clouds, however, it begins to slow; Lolo has managed to reinforce the island enough to soften its fall. The island lands on the surface of the land, the place known as Duhr.

Chapter 8 – Fallen Hasseleh: Although damaged from the fall, many of Hasseleh’s inhabitants have survived the fall. They are, however, stranded; Sagi’s ship has been destroyed beyond repair. They are trapped. Just as significantly, Sagi realizes that he is no longer sick, nor is Milly. Marno explains that when Sagi inhaled the Taintclouds, some of Malpercio’s power flowed into Marno and he was able to channel it to destroy the plague inside both of their bodies.

Chapter 9 – The Colliseum: Back above the clouds, the daily activities of the Colliseum – the arena where humans can battle monsters – are in full swing. One of the monsters is the black dragon, a powerful ancient beast that was recreated using a fragment brought in by Sagi two year before. Much to the surprise of its trainers, the black dragon breaks free of its restraints, laying waste to the Colliseum before flying away, down through the Taintclouds.

Chapter 10 – Duhr: Sagi and Milly, accompanied by Lolo, decide to head west in hopes of finding the Children of the Earth, the inhabitants of Duhr. Sagi’s hope is that they can get help to return to the skies above. The three travel for several weeks, across the barren landscape, over mountain range, and through a labyrinth, before finally reaching Gemma Village. There they make contact with the Great Kamroh, who informs them that, while they appreciated their help in the past, they are unable help them now. However, Milly’s bag begins to glow strangely. She reaches inside and pulls out Guillo’s head, which reacts to a nearby door. The door unseals.

Chapter 11 – Seginus: Inside the door, Sagi, Milly, and Lolo come face-to-face with the still body of Seginus, an old puppet just like Guillo. The three are pulled inside Seginus’s consciousness and do battle with the memories there. Sagi and his friends are victorius, and when they emerge from Seginus’s body Seginus is now moving … although it is not Seginus. It is Guillo, transplanted into Seginus’s body.

Chapter 12 – Duhr: Disappointed at the fact that the Children of the Earth would not help them but glad to have Guillo back, the four — Sagi, Milly, Guillo, and Lolo — begin the long trek back to Fallen Hasseleh and the city of Sheratan. They return weeks later to a city nearly empty; a few survivors inform them that a massive black dragon has been attacking Hasseleh, carrying them off to the northwest. Gena and her orphans are among the missing.

A short time later the black dragon reappears; Sagi and his friends fight it and drive it off. Marno tells Sagi that it looked and felt just like the ancient dragon they faced when they traveled back in time to a thousand years before. Guillo also points out that it bore a mark from the Colliseum.

Part 3: The Darkness

Chapter 13 – The Dragon’s Trail: Sagi and his friends set off to the northwest on the trail of the dragon’s flight. They travel for days. Eventually they reach rubble that they realize is all too familiar: the crashed remains of a mechanical island fortress that had once sought to dominate the sky: Terazed.

Chapter 14 – Fallen Terazed: Sagi and the others enter the ruins of Terazed. They make their way through the ruins until they reach the place where they find the kindnapped. Marno senses a powerful force and presently they find themselves face-to-face with the black dragon … and a powerful, floating force that the group quickly recognizes as an ancient evil they have faced before: Wiseman. Sagi, Milly, and Guillo do battle with both the dragon and with Wiseman, defeating them. The dragon dies but Wiseman does not. Wiseman boasts that he cannot be killed and shall return, his shining form flying away.

Chapter 15 – Return from Tarazed: Sagi and his friends return the survivors, including Gena, back to Fallen Hasseleh. There they decide that they must defeat Wiseman once and for all. Milly cries and points out that their daughter, Melodia, is back up above and is an orphan, if she is even still alive. Marno tells Sagi that he believes Melodia has survived the plague. (As Sagi’s daughter, Melodia has a very small part of Marno in her.) Marno adds that one of the other parts of Malpercio, a part known as Ven, has saved Melodia and will look after her.

Milly asks Lolo if there is a way to escape back to the clouds. Lolo says that she hasn’t found anything yet on the surface that could help them. Sagi then tells Milly that they will have to trust Ven to protect their daughter, but for now they must survive and find a way to vanquish Wiseman once and for all.

Chapter 16 – Duhr: Leaving Guillo and Lolo to guard Hasseleh, Sagi and Milly set off in search of a way to defeat Wiseman. They return to Gemma Village, where the Great Kamroh says that their best hope is a fabled library to the far, far west, at the Ends of the Earth, which may have records from as far back as a thousand years. He warns, though, that it will take a long time to get there and is marked by many fierce monsters, which is why none of his people have ever tried to venture there.

Chapter 17 – Ends of the Earth: After a long trek to the far west, they Sagi and Milly reach the Ends of the Earth, where they are able to reach the ancient library. In the process they discover writings about Wiseman. They learn that Wiseman is an ancient being that was born with the magical power to absorb life around him. Over time he grew ever more powerful and, in turn, became ever more greedy with his power. The writer of Wiseman’s account was not certain how to defeat Wiseman, but speculates that a special device called an End Magnus might be able to do so.

Chapter 18 – The Search for Wiseman: Over the next few years, Sagi and his friends track and fight Wiseman repeatedly, defeating but never destroying him. However, Lolo and Guillo, working together with the Children of the Earth, are finally able to construct a special magnus much like the End Magnus. Fighting Wiseman in battle, they are able to trap Wiseman in the magnus … just as Wiseman once trapped the essences of others. Wiseman’s cycle of restoration is finally over.

Epilogue – The End of Darkness: It has been over nine years since Hasseleh fell from the sky. Sagi, Milly and the others, all now older, have carved out a life in Old Hasseleh, surviving and working to find a way back up to the sky. After several failed attempts by Lolo, she at last is nearing a solution. Unexpectedly, the sky begins to clear and the islands above begin to drop slowly to the ground.

Marno informs Sagi that Malpercio has finally been defeated, once and for all, and that Marno and his friends can now finally rest. Sagi asks Marno if he is leaving Sagi; Marno said he must; as the last trace of Malpercio, he must depart so that the evil god can no longer threaten the world. Sagi tearfully bids goodbye to Marno, who separates from Sagi and disappears into the hereafter.

All of the islands are now settled on the ground. While walking, Sagi and the others crest a hill, and off in the distance they hear a shout: an old friend named Gibari, who recognizes them from many years ago. With Gibari are others that Sagi and Milly don’t recognize … but also one teenage girl who looks much like Milly did at that age. Milly knows it must be Melodia. Milly is fearful, worried about how Melodia will feel about them being gone so long. Sagi replies that Marno has already taught him a great deal about forgiveness, and that they must ask the same of Melodia. Hand in hand, Sagi and Milly descend the hill toward their long-separated daughter.

The End.

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    OG75 says...

    Every once in a while I’m reminded why I’ve been coming back to Nintendojo since the late 90’s.

    This is one of those times.

    Amazing. Thanks so much for sharing Mr. Johnston.

    I own both of these games but confess to never having completed them. They just moved up a few spaces on my backlog.

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