Round Table: Hopes and Predictions for the Nintendo Switch Presentation

The staff wax prophetic on tonight’s anticipated reveal.

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After whetting our appetites with a tantalizingly brief trailer last October, Nintendo will finally be pulling back the curtain in earnest on the anticipated Nintendo Switch. The Big N is expected to reveal the full details on the home console/handheld hybrid during tonight’s broadcast (which will begin at 11 PM EST and will be streamed directly from Tokyo), including its pricing, launch lineup, and a wealth of other information we can only guess at. What do the staff expect to see during tonight’s presentation? Read on for their hopes and predictions for the big reveal!

Jon Stevens

We all know that we will be getting an in depth look at the system and its features tonight, so I’m going to try and give a few specific predictions for the event:

1. Nintendo will announce some form of Wii U loyalty benefits for existing Wii U owners who buy a Switch. This could be in the form of Wii U Virtual Console games carrying over, upgraded Wii U games on Switch that are free/discounted, or something similar to the Ambassador program for Nintendo 3DS.

2. We will get to see more of Breath of the Wild (especially through the Treehouse presentation). This will include details on the added Switch functionality, but Nintendo will be cautious about describing it as a better version of the Wii U game for fear of alienating Wii U owners.

3. Nintendo will show off several third-party games coming to the system that have already been released elsewhere, but the added portability will be a cool new feature for them. In addition to games that focus solely on the “switch” aspect of the console though, I also expect that we will see games that make use of the home console/handheld concept in more interesting ways. For example, new features and gameplay mechanics that vary depending on how you are playing.

Wildcard: I predict that Nintendo will show off a VR headset accessory for the Switch which will be included with the console at launch. We’ve seen a patent for it, and if Nintendo actually wants to see ongoing support for VR content on the system (whatever form that takes) then it needs to make sure that it doesn’t segment the market by releasing it as an optional add on.

Andy Hoover

With all the rumors being thrown about, and how surprisingly accurate the industry rumor mill has been recently, it’s proving quite hard to make predictions without sounding repetitive. A $250 launch price seems to be the sweet spot, and the latest rumblings suggest that’s true. The Rabbids/Mario RPG crossover has had more rumors reinforce it. Even processing power rumors fell in line with what I was expecting.

That being said, I’ll step up on a few things. First and foremost, alongside more Breath of the Wild info, the revelation of a new Mario, and updated Wii U ports (most likely Splatoon and Mario Kart 8), we’ll also see at least one trailer confirming new entries in other franchises. Given how long since we’ve had a proper entry, my money would be on Metroid, though a part of me definitely is hoping for some F-Zero news.

Stretching into the less likely possibilities, I’m going to bring up something I’ve been thinking for a while. Most rumors suggest Switch will a rather meager amount of memory built in, but I think there’s a distinct possibility that developers will be able to use extra memory on the cartridges to store DLC and patches. Think about it, just stick a few extra gigs on the card and players will be able to download the DLC there rather than filling up the system memory.

Finally, I have what’s really more of a wish than anything else. Microsoft recently confirmed the cancellation of Platinum Game’s Scalebound for Xbox One and scrubbed it almost completely from websites, social media accounts, and just about everything that could associate the game with Microsoft; this suggests that they do not retain the IP. Now, we are all well aware that Nintendo and Platinum Games have developed a pretty strong relationship over the last few years, so I could kind of see it making sense that Nintendo would pick up the game as a Switch exclusive. I don’t necessarily expect this to come through, but I would be unbelievably pumped if it did!

Robert Marrujo

I’m in this weird position of being both excited and anxious about the presentation. I’m not going to be happy if Nintendo trots out an underpowered console this time around. I just don’t see that working, don’t see it leading to anything even remotely beneficial. I also think it would be a huge mistake to restrict players to a couple of terabytes on their hard drives for this system. Games only keep getting bigger, and if Switch offers a robust amount of downloadable titles, both contemporary and classic, fans will need all the space that they can get.

That said, I’m ridiculously stoked to see how Switch really works. If the transition from home to road play is truly that seamless… man, talk about cool. The thought of being able to take this thing on the go with me has me really excited, because that means I’ll be able to enjoy all the launch titles wherever I want instead of having to wait until I’m home. Plus, if the Switch dock is truly as cheap to buy as rumors claim, I’ll totally buy another to plug into my girlfriend’s TV!

I think Nintendo needs to push hard with this launch, and that means bringing out some great software for day one. I want a new Metroid, but if they can stuff in an HD port of Metroid Prime Trilogy, I’ll be a happy camper. I’d also enjoy hearing that Mario Kart 8 is going to get a mountain of new content, along with Smash Bros. On a purely selfish, unrealistic front, I’d say that I wish on Thursday Nintendo reveals that it’s going to be dipping into its catalogue of long-missing games like Star Fox and Yoshi’s Island for SNES, or even go really crazy and unveil that it will be localizing the Satellaview lineup of titles that people outside of Japan never got to play!

Kyle England

There is always a disconnect between what we want to see in Nintendo presentations and what we expect to see. Of course, everyone expects to see the Switch release date, pricing, and launch game lineup. We’re going to hear more about the games teased in the reveal trailer from October, so expect to see the new Mario, the new/enhanced Splatoon, and Skyrim. Aside from that, here a few specific hopes and predictions I have…

I’m really hoping for a hands-on presentation that shows exactly how the Switch will look and function in normal play. Let’s see the user interface and how the console will react when removed from the dock. Let’s see the Joy Cons removed and get a closer look. I want to know all the little details that we were not shown in the reveal. I don’t expect a reveal of the exact specs of the Switch, but Nintendo really should focus on showing off the hardware and its capabilities.

I will be surprised if Nintendo doesn’t mention the plan with digital games on Switch. Hopefully we hear about the Switch Virtual Console and a possible rewards or upgrade program. My Nintendo and how it will tie into Switch and mobile games will also be an important part of the Nintendo digital experience. Most of all, I hope Nintendo confirms once and for all that Switch will be fully account-based, and purchases will no longer be tied to hardware but to user accounts.

My last prediction is that there will be a “one more thing” at the end to tease something coming later on for Switch. Will it be Mother 3 outside of Japan? Will it be a new Metroid? New F-Zero? A Retro Studios mystery project? I hope it’ll be something cool.

Have a Merry Switchmas everyone!

Marc Deschamps

My biggest prediction for tonight’s presentation? Nintendo comes out, guns blazing. 2016 was a relatively quiet year for Nintendo. While many would label it a bad year, the company still delivered some high quality experiences, and that’s undeniable. I would argue that it was quiet though, and that leads me to believe we’re in for a very big first year for the Switch. This isn’t going to be E3 2016 where it was the all-Zelda show. While Breath of the Wild will likely get some big air time, I think we’re going to see a veritable smorgasbord of titles.

So what will we see? Splatoon will return. Mario is a definite. Not only will we find out more about the upcoming 3D platformer but that Rabbids-RPG thing seems all but confirmed, and we’ve got Mario Kart, as well. Same goes for Pok√©mon Stars or Eclipse or whatever Nintendo decides to call the third version of Sun and Moon. I think the rumors seem pretty clear at this point. I’m guessing we’ll see that by next Christmas.

And then there’s everything else! I’m thinking we’ll get a bigger tease right before the end of the presentation. Perhaps Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil reboot/sequel. There’s also the possibility of something from Retro. We haven’t seen anything from the developer in three years, so their next project should be pretty far along. We’ll likely get some Virtual Console info, with the GameCube titles getting some focus. Bold prediction? Some older games will get online features. Super Smash Bros. Melee online would be a massive move, since the game has been such a hit on the tournament circuit. While I personally believe Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is a far superior title, it would seem like a no-brainer.

Last but not least, I’m hoping to see something that really wows us all. The whole industry is watching with anticipation. It would be nice to see Nintendo impress. As Kyle mentioned, sometimes we do have to temper our expectations. After all, it’s easy to buy into hype and end up let down. But at the end of the day, I’m expecting very big things.

What are you hoping to see in tonight’s Switch presentation? Let us know in the comments!

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    OG75 says...

    Okay so between Robert’s contribution to this piece, and my comments to Kyle’s Virtual Console piece yesterday, there’s definitely some demand for some SNES Star Fox and Yoshi’s Island gaming on the Virtual Console.

    Make it happen Nintendo! :)

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