E3 Round Table: Pre-Show Wishes 2019!

Our staff is ready for the big show!

By Marc Deschamps. Posted 06/10/2019 08:00 1 Comment     ShareThis

We’re almost there. With just over 24 hours to go until Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation, it feels a bit like Christmas Eve, doesn’t it? Once again, we asked the staff to weigh in on what they hope to see under the proverbial tree tomorrow!

Marc Deschamps

To be honest, this year’s E3 feels kind of like dessert after a great dinner: I’m excited to eat it, but I’m already pretty satisfied. Between Wednesday’s Pokémon Sword and Shield Direct and the announcement of Zelda: Link’s Awakening a couple months back, there’s already so much to be excited about this year; not to mention Animal Crossing! That said, there are still some things I’d like to see.

We’ve heard rumors for months about Metroid Prime Trilogy coming to Switch. I’m hoping we see some confirmation at E3 to tide us over while Retro works on Metroid Prime 4. As exciting as it would be to play the game portable, I’m really hoping to see some compatibility with the Labo VR kit. Imagine the glory of Phendrana Drifts in VR!

Speaking of Retro, I’d really like to know what they were working on in the five years between Tropical Freeze and taking over Metroid Prime 4 back in January. Was it Star Fox Grand Prix? Is the game mostly finished? After all these years of waiting with bated breath, I just want to know!

Finally, I’m hoping we get to know at least one or two of the next DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Tell us who’s next, Nintendo!

Kyle England

C’mon Reggie! Err… Doug Bowser! Give us Mother 3!

That would really make my E3. And my whole year. I’m really hoping for announcements like this tomorrow- fan favorites from some of Nintendo’s lower key franchises. We’ve got Super Mario Maker 2, Pokémon, Zelda, and Animal Crossing already coming this year- that’s more than enough heavy hitters for the second half of 2019. Isn’t it about time we got some news about the fate of Advance Wars, Wario Land, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Chibi-Robo and F-Zero? Man, I’d love to get a follow up to Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, the most; it’s been over 12 years!

I also want to see a big overhaul of the Switch’s user interface and services. Let’s see some themes, folders, and more quality of life updates. I think there’s a pretty fair chance we get SNES games added to Nintendo Switch Online within the next year. But what about some teases for Game Boy, DS, N64, GameCube, and more? If the Virtual Console is truly dead, I want a halfway decent replacement. But to be honest I’m not too optimistic on that front.

Finally, I want to see the ports keep coming. It’s so cool that we can now play Final Fantasy VII on Nintendo Switch. Any other third parties who pass up the opportunity to add their back catalogs to Switch are seriously missing out. There’s a hungry audience out there who want it all on the platform.

But all things considered, it’s a great time to be a Nintendo fan. I’m just happy that we can all get together and be excited for E3. The future is looking bright. I’m just concerned I won’t have time to play all the good stuff. You know, it wasn’t too long ago that the most exciting game we got to see was Nintendo Land… Rest in peace Wii U. We remember you for all the good times. Happy E3, everybody!

Joshua Johnston

I think the time is right for Animal Crossing for Switch. We got a tease of it earlier this year and since the game is primed for a 2019 release, this is its moment. Given what Nintendo has done with Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, I’m holding out hope that this incarnation of Animal Crossing will be the same sort of leap forward. Will that involve online play? A bit of an MMO element? Deeper gameplay? The chance to travel to more places? No one knows, but I’ve got big hopes for this one.

I think the time is also right to start talking Metroid. In the near term, I think an HD release of Metroid Prime Trilogy ought to be in the cards, but it’s been a long time since we’ve had a release in that series and I think fans are ready. The truth is, nothing was quite like controlling the Prime games using the Wii remote, but we can hope for some cool use of Switch functionality.

Beyond that, I’d love to have third parties surprise us a little. Switch has garnered excellent support from indie developers– in my mind that’s one of the big success stories of Switch versus its predecessors– and it would be fabulous to see a few larger first parties also deliver something special. I wouldn’t mind seeing something that isn’t just a remake … but I’ll take remakes. (Skies of Arcadia Remastered, anyone?)

One more thing: it’s time for Nintendo Online to up the game. I’m as happy with all the NES titles as anyone, but let’s open up the generational walls a bit. SNES is the obvious choice, but N64 has more than a few gems, too. I’d love to see them on Switch.

Jon Stevens

Kyle and Joshua have already hit the nail on the head for me. Switch has been out for 2 years now, but we’ve still seen very few updates to the system itself and its UI- the eShop desperately needs an overhaul and I’m still waiting to see Nintendo really expand its online subscription service. I’m interested to see if the rumors of a more expensive tier of Nintendo Switch Online come to anything.

Beyond that, I’d be interested in getting another look at Fire Emblem: Three Houses ahead of its release. I’d also love to see whether the new Animal Crossing game offers enough changes to bring me back to a series that I adored at one time. I’m also expecting some killer third party announcements- maybe it’s time for a new Harvest Moon game now that the developers have been humbled by Stardew Valley?

My “never gonna happen” wish? If there is an upgraded Switch in the works, it would be great to get some first details on this.

Robert Marrujo

This is the first time in years that I’m going to E3 and don’t know what the headliner game is going to be at Nintendo’s booth. Yeah, there’s that list of what attendees will be able to play, but I’m hoping it’s just a teaser of what’s to come. Switch has been home to some really, really great games so far— indies, classics, and ports of all kinds. It’s the original titles, however, that truly shine the brightest, and that’s what I hope to see more of at E3 this year.

Considering that true first-party support of 3DS dried up a long time ago, and with Switch (for now at least) being the only Nintendo console on the market, the production of software for the system feels oddly restrained. I’m hoping that this year’s presentation pulls the curtain back on multiple projects that have been secretly simmering in the background. The long-awaited fourth Pikmin would be a welcome sight. Pikmin 3 was a delight and I can only imagine Switch would allow Nintendo to take the series to new heights.

I’m anxious for a hardware revision for Switch. I love the thing, but am I the only one who feels like it’s a bit fragile? A sturdier build would make me less reluctant every time I take the console out of my house. I play with Pro Controllers constantly, so the loss of the Joy-Con wouldn’t kill me if it meant my Switch could feel more resilient, as a result.

I guess if there’s anything that I’d like to see from the unrealistic spectrum of things, I’d love to see some EarthBound love. Star Fox really made an impression in Starlink, but I want a proper new installment without nonsense controls bolted on. I also would really enjoy something Nintendo 64-related. That system doesn’t get nearly enough love and respect from the big N.

That’s all from our staff! What are you hoping to see announced tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

One Response to “E3 Round Table: Pre-Show Wishes 2019!”

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    Toadlord says...

    This year, somewhere between my hopes and expectations lies Pikmin 4. If this game is still in development, isn’t this about the right time to show it off? Pikmin could come out at any time of year, so I feel like Spring 2020 would be perfect for it. If we don’t even get a teaser this year, I’ll be a little bummed Miyamoto even mentioned the existence of the game years ago.

    The possibility of a Retro project being shown here is also tantalizing, but I’m not ruling out those rumors of canceled projects at the studio that might mean nothing new until Metroid. I always love to get in on the hype with you guys right before the big day. Hopefully there’s something new for all of us!

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