Nintendo Heartcast 004: 2012 Predictions

Evan and Noah debate Wii U’s launch details and games, plus everything in store for 3DS and Wii this year.

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Nintendo Heartcast

Nintendo Heartcast 004: 2012 Predictions

Evan and Noah get in character building debates while predicting Wii U launch details and games, 3DS’ upcoming titles, and even Wii, PS4 and 720.

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Recording Date
January 9, 2012

Evan and Noah

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:08 N vs. Them: Vita’s Arrival
00:25:54 Player Input: Pushmo & Mighty Switch Force
00:43:44 Master Key Discussion: 2012 Predictions on Everything!
01:56:15 Conclusion & Teasers
02:00:17 Credits

02:02:09 Total Length


5 Responses to “Nintendo Heartcast 004: 2012 Predictions”

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    lukas85 says...

    Hi guys i really enjoyed this heartcast, a lot of predictions in this show, well, here are my two cents, i think that retro is working on another popular nintendo franchise, at this moment i think is better for them to make games based on well known franchices, because not only they are great at it, but saleswise is also a better choice, DKCR it’s not only a great game, but also a big seller ( more than 5 million copies sold). And like Noah i think that the next game from this awesome team should be a STAR FOX. Why? Because they can combine the space sci-fi looks of the prime series, with the whimsical and cheerful style of DKCR, after all, star fox is a sci-fi story with cartoon animals, i think it would be a perfect fit for them. And it should be made on Wii U to really embrace the teams artistic and technical abilities and take them to the next level in graphics. Can you imagine the posibilities with that second screen in a space shooter game?.

    Now my prediction for the next zelda is a brand new game on 3ds on 2013, followed by a link to the past remade with depth like the 3d classics, and then a remake of Majoras mask.

    And for the wii U launch, it would be awesome if we see Mario Galaxy 3, it would be the perfect first party game at launch, and i think is posible, Pikmin 3 would be great, altough they can call it pikmin 3d and release it on .. Well you know. I also like the idea of a 3d metroid more like super metroid on 3ds.

    And last, a fanboy dream, FFVII remake exclusive for wiiU, with all the menus in the controller and the televisor screen displaying thE most graphic awesome bad-ass sephirot vs cloud battle the world has ever seen. I think this is imposible but like they say in my country ” soñar no cuesta nada”. ( dreams are for free ).

  • 1244 points
    lukas85 says...

    Not televisor screen, i mean tv screen, i keep messing with english and spanish.

  • 165 points
    Zeer0id says...

    Oh, I’m so glad you guys talked about Pushmo! I am completely in love with it, as it quickly became among my favourite games of 2011. In late December, I was absolutely obsessed with the title, racking up I think nearly 30 hours of playtime, all said. Being completely honest, I haven’t touched it in a couple weeks, primarily because I got completely stuck on the vile puzzle #234 for a few days, and still haven’t had the balls to go back and take another crack at it.

    One day, I’ll definitely conquer that damned puzzle. At the time, I also created a handful of my own puzzles. None of them are too challenging, but I think they’re quite fun all the same. You can find them all here:


    • 165 points
      Zeer0id says...

      Yes, I used the word ‘completely’ far too many times in that above comment! My endless adulation for that game has caused me to throw all consideration for writing style to the wind!

  • 381 points
    Hyawatta says...

    Don’t forget to post the Mario Kart 7 Community Code with the next Heartcast. Please & Thank you!

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