Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 149: Pandora Dundee

Game announcements, Amazon bombs and judgment.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 06/29/2011 08:00 10 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 149: Pandora Dundee

Nothing is untouched this week! Not the Supreme Court, not the Mercenaries, and definitely not the Outback.

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Recording Date
June 28, 2011

Noah, Aaron, James and Kevin

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:11 What We’re Playing
00:24:28 News Vortex
00:47:50 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
00:54:57 Conclusion & Fan Fiction Assignment
00:57:01 Credits

00:59:07 Total Length



10 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 149: Pandora Dundee”

  • 690 points
    KisakiProject says...

    I’m excited for Solatarobo! Looking forward to it.

    Also in regards to OpRainfall. If they don’t bring them out I’ll have to mod/or use the dolphin emulator to play the EU versions. Lack of coordination between the EU & American branches is just terrible. NOA has been terrible this gen. I might as well import a EU Wii U. What’s point if NoA is ignoring already translated content aimed at hardcore gamers. NoE seems to fight for their fans post Cube NOA (ie Reggie’s Nintendo) doesn’t give a damn about us.

    At least Sony doesn’t region lock.

    • 162 points
      LocoBaka says...

      EU Wii U? Never before in my life have I head such ryming. Also I have absolutly no idea how you spell ryming. I know theres an “h” in there somewhere but I dont have time to go look it up cuz I got 2 fan fics to write.

  • 1379 points
    xeacons says...

    While I definitely been having the same response problem with the circle pad in Ocarina as James, I think it’s mostly a software problem. I’ve been using it in some of the old DSiware games, such as Thorium Wars and and AiRace, and it’s very responsive. Now that may have to do with transferring over from a D-pad control, but all in all, the circle pad’s a problem that can be fixed.

    Meanwhile, I think we all agree on positive effects of games, but Leeland Yee can’t take a hint. Instead, he is studying how to manipulate politics in order to pass another one. Two justices left an opening, so Yee thinks he has a chance to warp and twist the Law in his favor.

    Now as for Mercenaries, there are a lot of games that only have one save game file (Pokemon anyone?) but not being able to reset? That’s your game for all eternity. That’s Capcom’s answer to used game sales.

    The 3D videos, I knew were going to expire. But they were supposed to be replaced by something new.
    Nintendo needs Netflix, 3D videos, better support online. For the hardcore gamer, the Marios, Zelda, and Starfox will sell the system, but if they want to reach the casual gamer, they need to start on downloadable 3DSware, like Angry Birds 3D, or something.

  • 381 points
    Hyawatta says...

    Just a thought…

    There should be a 2 player co-op mode included in Luigi’s Mansion 2 where the second player controls Mario.

    That is all.

  • 162 points
    LocoBaka says...

    The time has finally come for my fan fic endevor. I will not only continue the eternal fan fic assingment but I will also tackle this week’s assingment. In one fell swoop is how I shall deal with you fink-rats. HAVE YOU READINESS FOR THIS?!
    First up: This weeks assignment. Since I dont know anything about green acres, the story will take place in some green acres.

    Once upon a time there were some acres. Those acres were green. So horribly green. In those acres that were so very green, lived the super mario brothers. There were also 2 princesses named Peach and Daisy. But nobody cares about Daisy so she will go cry in some dark hole for the duration of this story and will never be mentioned again. And what are green acres without a green dinosaur named Yoshi? Anyways, the Mario brothers, Peach and Yoshi were having a peacful picnic in some acres (that were green) when all of the sudden a level 69 tentical rape monster appeared. The Mario party tried to flee, but to no avail. The tenticle monster was far too quick for the overweight plumbers to outrun. And we all know princesses from japan can never out run a tenticle rape monster. Yoshi decided to stick around to see Mario get what he deserved for ditching him down a bottomless pit to save his own ass. But he would soon regret it. The monster grabed them all with its tenticles of rape and [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] vigorously ramming Mario’s [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] screaming in agony. Luigi [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] intestines [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] Peach’s mouth and then [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] Yoshi’s long wet tongue [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] long hard [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] down his throat. The monster then [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] quivering in anticipation [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] deep inside her. [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~]. Peach [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] every orafice [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] started to enjoy it. All 4 of them were [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] vomit [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] nearing climax [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] erupted from all tenticles. [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] covered from head to toe with [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] bliss [SECTION CENSORED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~] And with that the tenticle monster was spent and leveled up to lvl 70. He was now able to use the skill Mega Rape. Yoshi thoroughly enjoyed himself. The End. Wasnt that horrible kids? Hope I dont get banned cuz of this. And now the moment you have all been waiting for. First off I want to thank everyone who didnt continue the eternal fan fic. I had a very specific direction I wanted to take it in. Here it goes. Wait for it. Wait some more. Is the suspence killing you yet? Not yet? Well I guess we should wait some more then. While we are waiting, I will explain to you, in great detail, the history of 3 ring binders. lol j/k. STORY TIME:
    Hi. My name is Ash. As you know, I had the task of defeating Hitler and a buttload of zombies by winning a Rock Band competition. I made my way up to the stage, mercilessly slaughtering zombies along my path. I got up to the stage, dreading the horrific, god awful crap that passes for songs in rock band thinking I would inevitably loose. Much to my surprise, it was Rock Band Metallica. I was shocked by that because I thought only Guitar Hero has a Metallica version but is there really any difference between those games? I say no. Like I said in the previous chapter, if I can just win this competition, Hitler and the undead will somehow dissapear, provided nothing goes wrong. I don’t know how the hell such an absurd plot device would work but whatever. Everyone else was using wired “guitars” but I chose wireless because wires suck ass and I would be able to do much better theatrical movements with a wireless “guitar”. I picked up one of the “guitars” and loaded up Master of Puppets and started to shread. (Read the following in the Master of Puppets tune.) SHUNT!… Shunt Shunt Shunt Shuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn. Since I knew how to play that song on a real guitar, I was able to hold my own in this farce of a guitar simulator. Unfortionatly what I didn’t consider is that this wireless guitar was made by the walking dead. And what kind of batteries do the dead have? DEAD batteries. (You knew at the start of this story that something would happen, right?) By the 4th bar, my batteries had died and the zombies with wired “guitars” kept on playing. Hitler was laughing at me. Do you have any idea what it feels like to be laughed at by Hitler?! So I said “nuts to this” and ran after Hitler with my “guitar”, intent on beating him to death with it. He saw me comming and started to run twords a bunker. I gave chase, but to no avail. He made it into the bunker but there was only one exit for him. He locked the door behind him but I knew he had to come out some time, so I would just wait by the entrance. I waited for 40 minutes when there was a roar of some sort of massive engine starting up and the ground started to shake. I jumped back as the ground started to crumble beneath my feet. All this time I thought Hitler has hiding like a coward but in reality, he was just powering up his giant walking tank. I will expalain what it looks like….. in the next chapter. To be continued….

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