Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 127: Polite Interjection

The guys experiment with how many tangents can be included before naming their favorite overlooked games and responding to 3DS reactions.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 01/30/2011 16:00 8 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 127: Polite Interjection

James, Tidman, Aaron and Noah take on two episodes of feedback and name favorite overlooked games on Wii and DS. Also, apologies: when referenced, the Phoenix Wright game being referenced is Trials and Tribulations, no Justice for All. That’s what Capcom gets for ambiguous subtitles!

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Recording Date
January 26, 2011

James, Noah, Aaron and Tidman

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:09 What We’re Playing
00:18:25 Favorite Overlooked Games
00:43:09 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
01:14:30 Conclusion & Fan Fiction Assignment
01:16:10 Credits

01:18:22 Total Length


8 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 127: Polite Interjection”

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    Nicolas Vestre says...

    I couldn’t agree more about Big Bang Mini. That game just obsessed me until I beat it. My favorite part was acing every Bonus Challenge, which was no easy feat. It’s especially difficult doing that when the bonus round is preceded by a really tough level, and I died so many times right before I beat the bonus level. I screamed at my DS more than once when I was so close to completing the bonus level only to have to trudge through a really hard stage just to get another chance. But there was much more fun than frustration. :)

    The bosses were really great, too. They required lightning-quick reflexes at times, and they took me a lot of tries to defeat. Like was said, the artwork kept things interesting. I believe the soundtrack can be downloaded for free (in fact, I’m pretty sure I have it).

    Henry Hatsworth has to be one of my favorite DS games of all time. I loved how old-school abilities (like Mega Man X wall jumping) were slowly integrated into the game, how everything was so challenging, the awesome secret levels, and how you could choose to upgrade pretty much anything you could think of at the shop. The humor was also outstanding.

    But the best thing about Hatsworth has to be the integration between the real world and the Puzzle Realm. Action just flowed so well between the two worlds. I never got tired of eliminating blocks Puzzle League-style, and the game kicked me out into the top screen long before I got bored of moving those blocks. The Puzzle Realm needed a lot of checking, because the blocks would actually attack if they inched their way up to the top screen. Power-up blocks helped quite a bit, considering the game’s aggressive difficult at times.

    Fantastic game. :)

    Geometry Wars: Galaxies, both for Wii and DS, are great shooters that probably went unnoticed and didn’t sell very well.

    These games differ from Geometry Wars for Xbox 360 in that there are actual levels to complete, with high scores to be attained (bronze, silver and gold). Every level had a different theme, so the game stayed fresh until the end. Some levels would offer more bombs and lives, and others would be so challenging that you were stuck with absolutely no bombs and one life. Needless to say, getting gold on these levels takes a lot of skill and patience.

    The other big difference is the drone that accompanies your ship on every level. Behaviors can be chosen, such as attack, defend, snipe, collect (where the drone would collect score multipliers) and sweep (where the drone would circle around the ship as a shield). The great thing is that all these abilities can level up and become more effective. All you have to do is use them frequently.

    It’s great that both the DS and Wii versions of Galaxies have so much depth. The DS version controls very well with the stylus, and the Wii version thankfully has the option of using the remote and Nunchuk or switching to the Classic Controller. People might prefer the latter for more conventional dual-stick play.

    • 276 points
      Nicolas Vestre says...

      I just checked Amazon, and Geometry Wars: Galaxies for DS and Wii are both in stock and dirt cheap! Either game will barely set you back more than $10.

      Now there’s no excuse– you should try these games.

  • 441 points
    Terr says...

    First off, in regards to bowling, before the car accident I was involved in, I used a 7kg ball & bowled a 278 average. Unfortunately, I can’t bowl any more which is a sad event & I am total crap at the wii sports version of bowling. My niece, however, is 12 & bowls 300’s constantly in wii sports & low 200’s consistently RL… which is also a sad event.

    Well as far as the importing that Aaron was commenting on, I do import some games from Japan that I have in English already. This is because whereas I have been learning Japanese for over a decade & can play the Japanese games with acceptable understanding, it translates quite differently in the English version. So whereas the content etc is usually the same, the experience is different. A good example of this is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The English version I have completed all things, all missions, & all content, but on the Japanese version I am at 96% mission completion. The way the story acts towards you is different based on the deliverance of content by the Japanese voice actors.
    There are also games I will import if we have no set date of release for a game in the UK. For instance with SMT Strange Journey & SMT Devil Survivor; I had to import them both from the US because at the time we had no foreseeable release date in the UK (and still do not for these titles in fact). I am able to play the US ones on my PAL system, but I don’t know if I can play JP games on my PAL system as I have a DSl that I imported from Japan which I play those on… granted I could just go over to my shelf now & check if I can play either on the other, but really there’s no point.
    It’s not just for the PSP system either, though it’s nice that PSP/PS3 are not region locked, but I do have a Japanese PS2, DS, & 360. I would like to get a US 360, but I don’t think I’ve found any 360 games available in the US which aren’t out here or in Japan.

    OK, that’s enough for a rant for now. :P

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    KisakiProject says...

    I think I came off a little negative about 3DS. I got a blue one pre-ordered at Bestbuy. I can’t wait for Zelda. Hopefully it does, as you mentioned, lead ot a Majora’s Mask remake. I think I didn’t get as much out of that cause I played it when I was younger. I think it needs another chance.

    Do you guys think NGP changes anything?

    Oh nice mention for a boy and his blob loved that game. I gotta check out Okami & Retro game challenege they are gmaes I keep meaning to play.

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    dmgice says...

    Oh, those aren’t gold coins in Clu Clu Land. They are gold Ingots used to make… Medals.

    Medals that you collect along with bananas in the obvious sequel: Donkey Kong: King of Swing.


    That said, there are a lot of greatly overlooked games on the DSi Ware that deserve attention.

    Games like

    10 Second Run

    and others, like TOUCH SOLITAIRE.

    Oh, yeah. I said it. I find the paranoia about the title on the show to be pretty funny. So, Solitaire isn’t Aaron’s cup of tea. That’s fine. There’s only two good solitaire programs in the world that are worth even a passing glance. One of them is the version that was included on the PC in Windows 3.1 that was intended to help people learn to use the mouse. (Not the later versions, so much.) The other one is Nintendo’s Touch Solitaire which should really just be packed in with the system. There aren’t any actually good ones on the iPod/iPhone because it’s a game everyone thinks they can make but only a select few actually get correct. Kind of like how it is tough to find GOOD electronic versions of Othello/Reversi or good electronic versions of simple Chess.

    As far as overlooked titles on the Nintendo DS, I’m glad to see Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk get some respect. Another one that gets overlooked from CiNG is AGAIN.

    Seriously, it’s also littered with references to Trace Memory and Hotel Dusk… so forgetting to mention it in the discussion of those two is a bit of an oversight.

    Muramasa is excellent, and any love for A Boy & His Blob is great too.

    My pick for way overlooked on the DS are Nostalgia and Again.

    Nostalgia is a bit like a Final Fantasy title mixed with elements of Secret of Blue Water, really awesome Air Ships, Some great visuals, music, and a fun story top off a great game that more people should have purchased.

    Again is like CiNG’s take on shows like Bones and The Dead Zone. It’s a lot like Hotel Dusk in some regards but with a completely different art style and some classy modern touches. The idea is to solve a 19 year old string of murders from a serial killer named Providence. The main character has an ability where one of his eyes sees the present and one can see the past. It’s kinda creepy but great.

    • 690 points
      KisakiProject says...

      @Dmgice I’m loving you and Aaron’s trolling each other. Its making the podcast lots of fun.

      • 432 points
        dmgice says...

        @KisakiProject We aim to please and if it gets people to check out DK: King of Swing and DK Jungle Climber.. that’s even better. Those are some pretty unique games that deserve a try. Also, Touch Solitaire is one of the bullet points I would use to sell casual gamers on the DSi and it’s -thankfully- a really well done version.

  • 3 points
    snaky_dog says...

    I would love to see a manga adaption of the Metal Gear series especially if it went through the events of the series in chronological order and didn’t take too many liberties withe the story.
    As for pets in video games I really liked my horse in Red Dead Redemption, and my Torchic in Pokemon Ruby.

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