Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 125: Crystal Ballers

Aaron, Noah and Evan make predictions for 2011 and get into impressions on Ghost Trick and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

By M. Noah Ward. Posted 01/14/2011 09:00 4 Comments     ShareThis
Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 125: Crystal Ballers

Aaron, Noah and Evan give 2011 predictions on stuff ranging from new consoles to price drops to Zelda.

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Recording Date
January 11, 2011

Noah, Aaron and Evan

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:43 What We’re Playing
00:16:24 Predictions for 2011
00:39:22 Warm Fuzzies Feedback
00:47:37 Conclusion
00:50:09 Credits

00:52:19 Total Length


4 Responses to “Dojo-Show-Go! Episode 125: Crystal Ballers”

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    JasonMaivia says...

    Hey, Podcast episode 121 isn’t listed on the podcast page (it skips from 120 to 122).

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    dmgice says...


    The latest Clu Clu Land title is called DK: King of Swing. Bubbles from Clu Clu Land is also a playable character in it. Instead of abandoning the franchise, they combined it with Donkey Kong. The 1st party company behind DK: King of Swing also did Aura-Aura Climber on DSi Ware, which is the spiritual successor for Clu Clu Land.

    It’s okay, I guess Aaron just didn’t know.

    Also, the PSP store adds TV shows the day after they air on TV and about a dozen new movies each week. Every Wednesday, they add about 15 to 20 new comic book titles.

    Okay. I get really tired of people saying crap like: “Well, at $300.. the 3DS is the same price as the PS3 and Xbox 360.” And then not explaining WHY anyone should care.

    The PS3 and the Xbox 360 came out YEARS AGO and no one is going to go out and buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360 just because they are the same price as a 3DS. The 3DS is a NEW device, those are OLD devices. People who would have bought one have probably already bought one.

    The 3DS can have downloadable GBA games. DS Lite is going to be phased out.

    Speaking of downloadable games, the “bashing” on Touch Solitaire was neither witty nor well thought out, it kind of came across like a tired attempt at being “edgy.” PCs and physical cards, so hilarious, really. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of one finger clapping.

    A physical pack of good Hoyle playing cards is $2 to $6. So, you can get digital cards on the DSi or physical for the same price. Overall, if you just want a quick game of Solitaire on the go, Touch Solitaire is where it is at.

    Here’s the deal with Touch Solitaire in comparison to the phone and PC versions. Touch Solitaire is a Nintendo published game featuring the cat from the Wii News Channel. It has two types of solitaire: Klondike and Spider. Four levels of difficulty for Spider, two for Klondike. Klondike on the PC allows you to undo moves almost infinitely and pick draw one. Touch Solitaire forbids undo/draw one, and allows you to select two types of difficulty, both of which are substantially more challenging than the PC version. Touch Solitaire also has interrupt features to make it easier for quick play on the go. Most of the phone Solitaire games feature bad control or simplified rules that make them too easy. Some of the better iPhone or Droid versions of Solitaire are already more expensive than the $2 DSi Ware game. It’s honestly one of those titles that should be packed in with the system.

    Also, on PC Klondike touch screens, you have to double tap every single card in a section to get them to the well. In Touch Solitaire, you hit the START button and it auto moves in succession. It’s pretty convenient and better designed.

    As for the point on smaller titles? I think Nintendo is really missing the boat on that. I would glad pay out $2 for a DSi Ware or a 3DS Ware version of that Luigi Poker Mini-Game included in Super Mario 64DS, and New Super Mario Bros. DS. I would pay $2 for a full featured version of Voltorb Flip from the newer Pokemon titles. Especially if it had online leader boards. Remember the Surfing Pikachu Mini Game in Pokemon Yellow? I would pay for an expanded, full color version of that mini-game.

    Okay. One more thing. I shall -instead of proper fan fiction- give a haiku.

    Flava Flav is here.
    In Doma to help gay brides.
    Kefka brought the drinks.

    There you go. Cross Over Completed.

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    KisakiProject says...

    I hope Evan is right. I would love to see Xenoblade & Last Story released in America. I would buy both. In terms of 3DS I’m gonna be captain negative. I think it will be huge at first but kinda fizzle out. Lightning rarely strikes twice. Also the 3DS reminds me a lot of PSP at launch. Everyone is wowed by the graphics (in this case 3D) and the movie playback feature. If we go back time PSP had a great initial launch and first year or two but lacked the staying power that DS and its game changing features had. Given that 3D isn’t even mandatory I’m not sure what game changer 3DS will have. I think it will do well just not on par with DS. What do you think of my reasoning? Do you also see the parallels? Granted I’m posting this the day before the US details are finalized so I could be eating my words next show.

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