The Holdouts

Yes, there are plenty of classic games available on Virtual Console. But there are still more we’d like to see.

By Aaron Roberts. Posted 09/28/2010 09:00 4 Comments     ShareThis

The Holdouts

This is the single most baffling entry on this list.  Earthbound has such a strong fan base and brilliant reputation that it seems unbelievable that Nintendo would be unwilling to release it virtually for us.  It has such a big presence in Nintendo fandom at large, let alone its own, that’s it’s just ludicrous to avoid making it available.

This is the poster child for all the Disney and licensed games that have been left in VC limbo by their former publishers.  I’m talking about Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Aladdin, Jurassic Park, Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, and Popeye.  Scrooge McDuck just happens to be the poster boy for cartoon video game heroes, so he gets the go-ahead here.  Plus, it was made by the Mega Man team.  What better pedigree than that?

Devil World
I know that Nintendo thinks all Americans are god-fearing Bible thumpers, but don’t you think we are mature enough by this point to handle this game?  It’s just a more complicated version of Pac-Man, for Chr… Pete’s sake.  Plus the Devil is the bad guy.  We’ve had games where you play as the devil, or some version thereof, so isn’t it technically healthier that he is the villain?

Blast Corps Screenshot

Blast Corps: Rare’s unique demolition game had users escorting defunct nuclear (pronounced “noo-kyoo-lur”) warheads through dangerous areas, where the titular Blast Corps used things that went BOOM to clear the path.  One of Rare’s many gems that have yet to make it to the Wii Shop Channel.  Unfortunately, Rare’s best days are behind it, so let’s celebrate the classics!  Oh, and I want RC Pro-AM, too.

Mario Party 3
While none of the N64 Mario Party games have yet made it to the Virtual Console, this one was unquestionably the best and most deserving of a spot.  With Wii Party taking over the reins from the Mario characters, it may be the only hope we have of seeing new Mario Party releases!

A rare gem in an ocean of Super NES titles.  This one got overshadowed by his evil nemesis, Bubsy the Bobcat, who ruined cartoony platformers for everyone worldwide.  That meant that most consumers were too gun-shy to try this gem, made by some of the strongest old-school British game developers, including John and Ste Pickford, Lyndon Brooks, John Buckley, and Geoff and Tim Follin handling the fantastic soundtrack, which literally broke the Super NES sound chip.  Well, not literally.  Mine still worked after playing.  Don’t wait for the VC release; go find a Super NES and this game right now!

Spy Hunter
This game is one of the most popular arcade ports ever, and we still haven’t seen it on the Wii Virtual Console.  I don’t care if it’s the NES version or the arcade version, I want to shoot out oil slicks, missiles, and smoke screens.  The Rock doesn’t even have to be involved.

One of the few Western-developed first-party Super NES titles featured riderless unicycles that raced one another throughout wacky courses.  Just racing wasn’t enough, you needed to perform stunts and jumps to win on some courses, and also had two-player split screen and up to ten-player tournaments.  Unfortunately, some people at Pixar thought the unicycles looked a lot like the unicycles in one of their short films, and so did a jury, so this was limited to a 300,000 initial print run.  Guess we also likely won’t be seeing it on the VC anytime soon.

4 Responses to “The Holdouts”

  • 135 points
    juno2023 says...

    Earthbound on Virtual Console would be pretty rad. Too bad the service is practically dead in the water…

  • 678 points
    amishpyrate says...

    ducktales and darkwing duck were some great games…. actually most of the disney games at that time were cool… Uniracers was made by the grand theft auto guys I believe….

    • 702 points
      Matthew Tidman says...

      Don’t forget, Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers did co-op before it was the cool thing to do. Capcom did some great stuff with the Disney license. Even on SNES there was Goof Troop (by Shinji Mikami, no less) and Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse. To bad it is highly unlikely we’ll ever see any of these on VC…

  • 93 points
    Francisco Naranjo says...

    Fighter’s Destiny 1 and/or 2 would make me immensely happy. It was one of my favorite fighters from the N64/PS1 era.

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