Week: End Game: On 12.10.2016

The staff continue dipping into their backlogs this weekend.

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Week: End Game: On Masthead B (Generic; SFC Controller)

Jon Stevens

Carrying on with a trend of generally missing out on games when they launch, I must be one of the few people in the team that hasn’t been playing Pokémon Sun or Moon recently.

Instead, I find myself turning to those Steam sale purchases that remain unplayed. Hitman? Yes please. Fallout 4? It’s in the pipeline…

Earlier this week though, I got far too excited when I realized that I could use my Oculus Rift headset, to use PlayStation Now on my PC, to play Sonic Generations with an Xbox One controller. Such a set up defies all reasoning and gamer logic! The actual streaming of the service worked perfectly for me and it was amazing to be able to stream it on to a giant VR screen. While I doubt that Nintendo will have a VR option with the Switch, I think that PlayStation Now is a great option for gamers looking to quickly play games from PlayStation’s history (if you can stream it, of course), and it is absolutely something that Nintendo should be taking note of for its own Virtual Console moving forward.

Anthony Pelone

I’m finally, finally at the end of my 100% completion playthrough for Xenoblade Chronicles. Believe it or not, that started back in May of last year…and I’m only just wrapping it up! Big mistake to starting the year the Wii U sequel came out, eh? Needless to say, it’s been a long time coming, and while I have my reservations about X, I’m excited just to move on and play it for myself. Not that I didn’t enjoy revisiting one of the Wii’s greatest titles, but Mira calls for me.


By the way, Kevin mentioned revisiting Skyward Sword last weekend. I also hadn’t cared for the game during its launch period, but have made decent progress into a replay of my own and I…still don’t care for it. While I’ve found better luck with the motion controls this time, I still find the blatant padding tedious, the first two dungeons a shocking drop in quality (seriously, what is up with the Earth Temple?), and Fi still remains the worst, most annoying Nintendo character ever made. No Zelda Cycle for this cowboy, folks!

Kevin Knezevic

I finally conquered the Elite Four in Pokémon Moon, and my overall opinion of the game remains largely the same as last week: it simply holds your hand too much, even during its later stages (case in point: Vast Poni Canyon, Sun and Moon’s neutered equivalent of Victory Road). Still, as critical as that may sound, I did enjoy my time with Moon, and the post-game content thus far has been very enjoyable– and a touch more challenging than the main story.


Unfortunately, I haven’t made any more progress in Skyward Sword, so I’m still just outside the Ancient Cistern. That’s not for a lack of trying, however; I had sat down to play the game earlier in the week, but I had forgotten that it makes you revisit its first dungeon, the Skyview Temple, to retrieve a bottle of sacred water before you can enter the Cistern. On paper it was a neat idea to return to a slightly altered older dungeon, but in practice it ultimately felt like busywork, making you jump through one more arbitrary hoop before you can get on with your adventure. Like Anthony said, this blatant padding really holds the game back, and I’m afraid I’ll end up standing by my initial assessment of it when all is said and done.

What games have you been playing lately? Tell us about them in the comments!

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