Week: End Game: On 06.18.2011

After a post-E3 recess, the gamers within us are back and going mostly retro.

By Smith Stuart. Posted 06/18/2011 18:00 1 Comment     ShareThis

Welcome to another exciting edition of Week: End Game: On, where the Nintendojo gang broadcast their current video game addictions for the entire world to see! Since we can’t possibly wait for all of the new titles on display at E3 to be released, most of us are still trying to make due with some older ones. And surprisingly, we think we’ll live.

Andrew Hsieh

Okay, so I started playing Phantasy Star Online again. So sue me. The online servers have long been taken down, but I got this game years ago, and despite putting hundreds of hours in it already I’m going to play it until my brain bursts! (Or until I Blue Burst— ha ha PSO joke ha ha shoot me with a Repeater.) I’ve actually never done any of the ridiculously convoluted things in PSO, like craft the perfect stats for my Mag companion so that it’ll evolve into a super-special rare-type Mag, or play on Ultimate mode so I can get all the ridiculously powerful Enemy Part drops– so that’s what I’m going to be doing for the next week or so. Okay, maybe month. Hey, I can control myself, okay? I mean … it’s no Monster Hunter Tri.

(Semi-related: I’ve totally started Monster Hunting again, though. Just on my new PSP. May Miyamoto forgive me for getting that instead of a– LOOK IT’S GOT MORE GAMES RIGHT NOW, OKAY!!!) (Boy, I’m defensive today.)

PSO Addiction
We think Andrew should write an article entitled “Confessions of a Video Game Addict”.

I guess PSO and MH are the only things I’m playing– though it’s also Father’s Day on Sunday, so I’ll probably try to get my dad in on some kind of multiplayer game. Unfortunately, most of the Nintendo games I have don’t really lend themselves to cooperative play that my dad would be interested in. Anyone have any ideas?

Smith Stuart

Mario Kart is probably the best game you could play with your dad for Father’s Day, Andrew. But hey, if all else fails, you can always go outside and throw a baseball with him. (I can’t believe I just said that.)

Over the weekend I intend to purchase The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. I don’t own a 3DS, and might not for awhile, but since I consider it to be quite possibly the greatest game ever made, I would own myself a fool if I were not to take part in what by all means looks to be a complementary remake of the original. (Sorry, Master Quest, you suck.)

As for game playing, I’ll soon be basking in the fun-ness of Donkey Kong Country Returns, which I thankfully managed to snatch brand-new online for a meager $30. The DKC trilogy is one of my top faves, so obviously I’m as eager as all heck to pop the latest iteration in my Wii for a latter-day outing. From what I’ve heard, it’s a blast.

Adam Sorice

Following the change of perspective that I discussed in my article this week, I’ve actually been playing a lot lately. As if the chaos of Issue 53 wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I just decided to start my second trip into puzzle-ridden London with Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. It’s probably good that I waited until the last day of E3 to begin because I’d completed the main game by Saturday night – I got completely sucked in. I didn’t like it as much as Curious Village but I thought it did a lot of things better than the original so I was pleased with the game. Think I’ll need to take a break before Unwound Future though, the thought of running out of Layton till the Fall is a troubling thought.

Layton Made a Funny

After I cruised through that, I turned my attention to Yoshi’s Island DS and have been working my way through that all this week. It’s not one of the greatest games in the platforming pantheon but it’s definitely enjoyable. Candy coloured worlds and the canon of Mario bad guys are always fun to pick up and play but I feel like the unique abilities the babies each possess are a bit underused. I’m just about to start the final World, the same place I gave up the last time I played.

I’ll probably work to the end of the main game and then move on, I’m as much of a perfectionist as the next guy but finding all the red coins and precocious star pieces isn’t worth an extra week on a game that’s merely above average. I’m not sure what to start next, I’m very tempted by the notion of playing Luigi’s Mansion since the sequel has been announced for 3DS but I’d have to dig a space near my Wii so I could sit with the controller. I will always mourn the death of my WaveBird.

Nicolas Vestre

This week I’ve been playing a bit more of Mega Man Network Transmission for GameCube, which continues to grow on me as I play it. As in any Mega Man game worth its salt, the bosses are challenging and gratifying (and sometimes cheap until you know a crippling weakness). Even my Mega Buster has turned from horrible to actually useful! Collecting Battle Chips is addictive and rewarding, because using all sorts of attacks and strategies makes the game that much more fun. And after you beat a boss, it can be replayed as many times as you want– perfect for getting revenge on a boss that gave you so much trouble. I hear ProtoMan is very hard– I hope I stand a chance.

Mega Man
I know we’re not the only ones who would love to see the Blue Bomber represented on Smash Bros. 4.

I’ve also been playing Mega Man Legends 2 on my PS3 and it makes several improvements over the first– notably in control and story. Now I think there will be fewer cheap deaths because of camera and control limitation issues that existed in the first installment but have since been rectified. Also, I’ve noticed how much time I spend loitering around in cities and what not, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and jet skating around. This actually seems to be what I do with almost every game I play.

Thankfully, I just beat Dark Void Zero for DSiWare. Even though it only had three levels, it was a difficult yet very satisfying game. The worst part is going through the entirety of the level and dying at the boss because you used an underpowered weapon. I don’t understand how anyone could operate the iPod touch version, as it’s hard enough as it is without a real d-pad and buttons. If you’re looking for a great DSiWare game that will deliver on difficulty, you can’t go wrong with Dark Void Zero. I still don’t believe all that backstory about Jimmy Fallon having the only known cartridge of the game, but it’s amusing nonetheless.

Kevin Knezevic

The streak of warm weather earlier in the week inspired me to break out my perennial summer game, Super Mario Sunshine. Playing it again, especially so far removed from the GameCube era, really emphasizes just how underrated the title is, and I found myself having fun with it just running around and taking in its many sights. Isle Delfino is still a wonderfully-realized locale (certainly among my personal favorites), and while it (arguably) may not have been an appropriate setting for a Mario game, it is a beautiful one regardless. As much as I love both Mario Galaxy titles and how they call to mind the series’ roots, I like how each world in Sunshine is designed not so much as a series of platforming challenges but as its own complete setting. While that may be the reason it doesn’t *feel* like a Mario game, it gives the title a unique charm that sets it apart from the rest of the series.

Beyond that, I’ve also been putting a lot of time into Donkey Kong on my 3DS despite only downloading it a couple of days ago. I never got the chance to play the game when it was originally released (I didn’t own any variation of Game Boy until I got the special Pokémon Yellow bundle one fateful birthday), but it really is as great as I’ve heard. I’m impressed with how versatile Mario is in the game, and the title is absolutely packed with excellent levels. Anyone with a 3DS owes it to themselves to hit up the eShop as soon as possible and purchase this classic gem.

Mel Turnquist

I’ve mostly been taking in Brain Age: Sudoku and picking up a bit on Rhythm Heaven again. It’s a nice relaxer for myself, since I’ve recently been so on-the-go with almost everything under the sun. My 3DS has been a big help in winding me down for a good night’s sleep, actually; and since Ocarina of Time 3D launches tomorrow here in the US, I’m obviously pretty excited about that golden relaxant. I’ve also been playing Mario Kart Wii a lot more and am actually thinking about breaking out my old Pokémon Blue (for flashback’s sake) after finally finding my missing GBA.

PSO Addiction
We hope you find out why the truck’s there, Mel. We really do.

That may wrap up our takes, but the chat doesn’t end with us! We’d love to know what games you plan on playing this weekend, too! Are you thinking old school like the rest of us, or are you really going old school and doing something with your dad? Let us know in the comments below!

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    xeacons says...

    Zelda…Zelda…Zelda…Zelda…MARIO! No, it’s not a Nintendo-rized version of Duck-duck-goose (although that would be awesome); it’s my play-schedule this week.

    First, I’ve been hooked on the VC releases on the 3DS eShop, with the nostalgic release of Link’s Awakening DX! It’s great to be back on Koholint Island; this was my first encounter with LOZ and great for anyone trying to get into the series. Color is bright, pixels are crisp, and sound is clear! Next, I’ve got the original Gameboy release of Super Mario Land! Mario in all his B&W 8-bit, double-A glory!
    But if there’s one thing that’s been keeping me awake at night (and draining my 3DS battery) it’s the one EVERYONE’S been waiting for: OCARINA OF TIME! Even in 2D, the graphics are awesome! Everything has been upgraded. The gyroscope makes aiming the slingshot so much easier (might want to turn off the 3D for that though), and the touch screen makes the menus so much easier to access. And Navi has not lost her annoying touch in all these years. Still going irritatingly strong!

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