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Nintendojo is one of the oldest and most reputed Nintendo fan sites on the Internet. The site was founded by Peer Schneider, currently Managing Editor of, in September 1996. What started out as a one-man operation hosted on blossomed over the years into what you have before you -- a thriving and strong web presence with a large reader base but still a non-profit, voluntary labor of love meant to celebrate the video game culture and Nintendo.

Nintendojo (pronounced "Nin'-ten-do'-jo," not "nintendo-joe") was so named to avoid being just about Nintendo 64, as well as reflect a focus on Japanese news -- particularly since Peer had spent four years in Japan, and he felt other for-profit news sites weren't providing adequate overseas coverage. Unfortunately, the Nintendo 64 wasn't a great success or news generator in Japan, so Peer turned Nintendojo's focus to highlight U.S. and European game titles and news.

Nintendojo (ND) truly started to catch fire at that point, and ND's first staff was built. Peer and the staff's efforts did not go unnoticed -- businesspeople and representatives from major game companies such as Konami-Japan and Acclaim-Texas took notice of and appreciated ND's promotional pieces and editorials, and said representatives even went so far as to contact and communicate directly with ND. For instance, an editorial of Peer's about the damage U.S. game localization causes Japanese culture-based games spurred a gentleman from Konami to write Peer and reassure that further U.S.-released Goemon titles would not be so altered.

Beyond the site proper, ND has been the starting point for many other site founders and writers you may read today, some of which continue to thrive and flourish today -- IGN, Tendo Box, Segadojo, and PlanetGameCube, for starters, all have former Nintendojo staffers. ND also has its own sister sites that spun off during previous years -- GameBoyDojo and NintendojoFR -- and while we have since re-amalgamated with GameBoyDojo, NintendojoFR still continues to thrive today.

As the years have passed since Peer's initial efforts, ND has grown, stumbled, shuffled, relaunched, and grown again, just as any voluntary operation would, but the site has maintained a staff and dedication to providing its readers with lots of news, opinions, and interaction opportunities. So, how are we doing-- and what can we do to make Nintendojo even better in the future? Write us and let us know; we want you to keep coming back!

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Our reviews are rated on a 0.0 - 10.0 scale.

0 - 4 The game is below average and most likely not worth purchasing or renting.
4 - 6 The game is average and may be only worth a rent or checking out if you're a big fan of the genre.
6 - 8 The game is above average and likely offers some new twists as compared to other similar games in its respective genre.
8 - 10 The game is a superior, noteworthy game -- the higher in this score bracket the more of a "must-own" the game is, regardless of your typical genre tastes.


Nintendojo was founded to celebrate, promote, critique and discuss the video game community and industry, specifically all news, games, and opinions related to Nintendo. Nintendojo is not a game publisher.

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All video game music mp3 files are available on an evaluation basis only; hence the limited posting time of each track. If you like the song, we have tried to provide the album name so you may purchase the full album and give the song creators and producers the money they deserve for their work.

All files for download on Nintendojo are provided AS IS. Nintendojo is not responsible for the care and maintenance of your computer.

Any music file will be promptly removed upon request from the proper validated publisher/artist.

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