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January 1st, 2011
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beat shooters article
i just read that hoping to see mention of the best shooter of '10 but was very disappointed in no mention of Sin & Punishment 2, and also the labeling of lightgun games as railgun games, which is a quite recent thing. it seems as soon as the Wii came out and lightgun games were being released en'masse people forgot what they where. lightgun games do have a very limited appeal to genre fans as the article says, but railgun games have an audience as large as fps', especially if people made more and advertised them, hell i only know 2 for Wii and have both cause i and all the people i know that play games like them.

seriously this modern confusing of non fps shooters as all the same is a huge problem with modern gaming. if people knew that games like S&P and Panzer Dragoon were nothing like House of the Dead more would play and buy them.

(seriously i don't much like fps' to me i put them on the fun level as lightgun games, but love railgun games)

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