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While the majority of us may not get a chance to witness the spectacle that is E3 in person, Nintendo has brought a small sample of the experience to fans the past couple of years by showcasing some of its E3 demos at select Best Buy stores. This year, despite the company’s unorthodox plans for the big expo, it will be doing something similar, albeit in a much more limited capacity.

Rather than teaming up with electronic chain Best Buy once again, Nintendo will be showcasing a playable demo for the next Legend of Zelda title at the Nintendo NY store for select fans. The lucky winners will be selected during Super-Fan Signup Day on June 11, and only the first 500 visitors will be eligible to enter. Nintendo NY will feature the Legend of Zelda demo for the entirety of E3, from June 14 to June 19, and will host a number of other events throughout the week, including guided demonstrations, live-streamed footage of the game at E3, a trivia contest, and an opportunity for the 500 select fans to go hands-on with the anticipated title.

Super-Fan Signup Day begins at 9 AM Eastern Time on June 11. Fans can begin lining up for the event at 7 AM and must bring with them a photo ID.

Source: Nintendo (via My Nintendo News

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Teddy Together Coming to 3DS in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand Tue, 24 May 2016 23:00:58 +0000 Andy Hoover

Virtual pet games have had a presence on Nintendo handhelds for quite a while now, with Nintendogs and its sequel setting the gold standard, but fans of this genre will soon have another option. Nintendo has announced Teddy Together for 3DS in European, Australian, and New Zealand markets.

Known as Kuma Tomo and published by Bandai Namco in Japan, Teddy Together lets gamers take care of a teddy bear that has apparently come to life for some reason. Players will be able to interact with the sentient stuffed animal by playing minigames, feeding it, teaching it, and even bathing it. Amiibo functionality is included as well; using the figures will grant you coins so you can buy more things to use while dressing your bear up. Naturally, all of the above will help better your bear and make your friendship grow.

Teddy Together will launch in New Zealand and Australia on June 2, with the Australian release following on July 1. Hopefully the wait won’t be too unbearable.

Source: Siliconera

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Shadow of the Eternals Apparently Still Alive Tue, 24 May 2016 21:00:26 +0000 Andy Hoover Eternal Darkness.]]>

The classic GameCube title Eternal Darkness wove a horrifying tale across the ages, and the same can be said for the story surrounding the development of its spiritual successor, Shadow of the Eternals. After several failed crowdfunding campaigns and controversies surrounding some of its developers, many thought the project dead but the title’s creative director and veteran ofEternal Darkness, Dennis Dyack, recently revealed that work is continuing on the game.

Following the shuttering of original developer Precursor Games, Dyack, who also directed Eternal Darkness, launched Quantum Entanglement Entertainment with hopes of continuing work in games, in addition to exploring film and television projects. In a recent video on the company’s YouTube channel, The Quantum Tunnel, Dyack confirmed that the team was still working on the game and promised more news in the near future about its status. That video was followed up with uploads of previously released footage for Shadow of the Eternals.

Much like Eternal Darkness, Shadow of the Eternals is planned to feature multiple characters, places, and events from across history that come together under an overarching story that draws inspiration from Lovecraftian horror. When it was first revealed, the game was planned to be released as multiple, downloadable episodes for Wii U. Of course, quite a bit of time has passed since the project was first revealed in 2013, so it will be interesting to see if anything has changed and in what way.

While Shadow of the Eternals’ development cycle has been anything but smooth and its developers have a tendency to court controversy, I shall remain cautiously optimistic that we will see more materialize this time around. Eternal Darkness is a true masterpiece well deserving of some sort of revival, and since Nintendo has expressed no desire to do anything with the property, I’ll take whatever I can get from whoever is offering it.

Source: Eurogamer

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Spider-Man Swings into Lego Avengers This Week Mon, 23 May 2016 20:30:15 +0000 Marc Deschamps

Update: The Spider-Man DLC pack is now available! In addition to Spider-Man, the pack also includes characters such as Miles Morales and Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider. We’ve embedded a trailer below!

Original Story: While Spider-Man’s star power has long been undeniable, the character has seen a bit of a renaissance over the last few weeks. After a film-stealing appearance alongside the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War, the character is set to appear in a number of places in the near future, including Wii U!

This week will see the release of a brand new DLC pack for Lego Avengers on Wii U featuring Marvel’s famous wall-crawler. Not much information is available about the pack at this time, though a couple of interesting details have been released. First of all, the character will be voiced by Tom Holland, the actor who portrayed Spider-Man in Civil War. If that isn’t a compelling enough reason to check out the DLC pack, it’s also available for free!

The news of the game’s DLC originally debuted in USA Today. The paper stated that the DLC pack would also be available on 3DS as well, though that does seem a bit unlikely as no other DLC packs have been offered for the handheld version. Nintendojo will have more information if it becomes available. We’ll also have a review of Lego Avengers in the very near future!

Source: USA Today

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Police Officer Replaces Stolen Pokémon Cards With His Own Collection Mon, 23 May 2016 19:15:38 +0000 Marc Deschamps

For Pokémon fans of all ages, catching them all has long been one of the highlights of the franchise. Last week, a 9-year-old boy from Cleveland was devastated when a binder full of Pokémon cards was stolen right out of his hands. Police were able to recover the binder, but some of the rarest cards in his collection were unable to be recovered.

Fortunately for the boy, Officer James Grotenrath was one of the officers that got the cards back. A former collector himself, Grotenrath replaced the boy’s missing cards with his own collection, including a number of rare cards.

“I grew up with Pokémon,” said the officer in an interview with Fox 8. “I loved Pokémon as a kid and I would be heartbroken too if my cards were taken from me.”

Grotenrath’s sacrifice might seem small, but it very clearly meant a lot to the boy and his family. As Nintendo celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise this year, it’s nice to see fans of multiple generations coming together. It says a lot about the franchise, its fans, and the reason the series continues to endure.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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Tampa Bay Lightning Projects Super Mario Kart Onto the Ice Between Periods Sat, 21 May 2016 04:00:30 +0000 Angela Marrujo

It’s not uncommon for hockey games to feature projections onto the ice between periods, but maybe not so common for the subject matter to be video games. The Tampa Bay Lightning seem to have a soft spot for Nintendo, because during their recent match against the Pittsburgh Penguins they projected gameplay from Super Mario Kart right onto the ice! The team’s mascot, ThurnderBug, could be seen racing against Bowser and Toad, his sprite recreated in the SNES art style and inserted into the gameplay.

This isn’t the first time the Lightning have projected fun stuff onto the ice– last year they did something similar for Blades of Steel. Way cool!

Source: Deadspin

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Sega “Very Interested” In Bringing Atlus Games to Europe Sat, 21 May 2016 02:00:23 +0000 Angela Marrujo

In light of Atlus and NIS America’s decision to end their partnership– which means NIS America will no longer handle publishing Atlus games in Europe– Sega SVP of commercial publishing, John Clark, has announced that Sega is “very interested” in filling the role that NIS America used to occupy for Atlus.

Clark stated the following:

“We’re very interested in bringing all of the group’s Japanese content not just to the West, but to Europe in particular. We are always trying to find a way. And that’s an on-going process. That’s something we are continually assessing and talking to and if there are really strong opportunities to support the Japanese content in Europe, we’ll do it.”

The fact that Sega is voicing interest shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, given that it is the parent company of Atlus. It remains to be seen whether Atlus will take Sega up on its offer.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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New Info on Yooka-Laylee Emerges Sat, 21 May 2016 00:00:33 +0000 Angela Marrujo

Today, after a long drought of information on the spiritual successor to the Banjo-Kazooie series, Playtonic Games finally delivered a wave of long-awaited updates on Yooka-Laylee. The reason for Playtonic’s self-imposed silence was to show the game at a point when it was “representative of the final target,” which, judging from the beautiful screenshots, they have accomplished.

The following is an excerpt from the official Playtonic site summarizing the basics of the game’s plot:

Yooka and Laylee’s adventure will take them deep inside the work halls of a baneful business, as the buddy-duo seek out the magical Pagies required to explore the mysterious Grand Tomes. The dexterous pair will seek to unlock the ancient secrets of these bewitching books, as they battle to thwart corporate creep Capital B and his devious scheme to absorb all of the world’s literature… and convert them into pure profit.

Pagies are one of the game’s collectibles, whose purpose is to unlock and expand the magical Grand Tomes held captive in Hivory Tower. Another collectible to expect includes Butterfly Energy, which replenishes the player’s health and the new power meter; Playtonic’s goal in having the Butterfly Energy refill both health and the power meter is to avoid “the all-too occasional tedium of resource management.” Players can also expect to run across hundreds of collectible Quills that can be used to purchase moves from the serpent salesman, Trowzer, in any order that the player would like to purchase them in, which Playtonic says is just one of many ways in which the player will be empowered with choice while playing Yooka-Laylee.

In addition to revealing gameplay elements, Playtonic has revealed a new pair of supporting characters: Dr. Puzz and Dr. Quack. Below is another excerpt from the Playtonic site with more details on the game’s second duo:

The latter is a ruthless, exosuit-wearing fowl, who’s making the best of a bad situation under the corporate rule of Capital B. The good doctor wasn’t always this unpleasant, but the ruthless takeover of his Quack Corp organisation has persuaded Quack to concoct all manner of crude inventions to satisfy the demands of his new boss – and the shareholders, of course.

Quack’s sweet, naive prodigy, Dr. Puzz proved far more morally rigid than her former colleague, breaking ties with Quack Corp as soon as the exosuits started stirring – and taking her own inventions with her. The tentacled technician – designed by Ed ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ Bryan – is the gateway to all of Yooka-Laylee’s wild and wonderful transformations, which we’ll be revealing in the near future.

Unfortunately, no screenshots were provided of either Dr. Puzz or Dr. Quack, but since Playtonic has promised more information in the coming months, perhaps the first images of them will be on the way soon!

Finally, Platonic Games has confirmed that the Toybox will be available in July for Kickstarter backers who opted for appropriate tiers; the Toybox has evolved from Playtonic’s original plans of a one-room, web-based “play thing” into a self-contained sandbox experience meant to give players a feel for the game’s platforming.

A final release date won’t be available until Playtonic Games feels they have a game truly ready for release, so we’ll have to continue to be patient and on the lookout for more updates. What do you think of the information that was revealed? Will you have access to the Toybox in July? As always, drop a comment below!

Source: Playtonic Games

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More Pokémon Sun and Moon Details Begin to Emerge Fri, 20 May 2016 00:00:19 +0000 Jon Stevens News Desk Masthead - Pokémon Pokemon

The latest episode of Pokénchi, the Japanese Pokémon show, briefly featured Pokémon Sun and Moon in the form of a new screenshot.

While not revealing much, it provides a look at a battle from the games and shows that bystanders will now appear during battle scenes. We also get a sneak peak at the new HP bar, which is visible in the top right corner of the screenshot.

For fans who are eagerly awaiting news on the recently unveiled games, the wait for more information is not long. Indeed, The Pokémon Company announced that more information would be shared on June 2, where there will be a second reveal.

In the meantime, we will keep our heads to the ground for any more details that happen to trickle out ahead of the reveal.

What do you think of the new battle scene? Are you excited about the June 2 reveal? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Siliconera

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Super Mario Maker Has Sold 3.5 Million Copies Thu, 19 May 2016 22:00:52 +0000 Jon Stevens

Nintendo of America announced today that Super Mario Maker on Wii U has sold more than 3.5 million copies worldwide.

Via an infographic on Twitter, it was also revealed that over 7.2 million levels have been created by players and that these have been played over 600 million times.

Even though it featured Mario, Super Mario Maker was still a surprising success when it was released last September. We called it outstanding at release, and the game has grown substantially since then through updates and downloadable content.

Have you helped create some of those levels? If so, why not upload them to our Super Mario Maker Level Exchange Hub here and try out some of the community maps while you are there.

Source: IGN

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