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Eric Mattei
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about me

Unfortunately, most people on this planet don't have the good fortune that pretty much anyone who has access to a computer does. It is a world of misery, despair and mistreatment.

I like to think of the video game industry as an escape from the harsh reality of our tiny planet. It is an escape that needs to be reminded from time to time of misery, despair and mistreatment and I'm just the guy to fulfill that mission statement! In fact, I have been delivering the truth/reality in a miserable way at Nintendojo to the Dojo Disciples for the almost a decade!

As the longest running staff writer I specialize in writing editorials, reviews and interviews.

The reason I've managed to hang in there so long with this hobby is certainly not because Nintendo has been delivering the goods. Rather, I love writing to the world and hearing back from it. So don't be afraid to send me a response to whatever I've written, whether you agree or disagree with me.

Now back to the world...remember that it IS a harsh place. But that doesn't mean that we can't treat each other with deceny and respect when it's deserved. So be nice to someone today if they have it coming. It may just make you feel a bit better.

current favorite games

Madden 2004 (GameCube) / Burnout 2 (GameCube) / F1 World Grand Prix (N64) / NHL Hockey 2K2 (GameCube) / Goldeneye (N64) / NHL Hitz (GameCube)

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Your Mom

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Electronic Arts / EA Sports, Sega Sports, Ubi Soft

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Electronic Gaming Monthly

nintendo's greatest strength

Let me check in the archives for Nintendo's strength...hmmm...hold on a second. It says here, 'quality titles based on Nintendo mascots and the delivery of excellent hardware.'

Seems that the big N railway has fallen off the tracks a tad since I last checked in with them.

nintendo's greatest weakness

This is like trying to count the hairs on my back....there's just too many to get an accurate count!

advice to nintendo

Nintendo needs to seriously listen to what gamers want (especially the well-paying mature gamers) and stop delivering what Nintendo thinks they'll pay for. Follow some popular gaming trends by delivering the hardware that gamers want (online). Even if following a trend means that you have to follow another company's lead. Lure the developers that you so arrogantly scorned during the dominance back to the fold by providing more attractive financial plans. Finally, get serious about sports. They sell systems.

Advice to rectify Nintendo's situation is a tall list and so far they don't seem to have understood any of the issues at hand. I hope for their sake they wake up because I know that many gamers are tired of their attitude and mistakes.

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