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Lost Kingdoms II Package Art
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Lost Kingdoms II

Lost Kingdoms II was a game that happened to catch my eye one day while I was walking around my local EB Games. And no, it wasnít because the box art sported a hot looking chick with a low cut shirt and some short shorts. WellÖ it couldíve been. Anyway, Lost Kingdoms II was a game released back in the good olí days of 2003 and from the moment I plugged it into my GameCube I was hooked.


Lost Kingdoms II sports some nicely detailed environments and some great looking monsters to boot. Youíll be trekking around in forests, deserts, and medieval styled castles. The only downside was that a lot of the monsters youíll be controlling had some pretty stiff movements and seemed really sluggish. Considering the fact that can have over 200 monsters at your disposal, all of which do different things, this doesnít pose much of an issue. The graphics in Lost Kingdoms II were nice and pleasing, I found them very enjoyable.


The music is absolutely beautiful. It goes along with the visuals so seamlessly and is almost soothing to listen to. Each beat fits your current level wonderfully and doesnít ever get repetitive. The sound effects also tie along nicely with the visuals and fit the atmosphere of the game very well. Overall Iíd say the audio in Lost Kingdoms II is one of my favorite sets to date.


Lost Kingdoms II takes you on an adventure through fabulous levels that are beautiful and long. You are required to build your own deck to defend yourself before you enter one of these areas though. You can choose from helper cards, attacking cards, summon cards, and transformation cards each of which have different effects and levels of strength. As you travel through the areas in the game you will run across enemy monsters and sometimes even human enemies who also have the power to control the creatures in Lost Kingdoms II. Pitting your monsters against other creatures is one of the main and best parts of Lost Kingdoms. But deck building is more addicting.

The deck building process is very straightforward and easy to pick up. All you have to do is add a certain number of cards to your deck whose levels donít add up past your current limit. You can choose from any of the types of cards mentioned above that also happen fall into elemental categories such as fire, nature, and water, among many others. You will grow levels through the game and acquire more powerful cards that in turn you will have to add to your deck to move on.

Your main character is not the only one gaining levels either. As you use the cards more and more they will gain experience themselves and will eventually be able to grow into stronger but more costly cards. Once your cards get enough experience you can take them to the card shop and the owner will transform them into a much stronger or more beneficial card. This is a great addition to the game that will have you leveling up your cards like mad; watching the little ritual is very rewarding as well. I spent a few hours leveling up my cards myself and believe me when I say itís very rewarding.


There is a multiplayer feature in Lost Kingdoms II that allows you to go up against a friend using your cards. I havenít gotten a chance to play around with it myself because I donít have anybody interested so Iím not sure how fun it actually is, but judging by how good the rest of the game is the multiplayer mode should be just as fun.


Lost Kingdoms II is a great title for RPG lovers and card collectors everywhere. With beautiful music and great visuals, this is one sleeper hit no one should miss. I love this game and Iím sure many of you out there will too. It is a little hard to find but if you see it donít pass it up, you might not know when youíll see it again.

final score 9.0/10

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