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Sims: Bustin' Out Package Art
  EA Games

Sims: Bustin' Out

Beware: The highly addictive game that consumed the lives of million of people around the globe is now coming back to the consoles for more. Yes, The Sims are invading your television screens and consoles once again, but with a fresh new take on the gameplay side of things…now the Sims are able to travel outside of their homes, and get wild and crazy. The Sims: Busting Out is rated Teen but this game has some outrageous moments. Exactly how wild do the Sims get? Keep reading.


At first blush, one will notice the slight improvement of the graphics over last year's offering. The character models are somewhat cleaner and sharper than the last rendition, and the environments are architecturally and artistically pleasing. Still, it's nothing to really wet your pants over. Nevertheless, you will be entertained and pleased at the details and additions that have been implemented into the characters. Some favorites of mine include: tickling, slapping, kissing, and oh, don’t forget the burp in the face action. You will be pleased to know that all of these animations are very smooth, crisp, and definitely highly entertaining.


The sounds, shrieks, slaps, and all those great sound effects make up the bulk of the audio in The Sims: Busting Out. There is a light, pleasing soundtrack there, but one will barely pay any attention to it because of everything that is going on. The most notable sound-worthy experience is when the Sims go out clubbing at Club Rubb, where the DJ keeps the turn tables moving and the Sims keep there body’s thumping. The songs and sounds in the club are so cool, you might even find yourself moving to the music as well. I know I did.


I will first start with a major gripe I have. Over the course of the GC lifespan, game storage memory requirements on the memory cards have been getting smaller, which is definitely good. Somehow or other, The Sims: Busting Out didn’t get this memo and requires that players have 161 blocks of free memory available on their memory card. For many of us, this means buying another card to get to actually play the game! For others, it means a lot of “block rearranging.” Arg!

With that complaint aside, the game starts off great. You have the option of choosing a goal-oriented mode, or a freestyle mode where you do what you want. Either way, you will have a blast. In the traditional Sims style, you begin by creating your player. From this point, you are given tons and tons of option to give your Sims the ultimate flair. You can make it look exactly like you, or your dream image of yourself – whatever you like, you can do it. Piercings, funky hair, hip-hop gear, preppy glasses, spandex…it is all there!

Once you get set, the game begins and you are ready to rock and roll. At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself living with your Mom with the spirit of moving out on your own. You have the option of choosing your first job, and from there the game goes. You must keep your Sim happy by socializing, getting proper bed rest, going to the restroom on-time, maintaining hygiene, and …having some fun! Making sure your Sim is happy is essential to completing objectives and ultimately progressing in the game.

With all that said, The Sims: Busting Out gameplay comes from mastering how to manage your Sims' time. For instance, if you go to Club Rubb or Pixel Acres (the nudist colony) but forget to let your Sim go to the restroom, lets just say, your Sim will make a huge mess and will be very embarrassed…once you get into the swing of things, the game really opens up.

Oh, a Gamecube exclusive…you know it….The Game Boy Advance connectivity. This is used in this game to unlock features (blah!). The better news is that you can transfer your Sim to the GBA version of The Sims: Busting Out, and work on your Sims skills and mood while you are out and about. Later, when you are back home, you can transfer your Sim back onto the GC game and all the skills will be kept. This is actually a great use of the whole connectivity idea. Good job.


What a treat! The Sims: Busting Out allows two-player gameplay! *gasp* The only thing is, you will need two memory cards for this action to take place because you will need 161 blocks...and so will your friend! *gasp* Other than that, all of the other gameplay mechanics are there.


The Sims: Busting Out is like the original game but upped a notch. Sims fans will find the game very inviting, but will also find that other than going to various locations, seeing new items to buy, and experiencing the wild animations, this game is definitely not an overhaul of the series. Yet with the new unlockables, it is hard to resist this delicious title. Those new the Sims universe will have a learning curve to go against, but after that will be amazed at how much The Sims: Busting Out offers versus other games. All in all, this game is worth your purchase if you have 161 blocks of memory, or have no problem investing to buy another memory card.

With 15 groovy new locations to romp around, playing The Sims: Busting Out will be your life…again. Definitely.

final score 8.5/10

Staff Avatar Glenn Dillard
Staff Profile | Email
"A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever."

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