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Robotech: Battlecry Package Art
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Robotech: Battlecry

TDK took the reigns of Robotech: Battlecry a while back and has produced a decent, exciting title that most any Robotech fan can appreciate, but does it still provide an entertaining experience for the casual gamer?


The authentic look of the popular anime has been captured magnificently in Robotech: Battlecry. The look of each Veritech model is awesome! From the jet fighter to the guardian and finally down to the battleoid, each is integrated into the game engine with precise detail. The cel-shading engine used works very well for this title since it is obviously based off of anime. Some of the cel shading effects look extremely cool such as missile blasts and other explosions. Missile firing itself, as well as the background explosions look like they were plucked straight out of the show itself. Animations are fairly smooth and the frame-rate hardly ever slows down. This is definitely a good-looking title. Unfortunately, the backgrounds arenít as lively as youíd hope. It makes up for it with the space battles, which sometimes features a slew of enemies, debris, and anything else that can be thrown at your eyes.


The main fault of Robotech: Battlecry has to be the sound. Narration during the between-chapter cutscenes sound as if the voice actor was talking through a tin-can on a string. On a lighter note, the voice acting itself isnít half bad. Look, itís Robotech, the voice acting rocks. The music sounds a bit too compressed, but it still offers a lot to the game, especially when the main title theme begins to play for the first time. If you want to talk about mega-80ís flashback, thatís it right there. Sound effects themselves are authentic and true to the anime, but they could have improved the variety a bit to add depth.


The idea of using the Veritech through a number of objective-based missions plays off very well in Robotech: Battlecry. Transforming from fighter to guardian to battleoid adds not only a significant amount of variety but also tons of fun. The transformations are seamless and each has its specific purpose. The fighter can use a decoy to attract enemy missiles. The guardian can pick up objective items and drop them off safely, which is a bit reminiscent of Midwayís Defender. Finally, the battleoid can destroy missiles with its gunpod and pick off far away enemies with its sniper mode.

So besides being parts of one machine, what do all of these forms of the Veritech have in common? The controls for each are clunky and in some cases unresponsive. While the fighter offers some nice dogfights, most of them require a lot of twisting and out-maneuvering your target. This becomes very frustrating without the solid controls found in other flight-sims As for the guardian and battleoid forms, itís too hard to look around your surroundings and turning is a chore in and of itself. Thankfully, this title still delivers a lot of great gameplay, but could have benefited from a bit more time in development.


There is an unlockable two-player split-screen deathmatch mode in Robotech: Battlecry, but after all that work that was put into unlocking it, it really isnít a whole lot of fun. Since the camera system is so below average, itís hard enough firing on a CPU opponent, and now you have to fight another human being? The Versus mode is extremely forgettable and is hardly a feature that you should look at while going into this title.


While this title does have its faults, itís still the first Robotech title available for a "next-generation" console. If you were ever a fan of the anime, you should definitely pick this title up. Otherwise, you may want to rent Robotech: Battlecry to check it out. Either way youíre still bound to get a kick out of the entire bang this title has to offer.

final score 7.7/10

Staff Avatar Austin Starr
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