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Finding Nemo Package Art
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Finding Nemo

With every excellent film license comes a game that is 90% destined to be horrible (Minority Report) and 9% destined for greatness (Rogue Leader). Finding Nemo falls under that missing 1% of licensed games that are destined to be painfully average. It is by no means horrible, but it definitely isnít great. Thankfully, it isnít without its charms.

The title features some short video blips of the film before and between every level, although they are sometimes frighteningly low-res. The characters are as cute and likeable in the game as they were in the movie. The visuals, while plagued by a scary amount of slow down, are still decent. The play mechanics are good for adults, but can sometimes be a bit too difficult for small children. In the end, Finding Nemo is an uncomfortable, awkward attempt at a platform adventure title.


The graphics in Finding Nemo are average at best and donít necessarily use the systemís power to itís advantage which is usually a given for licensed titles. The environments, however, are gorgeous. While they donít do the film justice (what could), they can be very pleasing to the eye. The character animations are fluid, but lack the detail they need for this kind of title.

The camera is really the most off-putting feature of the title. Sometimes youíre in a normal side-scrolling adventure, but once you go from pseudo-3D into an almost full 3D world, itís very hard to adjust to the new perspective. It would have been best to keep with the side-scrolling aspect rather than jump around to random views.


The music in Finding Nemo comes straight from Pixarís amazing film, so there is hardly anything to complain about there. The sound effects are your usual cutesy fair with the bleeps and bloops abound. The voice acting is filled with some very praise-worthy impersonations of Albert Brooks and Williem Dafoe. For all that, the sound is more of an excellent distraction in a sub-par title.


As previously mentioned, Finding Nemo is an awkward incarnation of a standard platform title. Players take the roles of the main characters from the film, Nemo, Marlin, and Dory, and swim through the vast ocean environments to complete certain goals, or just reach the end of the level. Goals such as swimming through all of the rings or winning a race earn you stars. These stars add to yourÖ well, your personal satisfaction really. As you can tell, thereís not a whole lot of depth in this one.

In order to reach certain goals, you must adapt yourself to completely new controls over your character. If you want to win that race, you need to learn how to control little Nemo backwards as the camera points you in front of him rather than behind or on the side. The cinematic oddities donít end there, Iím afraid. Youíll also need to control your character from above as well. Itís kind of like a collection of mini-games forcefully inserted into a platform title. It may work for some games, but Finding Nemo executes it like a beached whale.


Looking for a four-player aquarium deathmatch between Gill, Bubbles, Flo and Jacques? Not here, folks, you may want to look elsewhere. Or not.


Pixar Animation brought an amazing film to screens everywhere earlier in the summer with Finding Nemo. Unfortunately, THQ and Travelersí Tales have brought an uncomfortably average licensed title to videogame consoles everywhere. Whatís the high point for this title? Movie cash! Get the game and get a free movie ticket to go see one of the best films of the year. If you have a kid (or are a kid) who likes the movie or just likes these types of games, you may want to wait until this falls to a budget price. Other than that, keep clear of this one.

final score 5.5/10

Staff Avatar Austin Starr
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"If life's not beautiful without the pain / well I'd just rather never ever even see beauty again"

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