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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Package Art

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

If you've been following the gaming industry for a while, and I'm sure most of you have been, then you are probably well aware that 95% of movie license games just plain suck. So enter EA's Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (LOTR: TT). Surprisingly, this game manages to break the trend of crappy movie products and delivers a fun and enjoyable experience.


While not overly jaw dropping, the visuals in LOTR: TT are quite remarkable. The amount of action displayed on the screen is amazing and there is little-to-no noticeable drop in the frame rate. The backgrounds are highly detailed and occasionally feature objects that can be interacted with, like fires, pillars, and statues. Character models, while impressive, could use a slightly higher polygon count, but they do the job very well and are smoothly animated.


The in-game audio is definitely one of the finer points of this game. The music fits the mood of the areas and adds to the atmosphere very well. The in-game voice acting is quite impressive, too, thanks to the real actors lending their voices to EA. Just a well presented audio package.


Gameplay, although seeming shallow at first, is actually very deep and satisfying. On the surface, the game looks like a button mashing hack and slash, and to a degree, it is. More importantly, though, is that there is some strategy to your button mashing. Throughout the game, you earn experience and the ability to add more moves to your character, as well as unlock secrets by achieving new levels. This means you will want to time your attacks and plan which moves to use to maximize your hits and get the best scores. Add to this a good balance of increasing difficulty and stronger attacks, and you have a game that is both challenging and rewarding.




I was very impressed with this game for several reasons. First, like I said, most movie games just plain suck and I'm glad to see this one breaks that trend. Second, it's a lot of fun and very addicting. There's just something about slashing through a room full of Orcs or lighting Nazgūl on fire. And finally, there is a lot to come back for. While the game may seem short (just a rental for most gamers to beat it with just one character), there is a reward for beating the game and doing well with all three characters. Extra movies, artwork, interviews, secret missions, and more await those who are willing to put their time in. The only real drawback I see with the game is its total lack of a multiplayer mode that would have added a lot to the already-impressive gameplay. It just seems like a big oversight on the developer’s part. My recommendation is to rent first to see if you want to put in the extra time, but definitely give this game a look.

final score 8.6/10

Staff Avatar Jeff Miller
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