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Bomberman Generation Package Art
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Bomberman Generation

Bomberman is one of the favorite multiplayer franchises for many gamers. Ever since the NES, up to four players could take part in fast-paced bombing action. Single player puzzle gameplay was also present, but everyone knew that multiplayer was the main attraction. Everyone, it seemed, except for the developer Hudson soft, whose N64 Bomberman games, while fun, were either not true to the original's multiplayer, or contained no multiplayer at all. Luckily, that error has now been corrected for Bomberman Generation, which incorporates new gameplay elements while staying true to the classics.


The visuals in Bomberman Generation are not jaw dropping, but they are very stylistic. Everything in the world is now cel-shaded, and the art style works perfectly. Bombs explode in a cartoonish fashion, and bosses are introduced in well-animated (through game engine, not by hand) cut-scenes. Since the game runs from an overhead perspective, and you can center the camera behind yourself at any time, there are no problems with seeing everything there is to offer.


The music is, in a word, Bomberman. The game is filled with some very catchy tunes, many of which are great remixes of classic Bomberman themes. One of the noteworthy music effects occurs when you’re in a boss fight. When you start to win, the music will speed up and turn into the Bomberman theme. It may not sound like much, but it just feels really good when you are playing it.

The voices in this game could be viewed as either good or bad, however. The translation in this game is very bad, either by accident or on purpose. As you play the game you will either think that it is a horribly rushed dub job, or a hilarious satire of anime voice-overs. I honestly had no idea which one it was. The sound effects are nothing spectacular, but they stay at a low volume under the music, and never get too annoying.


The single player game is a solid mixture of action, puzzle, and platformer elements which all come together very well. The story revolves around Bomberman fighting the evil HIGE-HIGE bandits. To do this, Bomberman must travel through six worlds and utilize five different types of bombs (fire, water, ice, light, and wind) fighting deadly bosses and enemies along the way. The worlds are all themed, from grassland to desert to space base, and most have a number of sub-levels to progress through.

The boss fights in the game are especially enjoyable, not just for the horrible dubbing, but also for the strategies that you must figure out to win. By using certain clever strategies, you can even win gold cards, five of which can be groomed from bosses, and two from every other world. Because there are many gold cards, Charaboms, and bomb upgrades to find, you will likely find yourself playing through the single player a second time.

An interesting addition to the usual Bomberman mix is the Charabom system. Bomberman must catch Pokemon-like creatures called Charabom, and each of these Charaboms have unique abilities, like bouncing off of bombs or a remote detonator, when equipped. These Charaboms can be trained by grabbing power ups while they are equipped, and must be used to fight against other Charaboms. There is usually at least one Charabom per non-boss level, and the fights are actually rather fun. You select a set of moves for your Charabom to use, and it's move-set (made of attack, defend, and special) are used against the opponent.


The multiplayer is the true heart of a Bomberman game, and this one does not disappoint. Finally, bombs have returned to exploding in cross form, like the older Bomberman games. The main object is, of course, to blow up your opponent before they do the same to you, but there are several new modes as well including Dodge Battle, Revenge Battle, Reversi and Coin Battle.

In Dodge Battle, you have no weapons and simply must run as fast as possible to avoid bombs falling from the sky. Revenge battle has you flying in a spaceship and try to knock out as many moles as possible with your bombs (like whack a mole, with bombs). In Reversi every square on the board you blow up turns to your color. The player with the most squares wins. Lastly, in Coin Battle you try to earn as many coins as possible by blowing up barrels.

All the action takes place from a 3/4 perspective, but you can alter it to a 2-D one with the C-stick for that maximum classic feel. All of the old power ups are present, and a few new ones have been added too. And, of course, you have the ability to alter how many power ups you want in your game, giving you total customization. The multiplayer in this game is truly one of the best for Bomberman, and one of the best for GameCube.


A short but sweet single player (around 10 hours), an endlessly re-playable multiplayer, and the likelihood that you'll be able to find this game in the bargain-bin make Bomberman Generation a game which you can afford to miss, but you can also afford to buy. It doesn't set any new standards, and it isn't one of the greatest games of all time, but it is definitely good. Why not buy, or at least rent this fine game?

final score 7.5/10

Staff Avatar Paul Pace
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