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Zapper: One Wicked Cricket Package Art
††Blitz Games

Zapper: One Wicked Cricket

What is a Zapper? Well, when I think of Zapper, I can here the blue electric light on my auntsí back porch burning flies to death in a hellfire of electric doom. Apparently, Infogrames and Blitz Games have a different interpretation of Zapper. Zapper is one wicked cricket that attempts to build on the success that Blitz had rebuilding Frogger for Midway in 2000. Although Zapper adheres to the old school gaming formula of "jump, jump, rescue, jump, jump, DIE" in an effort to rescue his brother Zipper (ha!), this cricket doesnít ever get off the ground with his jumps.


Blitz games has done a decent job with the visuals for Zapper. There are some bright colors to test your component cables out on, some pretty cool lighting effects (ala Rayman) as Zapper collects fireflies, and the presentation angle of the game allows you to enjoy it in relative ease. But thatís like saying, "Ice is cold." This game doesnít really do anything like Pamela Andersonís breasts -- thereís nothing out of the ordinary here.

Hey, I just finished a two-hour session of MOH Frontline and Metroid, so I guess Iím biasing this game against the wrong competition. Younger gamers wonít notice the things that Iím pointing out... but a younger gamer isnít reviewing this, now is he? I am. So a general blah on the graphics.


Okay, the sound effects are fairly decent. However, the music is a different story. Remember the sound of that old refrigerator turning over in the middle of the night? Remember how it used to wake you up and cause your teeth to grind in frustration? Zapper is kind of like that old refrigerator because itís repetitive; the annoying sounds will have you whipping your Wavebird in no time.


Zapper follows the platformer methodology of running you and your character through a series of challenging levels in order for you to rescue your Zipper (ha again!). You navigate these areas by using the control stick to edge Zapper through the different areas one block of movement at a time, forward, backward, left and no wait -- you guessed it -- right. There are 20 of these levels. You have to rescue and collect a few things. You get the idea.

This game is more suited to a younger audience that would enjoy a game of this sort. Older gamers and gamers with experience can get through Zapper in a few hours. The only issue is that the game could, at points, get very difficult for a younger player.


The multiplayer modes are plentiful, but lack any real excitement and "fun factor." The gameplay is just too banal to be enjoyed by you and three friends. While itís certainly a smart move for Blitz to include this into the game, it doesnít really make up for anything in Zapper. Itís a shame, too, because like the very annoying Bomberman, I was hoping that the multiplayer would compensate for the single player game.


As youíve guessed by now, Iím going to suggest that you either rent Zapper or avoid it. Itís an average game at best, and while I always applaud any effort for the GameCube, I would rather see companies like Infogrames support quality efforts like Dirt To Daytona or bring one of Paradigmís titles to the GameCube.

final score 4.0/10

Staff Avatar Eric Mattei
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"Lost like tears in rain"

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