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Outlaw Golf Package Art
  Simon and Shchuster Interactive

Outlaw Golf

A Scottish soccer hooligan, a dominatrix, a stripper, and a Latin lover are just some of the available characters available in the latest extreme sports title on the Nintendo GameCube. Although they sound more like characters you'd find on last week's episode of Saturday Night Live, these cast members are part of Outlaw Golf.

The game, thrown onto the GameCube by publisher Simon and Schuster Interactive, takes the sport of golf to a whole new level with an outlandish cast of cartoon-like characters and a humorous announcer while still maintaining the level of a challenging and fun golf game.

The main appeal of the game is its sense of humor, unlike other golf games available (see Tiger Wood's PGA Golf 2003). However, the game still offers its own share of innovation in the genre and has a solid hold on the game of golf itself. While not exactly a simulator, the courses still provide their own share of challenges.


The graphical quality of the game isn't anything to be amazed by. Your jaw won't hit the floor when someone smacks the ball 300+ yards onto the green. However, even though the character designs have their own originality, they are also swamped by cliché. Who’s ever heard of a scantily clad dancer struttin’ her stuff on the screen? I'm pretty sure it's been “done” before, but I'm also pretty sure that most people don't mind that much.

The interface is really easy to learn once you've taken a few strokes. There's an icon for traveling distance of the ball, distance to the hole, your character's stroke count, and where you want to actually hit the ball itself. Almost everything is accounted for in the interface, so you're never lost as to where you are or what you should be doing.


The game features some fair-quality sounds and music, but some of the voiceovers could have been worked on, such as the Scottish soccer hooligan. He sounds like he's mimicking a Scottish accent rather than actually speaking in one. Kind of like hearing someone tear a Monty Python sketch to shreds. Painful.

However, some of the voiceovers are really entertaining, like the cocky announcer (voiced by The Daily Show's hilarious Steve Carell) and El Suave. Both are extremely entertaining for a few hours, but before long, they get fairly old and the chuckles get a little thin. The game's characters are still entertaining overall, however, which keeps the game from becoming too bland.


Outlaw Golf features its own gameplay innovations within the golf genre. One of my favorite features is the "Composure" level of your character. If you make a crappy shot, your character’s composure will lower, making their golf game more difficult. If your character makes a nice stroke, their composure will go up, making their golf game a bit easier. While it may not sound like much, here's the kicker: If you go through one of the holes and make it over par, you receive a “beating token”. You can use this at any time by pressing the Y button to beat the living crap out of your caddy. If you successfully beat them senseless (using the "push the A button on the hotspot of the meter" method), your composure will increase.

Other than that, the gameplay is pretty straightforward. You can see a preview your shot by pressing the B button, and you make your stroke with the use of the analog stick and the power meter. Nothing that innovative, but it still gives you a good, fun game.


There are a few options for multi-player, with up to four players able to compete with each other in an exhibition match. You can play for money or challenge each other in a “one-club game” where you choose only one club and a putter to play through an entire course. The fun factor is increased ten-fold when you play with your friends, making it feel more like a party game than a golf game.


Outlaw Golf is an average golf game featuring some new stuff as well as your typical golfing action. However, the character design and sense of humor showcased in this one sets it apart from the rest. The game won't break any ground or be hailed as the most original sports game available, but it definitely offers a lot of challenging fun. Hypnotix has created a good title for their first Nintendo outing.

final score 7.2/10

Staff Avatar Austin Starr
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