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BloodRayne Package Art
  Terminal Reality


A hot piece of tail and a ton of blood, in my opinion, is always a solid recipe for a video game. Majesco did well to pick up on developer Terminal Reality’s solid action title.

BloodRayne has an interesting concept—a blood-sucking heroine. Now hold on Dojo Disciples, this game isn’t an ex-girlfriend simulator, despite what you may initially think. You see, this girl actually sucks your opponents’ blood! BloodRayne, otherwise known as the shapely woman with fun jugs on the cover of the game) is a half-breed human/vampire that kicks ass all over your television screen.

BloodRayne doesn’t revolutionize or redefine anything in terms of gaming. In fact, it utilizes just about every knee jerk cliché that there is, including but not limited to, zombies and Nazis. Despite this lack of creativity, BloodRayne is still a decent experience...but if you’re looking for an ex-girlfriend simulator, I’m sure Johnny Carson could vouch for some AI advice.

Before I begin, I must commend Majesco for having the testicular fortitude to publish a Mature-Rated title on the purple lunchbox. This game definitely has adult themes and content; a refreshing change of pace from the usual fluff on the Cube. Kudos to Majesco for taking the Mature route. Please sir, may I have some more?


The strongest graphical point of BloodRayne is the cut scenes, which serve to string together the story line effectively. Every once in a while, you’ll see a little “jug jiggle” from the mentor at the beginning of the game and I think that the breast physics really immerse you into the scenes. Seriously though, the cut scenes are very sharp right from the beginning. There are times, however, when your character moves around during the cut scene and appears to be floating over a significant span of space. And while this may be a minor observation, it still serves to kill the mood of the story line.

The actual in-game graphics are okay, but could use some work. In particular, the C-Stick movements (when in basic 1st-person control mode) make game play absolutely annoying. For instance, if I’m in a room and I want to turn around to face an enemy by pressing the C Stick, the camera gets so pissy and jittery that you get totally disoriented. I found myself being killed by the same character over and over again—the Camera.

The environments make up for some of it, though. You’ll find nicely rendered expanses dramatized by an aura created using fog, lighting, etc. The levels certainly succeed in bringing a sense of tension and fear to the player.

One really neat feature is the goal/spiritual radar. Once activated, a bright blue beacon will direct the player to the area you should be heading in order to achieve the next goal. In addition, enemies turn bright red when in this mode. When dealing with such dark and ambient environments, having this “radar” feature was useful—and a good idea on Terminal Reality’s part.

Lastly, Terminal Reality has adopted the popular Matrix-inspired Bullet Time, appropriately called Blood Lust. Hit the Y button and everything will slow down to allow you the opportunity to kick some serious arse.

By the way, this is a Mature-Rated game, so expect to see plenty of violence, blood, gore and other punishing visuals.


The best sound in BloodRayne is when Mamacipa gnaws on an enemy, achieved by simply pressing B. I’m convinced that Majesco hired a softcore porn star for these polishing touches, because I haven’t heard groaning and slurping like this since, well, last night with your mom. But that’s beside the point. All you need to know is voice acting is superb. The effects are also top shelf. If you can’t see an enemy, you’ll certainly hear them. The sound effects are clear and well executed.

One thing that you will notice right away is that BloodRayne curses like a sailor in a brothel after last call. There’s a lot of swearing here, and I love it! It’s a nice change of pace from Mario’s “here-a-we go!”


As mentioned above, the camera work serves as a real detriment to the game play. It’s difficult to confront an enemy when you can’t even determine where you stand in a room.

Aside from that, the game play ideas in BloodRayne are varied and fun. You can choose from weapons like huge blades in your arms (L Button), the grapple hook and chain (B button), Guns (R Button and Z trigger to select) and some nice jumping features. All of these weapons are fun to use.

BloodRayne follows the hack and slash form of game play. BloodRayne is dropped into an area, and while you have to perform some tasks to complete the level, the majority of these tasks involve kicking the crap out of the enemy. Sorry, no Ico puzzles here. This title is all about the death.

BloodRayne is required to perform a whole host of moves, including double jumps, feeding on an enemy to restore health (and using that meal ticket as a human shield COOL!), and tight-rope walking gingerly over vampire-killing water.

This variety—while reliant upon many existing clichés (enemies such as vampires, Nazis, and bullet time)—is still fun to hack around with. With all that said, BloodRayne could stand to be a bit longer.


Like the Beach Boys used to say…. “Wouldn’t it be nice....” This game has no multi-player, which is really sad because I personally would’ve loved to chop the boobs off of a buddy in battle. Co-operative mode would have rocked.


Majesco is doing well, and BloodRayne is a testament to their hard work. It’s a solid title worth checking out. And while BloodRayne suffers from a lack of originality and has some definite camera issues, the game play makes up for it by busting out with some dynamic game play elements, weapons, and controls. I would suggest renting this game for sure, and for those of you craving mature content on your Cube, here’s your chance. Get BloodRayne.

final score 7.0/10

Staff Avatar Eric Mattei
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"Lost like tears in rain"

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